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  1. JangoSolo

    Drugs in Football C4 8pm tonight

    Should have done what I did and ignore it and wait for any revelations to appear on Twitter! Even if they had a name they could tell you, it wouldn't be a major player, far too well protected
  2. JangoSolo

    Podcast Feedback Thread

    I've been listening the podcasts and I think its pretty well done, but the issue I have with it is that I've really downloaded it because I want to listen to Dave's opinion and dare I say it "insider" information - Dave is only really on it for a short time - I was originally imagining that Dave would be running it, with him being the "star" of TLW if you will. More Dave please!
  3. JangoSolo

    Sign one Liverpool player

    Ooh good question, enough to bring me off Twitter for once. Barnes is an ace call - particularly noting the lack of proper replacement for almost 20 years!! Would also love McManaman or Fowler in his pomp Special Mention to Rob Jones too.
  4. JangoSolo

    TLW Season Tickets - A Plug

    I was beginning to wonder where the usual suspects had got to! A secret forum eh! Nice I may open the wallet for this one...
  5. JangoSolo

    Prematch article - Everton

    1 .... I know its still only early into the new season at the moment, but what are your feelings on your new manager, will he pull it round. Would you have preferred somebody different or would you have been happy to stick with Rafa. ? Don't have high hopes really. I wanted Pelligrini. Rafa's time was up - owners or no owners, his brand of football towards the end was mindnumbing (not dissimilar to Roys it seems) 2 .... Can you put forward any reasons why Torres seems to have gone from a top classs striker to a very average one. Is he playing to get a transfer, or is he still struggling with a bit of a niggling injury. ? Agree with other comments, he certainly is playing for a transfer - he's playing shite, but he doesn't look very happy either 3 .... If you could swap any two players from the EFC squad to replace two of yours, who would you choose and who would they replace. ? Same as most people really - Baines and Rodwell for Konchesky and Poulsen or Lucas 4 .... I've not heard anything about the new ground in the Stanley Park recently, is it still in the melting pot or has it been scrapped altogether, and whats your feelings on a groundshare. ? I wanted the new Stadium, but its clear we can't afford it. Even if we go to the Arsenal model we can't afford too, the Anfield site simply isn't worth the same as the land prices that Highbury earned Arsenal in London. I'm not keen on Groundshare, but if the Stadium was right for both clubs financially then maybe - but I can't see Everton being able to afford it either. 5 .... Neither side has started very well this season but I'm fairly sure that both are likely to recover, have you had any thoughts about what position you might finish. ? Midtable with Hodgson unless something amazing happens, a new manager might propel us into the european places 6 .... And finally, How will the game go and what do think the result will be. ? I think we'll scrape a win and paper over all the cracks.
  6. JangoSolo

    The How Many More Chances Will Babel Get Thread

    Haha, I actually thought you were a different Paul! but yes, there is a good network of TLW on there
  7. JangoSolo

    Glen Johnson..

    To be fair to him, we aren't playing to his strengths - he's got much to prove, becuase there is a good player in there. But when we are basically setup to invite other teams to attack, he's not going to have a great game. I am still amazed how much we haven't changed as a team since Roy took over - what has he got to lose (apart from his job of course) why not just go more attacking? We've got the tools to attack, and if we are attacking there's less need to be defending!
  8. I'm really struggling to understand what Gillett and Hicks stand to gain from all this - while the interest doesn't come out of their pockets, the are devaluing the product they bought and as the debt grows - who's going to buy it? What possible gain do they get from remortgaging?
  9. JangoSolo

    If you had a super power

    Gotta be flight (and yes the ability to be protected from the speed/winds/heat etc etc)
  10. Poulsen is no Masch, but he's a solid enough signing - I like him. It's flair we need
  11. Sensible reading - if not dreams! I would be made up with this. I did read that we turned down a bid of 10m Euros for Lucas earlier - I am amazed we didn't take it. I know I have him down as one of the "destroyers" but lets be honest - 10m Euros!! You'd think with all the sales (and those from Christmas) we'd have enough to buy at least 2 more quality players. I do agree on Shelvy though - he has to be played - otherwise we'll be flushing more money down the loo as he won't develop - same with Wilson. Huntelaar is being linked with a loan move to Spurs - I know its paper talk, but this seems like a no brainer to me - we MUST buy another striker!
  12. To be fair, what I was meaning is that we have 2 "holding midfielders" in the squad. I wouldn't want to see both in the team at the same time, and if hje spent money on Poulsen - why buy another?
  13. I would have thought refusing to play would have put paid to that. Barca's press release does mention Masch being involved in the negiotiations so maybe he had to give up any "loyalty" bonus to push this through. I mean if we didn't enforce that, we'd be total mugs right? oh.
  14. Whats the point signing Lass when we've got Lucas and Poulsen? There's no need for another destroyer - what this team needs is guile, pace and skill - preferably on the flanks. I've got mixed feelings on Dirk's loyalty - we can't continue with him on the right - I'm hoping Rafa comes back in for him too - though time is short for replacements Masch was no doubt a great player, but didn't show it enough - he's no Didi Hamann in my eyes
  15. Man, you must be gutted after chosing that username...!