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  1. City have been doing off the book payments to players for years. How else where they able to hang on to Agureo, David Silva etc for so long. Are you trying to tell me they wouldn’t of rather been playing for Madrid or Barca. No they decided to play for city for fuckin ten years. Why didn’t Real or Barca ever come in for any of their players? Because they knew they where on wages that they could never afford. Mancini was getting paid off the books and remember when that Journo asked Baldy about it after the Watford cup final and how arsey he got? Because he fuckin knows. The whole thing stinks.
  2. Dave that Jules rant needs editing and put up on its own. Absolutely superb in fact I’m voting for at least one Jules rant a podcast.
  3. shouter

    Mohamed Salah

    You would think it was your money. Just enjoy him.
  4. shouter

    Personal news

    Sorry to hear about this Dave. You look after yourself and take your time.
  5. shouter

    Premier League Round Up (19-25 2022)

    Hahah the Tinder Swindler.
  6. Dave can someone explain to me if there is a rule that if the ball is gone after being clattered by an oppo player that it’s not a pen? When did that come in?
  7. shouter

    Thiago Alcantara

    The fella hasn’t played more than 25 games a season in about the last 5 years . Can’t believe anyone sanctioned his signing to basically replace a player who pretty much played every game when we were already littered with injury pronned players.
  8. shouter

    PODCAST: Wolves 0 Liverpool 1 - Match Reaction

    Have to agree he’s one smug cunt, and a wool too.
  9. shouter

    PODCAST: Wolves 0 Liverpool 1 - Match Reaction

    West Ham was the game you where trying to think of Dave.
  10. shouter

    PODCAST: Wolves 0 Liverpool 1 - Match Reaction

    Are you rendering it to mp3 Dave as that will cause you to loose some quality but try this.
  11. Haha Jules cracks me up. Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse and Rafa going home and swimming in all his money haha. Easily the best Lfc podcast out there.
  12. Haha the lesser spotted Thiago. Fuckin brilliant.