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  1. shouter

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 14-15 2019)

    11 points if city win Dave.
  2. Great stuff as usual Dave. People have defo forgot all that stuff he did with the bbc and at the time it just stank as look at me I’m the victim here. The stuff that his agent got up to was as bad as anything that’s been seen in the game. Says everything you need to know about sterling that he’d be involved with him. Cunt of a man and cunt of an agent. BTW is he still involved with him?
  3. shouter

    Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1 (Sep 14 2019)

    Was like the goal he scored last season against was it Bournemouth?
  4. Well that’s one thing they’ve both got in common is they’re both bonkers. Bobby in a good way tho as cantona was a snidey cunt.
  5. shouter

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 31 - Sep 1 2019)

    Boss report as usual dave. Yeah that old man annoyed me to fuck. It’s still not realy sunk in yet has it that they are doomed. They still think they are a couple of transfer windows away from being back to where they where. Oh by the way coady is from Haydock and is about as scouse as sporty spice.
  6. shouter

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Plus Bob Paisley baby sat him for the first two years,
  7. We’ve broken Suarez. Lovely.
  8. 100 percent they are paying the players more off the books. How else do you explain why Barca or Madrid never come sniffing after their top players? How come stirling is never mentioned with them because I recon he’d love to play over there. It’s because they know they’d never be able to pay them the money that they get at city,It’s either that or city or actually paying off other clubs not to go after them.
  9. shouter

    Aintree tickets

    Does anyone need 2 tickets for aintree screening? Got two for slightly less than face value. It’s sold out.
  10. shouter

    Newcastle 2 Liverpool 3 (May 4 2019)

    Haha these reports make the week.
  11. shouter

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 27-28 2019)

    And man unt under Ferguson.
  12. Some realy nice reproductions of the 85-86 shirts on eBay Dave. Adidas logos and all.
  13. shouter

    Peter Beardsley

    Fuckin hell going to see him at a sportsman’s event at the vines in Liverpool at the end of March.
  14. shouter

    Klopp: Surgery a possible option for Gomez

    Absolute negligence on Klopp and the club this. We are now one injury to van dyke away from a total collapse. I knew there was something not right about the Gomez situation when he never returned to training when the 6 weeks surpassed that he was supposed to be out for. We’ve built this season on a solid defence and now after the last couple of games we suddenly look vulnerable like the past few seasons. Also I still can’t get my head round how the allowed Trent to continue in the Brighton game when they knew he had a problem. Just madness.