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  1. Whatever happened to that Rashid? Dave your hands down the best lfc writer out there. You should do a standup based round Lfc stuff. The bit about stoke and the throw in coach haha boss.
  2. shouter

    Russia World Cup 18

    You could say that ultimately it cost us winning the CL when you see the bench we had to call on.
  3. shouter

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    what like AOC? Much worse injury record than this fella and we splashed out 40 million for him.
  4. Great article. I’ve not been the greatest fan of our owners and that’s putting it mildly but you can quite clearly see now the stragity they are taking. With klopp you can see there is a method to his madness and fsg are riding right on his coattails.
  5. shouter

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Noticed that twat John bishop is going to kiev. I wonder how many always he’s been to this season? Cunt.
  6. Easily our most important player. Take him out that front 3 and it dose not work as effectively. He makes others round him play better like kenny used to do.
  7. Boss Dave. Haha I don’t hate him now so that’s an improvement.
  8. shouter

    Lfc fan collapsed lower kenny

    Can’t beilve no one has mentioned it on local news club news etc.
  9. Hope that person is ok. They where working on him or her realy heavily for ages just after Salah’s 2nd goal. Didn’t look to good to be honest.
  10. IMHO this was agreed in the summer. He’d of been gone then if we’d of landed vvd and lemar. Top PR from fsg again. Don’t be fooled.
  11. shouter

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 16-18 2017)

    The reason Barca and real don’t come after city’s players is that they’re all on about 300 grand a week so they are happy to stay. Us spurs and arsenal have wage caps so our best players are always going to look to get out once these other teams come calling. It’s the reason we lost sterling and it’s the reason we will loose Cann. And it’s also the reason we will probably loose all our other top players eventually unless we get owners who are not just here to make nice big profits. The Barca and real thing is a little different because our players also see it as a better chance of winning things which at the moment city don’t have the same problem as us spurs and arsenal.
  12. shouter

    West Ham 1 Liverpool 4 (Nov 4 2017)

    Haha West Ham are so bad they let us score from one of ours. Boss that.