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  1. Recently i was at Ireland v bulgaria at croke park in dublin. Afterwards i was waiting for my mate to come as we were sitting in different ends and i saw a guy walk past me wearing a liverpool scarf, liverpool jacket and you could visibly see the liverpool jersey he had on underneath the jacket but lo and behold he was wearing a green hat saying "trappas army" and a big s*n label on it.



    I was at that match and these hats were being given out outside the ground and when I was handed one, I handed it straight back.

  2. But cuddly fucking toys are perfectly acceptable, go figure.


    Can I point out that I have a picture of the Shankly Gates on my bedside table and would have not problem with a picture of Kenny over the bed, though my husband, the Arsenal fan might have a problem with it !!

  3. At the end of that video where it moves from left to right showing some of the victims family members, there is a woman standing in front of John Wark. She has long brown hair and is quite tanned. Is that Jon-Paul Gilhooley's mother, does anyone know?


    I've seen her sat in the Upper Anny a couple of times this season and I think it said Jon Paul on the back of her shirt.


    I'm loving the last verse of that song. I'm hoping this will be on sale in HMV's in Ireland.


    I was looking for cd in HMV in Dundrum today and didn't see it - I know it's not out until tomorrow but thought I'd look anyway. Can Irish Reds let us know if they see it for sale here. Thanks

  4. I have never posted on this forum before though I read it regularly but I just got really angry about the comments re. overseasers just voting for the big names.

    I'm an overseaer who subscribes to TLW fanzine and rarely reads the official website.

    I think Carra has been IMMENSE this season and imo is the Premiership Player of the Year. I think Gerrard has been very hit and miss this season - his head is obviously elsewhere - even I, as an OOT can see that.

    Please don't tar us all with the same brush.