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    Liverpool bands

    The Balcony Stars. The last words on her lips. Great music, great video!
  2. alexjames

    Liverpool bands

    Great stuff! Have they made any videos?
  3. alexjames

    Agger: Rodgers doesn't think I'm good enough

    True. And it's also backed up by this article: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-fc-season-review-statistical-7169842#.U4G1GR6GfsI.facebook "The French international’s tackling accuracy figures of 93% are the best at the club while he also led the way in passing accuracy (92%)."
  4. alexjames

    Liverpool bands

    Soho Riots! This is really good:
  5. To me, calling other opinions stupid is not about respect either.
  6. What I like most about Rodgers is that he's improving the team, makes us play better football and will bring us higher than last year. Here's something Code72 wrote in march on why he likes Brendan Rodgers so much; "He is taking us nowhere and we will not even qualify for Europe, he has been a disaster and its not a question if he deserves another season, more a question can we afford to give him another season, the answer is noas he will not suddenly change his approach and stop teams walking through our midfield in the massive amount of open space we leave behind. The most shocking thing is he learns nothing from it and we set up the same way the next game no matter who we play, get rid. "
  7. alexjames

    Lou Reed has died

  8. alexjames

    Subs, should we use them better?

  9. So what you're saying is that we didn't need new centerbacks and we didn't need a new left back?