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    Our Players In Trouble On The Algarve?

    The official statement from Raffa. "I met this morning with the entire first team squad and made it absolutely clear to all of them the responsibilities that come with playing for this club and the way they are expected to conduct themselves both on and off the pitch. "The players worked extremely hard at last week's training camp, but we will take disciplinary action and fine any of them who are found to have breached club rules during our stay in Portugal. I've told the players this and they understand and accept the decision I have taken. "Despite reports to the contrary, the spirit amongst the lads is very good with everyone looking forward to the game against Barcelona on Wednesday. "We remain totally focussed on what will be a very tough game against the defending European Champions." Taken from the offal.
  2. Shifty

    Football Manager 2007

    20th October. At least thats what they are aiming for. Also it should be released a demo this weekend :yes:
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    You Know you really want to

    Could get ugly against a team with quality wingers though. Still would be nice to see it against some of the "bad" teams in the premiership, at least at Anfield.
  4. Shifty

    You Know you really want to

    Just to be different, what about this? ----------------Pepe ------Carra----Hyypia----Agger ----------Momo-----Alonso ----Pennant----Gerrard---Gonzalez ----------Kuyt----- Bellamy Sure, it needs Momo and Alonso to work their socks off, and center back cover is short, but I really think we could murder some teams with this line up.
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    Even Though I Despise Those Manc Cunts...

    Also worth noting, he is, or atleast was a Liverpool fan. Infact he used to subscribe to the norwegian supporters club magazine, "The Kopite"
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    Reds train sights on Argentine - Lucas Lobos

    7 goals from midfield in 14 matches for a bottom 3 La Liga team, isn't exactly bad imo.
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    Sure they can, they just won't. ;)
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    Who has number 28?

    If you take a look at this link you will see our new signings in their training kits. You'll also notice that they have numbers on them. Gonzalez # 26, Aurelio # 27 and Paletta # 29. So the question is, who has number 28? Trabelsi perhaps?
  9. Shifty

    Who has number 28?

    You're right, my bad. Sorry folks. I've got 14 btw ;)
  10. Yeah, tell me about it. Real proud of that one. So long, so informative and last but not least well thought out. ;)
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    God knows. He sounds more and more convincing though...
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    And this you know how??
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    Blackburn Accept Our £6m Bid For Bellamy

    Think he means Bellamy is worth 16m+, and is going to be the best signing this summer. :dunno:
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    Italy - USA

    Holy shit that wasn't nice...
  15. Shifty

    Italy - USA

    Own Goal by zaccardo! Red card to Rossi!
  16. Shifty

    The Arsenal in europe myth

    Now this is caption material :yes:
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    The Eternal Question: Luis Garcia?

    Lets not forget that he has had problems with his knee this season, but decided to play on to help us overtake Man U.
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    Ah, happy days... :D
  19. Shifty

    Reds to sign Italian wonderkid.

    I must say, you aren't really good at this are you?