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    Phil Thomson

    What luis did yesterday was fuckin stupid, but what the fuck is parrot nose doing going on sky and talking up 10 game bans for? Sometimes I wonder who's side he and the likes of him are on. He's a media whore and should be ashamed of himself that he takes murdochs coin.
  2. shouter

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Basically they’ve recouped their initial cost of buying the club plus a nice little bonus. Whatever they sell the club for will be pure profit now. Imho they will sell the club because their whole strategy was based on FFP being strongly adhered to and now that’s out of the window. I don’t think they’ve spent a penny of their own money and I think that’s pretty obvious.
  3. No and loads missed at least the first 10 mins. It just doesn’t work and I knew there would be massive problems back in may as it didn’t work properly against palace and they’ve had 3 months to sort it out. I’ve heard the club want to bin it off but it’s the premier league that are pushing it so I’d bet your life some twat connected to them has shares in the company behind the technology. It’s a massive safety issue for me and I can’t believe the club with our history are being so flippant about it. I applied for photo cards as my lads autistic and those queues would freak him out and thank god they’ve put us in the disability access gate instead of M in the Annie road where we normally are and have been straight in. It’s just horrible to see tho and takes you back to the dark days. Feels like we are going backwards.
  4. I got to the ground about 4.45 and there where massive queues all over the main stand,kop,kenny and Annie road.
  5. Great again boys. Surprised no one mentioned the massive queues again outside the ground.
  6. shouter

    Liverpool 2 Burnley 0 (Aug 21 2021)

    Haha Big Bird. Piss myself when you call him that.
  7. shouter

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    Agree with every word. Id of laid into the board a bit more tho.
  8. shouter

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Yep they’ve no,idea what they’ve got on their hands. Only we under fsg could be European champions and league champions and not push on from there. Our bench on sat was worse than Everton’s and injuries or not how can that be right.
  9. shouter

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Won’t be far off that. They’ve been blagging us to fuck since they’ve been here starting with the Penny pinching in that stupid clynt Dempsey deal.
  10. shouter

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Yep all fsg’s little minions them.
  11. shouter

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    Absolutely. I think there’s large parts of this squad who know they’re not getting pay rises they want and rumours that contracts are not being improved and that ginis situation was like a test case for them is spot on. Unfortunately Modern footballers are money motivated so if they think they’re not getting what they’re worth of course they ain’t going to run themselves into the ground.
  12. shouter

    Liverpool 1 Man City 4 (Feb 7 2021)

    unfortunately I have to agree with this. They run this team on the field like a plucky underdog who should be grateful for 1 league title. We are current league champions and recent European champions who lost our best player and two other important centre backs for virtually the whole season. So we are told no money available even tho we’ve spent next to fuck all net over the last few seasons and right at last knocking sign a player from Preston and another young relatively unknown lad who’s. defence has apparently just shipped 50 goals. Thy had since Oct to sort this and the least klopp deserved was the benefit of the doubt and backed properly and sorted this mess out. It’s never going to be any different while they are here and they will continually expect klopp and Edwards to work miracles for them or sell to buy. I’m sick to death of them and would almost take anyone above them.
  13. shouter

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 16-20 2021)

    Totally agree on sammy lee. He fuckin annoys me the way he just follows potato head around wherever he goes. The absolute state of him.
  14. shouter

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0 (Jan 17 2021)

    Couldn’t agree with you more Dave.
  15. That interview by Mo was pure snide IMHO. Probably in response to the probable bollocking he’s had over the wedding fiasco. It’s also no surprise he’s been utter shite in the two games since it’s been aired.
  16. shouter

    Liverpool 4 Wolves 0 (Dec 6 2020)

    Yeah he’s a bad haydock wool.
  17. shouter

    Liverpool 3 Leicester City 0 (Nov 22 2020)

    Totally agree in Gini. He’s got to stay as he’s always fit and available. Pretty sure it was the fat gravy swigger In charge at palace the last time we lost at home.
  18. It’s alright Dave I was calling him Terence Trent Derby for the first 12 months.
  19. Fuckin brill as usual dave. Look forward to this every week.
  20. Love this stuff Dave haha look forward to it every week.
  21. shouter

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Yeah didn’t like that he’s turning into another Steve mcmanaman
  22. shouter

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Nail on head. No one ever comes in for their top players because they all know they are on that much money they would never be able to top it. They defo get paid double whammy off the books to keep them happy. That press conference after the cup final last year where he got all shirty when the journo asked him about off the book payments that mancini had tells you everything you need to know. They are rotten to the core.
  23. shouter

    Man City - the new bitters?

    There owners don’t tho.