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  1. shouter

    PODCAST: Wolves 0 Liverpool 1 - Match Reaction

    Have to agree he’s one smug cunt, and a wool too.
  2. shouter

    PODCAST: Wolves 0 Liverpool 1 - Match Reaction

    West Ham was the game you where trying to think of Dave.
  3. shouter

    PODCAST: Wolves 0 Liverpool 1 - Match Reaction

    Are you rendering it to mp3 Dave as that will cause you to loose some quality but try this.
  4. Haha Jules cracks me up. Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse and Rafa going home and swimming in all his money haha. Easily the best Lfc podcast out there.
  5. Haha the lesser spotted Thiago. Fuckin brilliant.
  6. With you completely on the match day vloggers Dave. Do my head right in and they’re all attention seeking little Bellwhiffs.
  7. His English referees Analysis was great too.
  8. shouter

    PODCAST: Red or Dead?

    Belting discussion that lads.
  9. shouter

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Basically they’ve recouped their initial cost of buying the club plus a nice little bonus. Whatever they sell the club for will be pure profit now. Imho they will sell the club because their whole strategy was based on FFP being strongly adhered to and now that’s out of the window. I don’t think they’ve spent a penny of their own money and I think that’s pretty obvious.
  10. No and loads missed at least the first 10 mins. It just doesn’t work and I knew there would be massive problems back in may as it didn’t work properly against palace and they’ve had 3 months to sort it out. I’ve heard the club want to bin it off but it’s the premier league that are pushing it so I’d bet your life some twat connected to them has shares in the company behind the technology. It’s a massive safety issue for me and I can’t believe the club with our history are being so flippant about it. I applied for photo cards as my lads autistic and those queues would freak him out and thank god they’ve put us in the disability access gate instead of M in the Annie road where we normally are and have been straight in. It’s just horrible to see tho and takes you back to the dark days. Feels like we are going backwards.
  11. I got to the ground about 4.45 and there where massive queues all over the main stand,kop,kenny and Annie road.