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    Alexandre Pato - Brazil Under 20's

    Speaking of which, where have they gone?
  2. Shifty

    How Sad Is That

    ¡ææææn ¡¡¡pɐs os 11ɐ sı ʇı
  3. Shifty

    Tennis babes

    http://data1.blog.de/blog/d/darkmatters/img/DanielaHantuchova.jpg http://data1.blog.de/blog/d/darkmatters/img/DanielaHantuchova.jpg
  4. Shifty

    Tennis babes

    We have a winner! Stunning, truly stunning.
  5. Shifty

    Is there still hope for Le Gem?

    Well there isn't really any logic behind giving the #2 shirt to Paul Anderson, so who knows...
  6. Shifty

    Is there still hope for Le Gem?

    Anyone know who that guy one the far right is?
  7. I figured you would like it, being a Radiohead fan and all. Agree that the video is boss, although it isn't their best song imo. Think "Fake plastic trees" is my favorite nowadays. The first album I got was Ok Computer, thanks to your high praise, and after that they have been one of my favorite bands. So thanks.
  8. Shifty

    Well done England U21s

    This is never going to end....
  9. Shifty

    Well done England U21s

    De Ridder misses!
  10. Shifty

    The Row

    Introducing to you all, Raddy!!!
  11. Shifty

    aaron lennon??

    Hey, no problem. I just didn't want to be labeled a Momo. And now back to lurking until next Heineken fueled posting spree :party:
  12. Shifty

    aaron lennon??

    I'm sorry, but if it me you reckon is Momo, you're quite wrong. I've been here since sometime late in 04 (joined i may of 05),Momo first joined sometime in 06 I think. And my spelling mistakes form a couple of days ago is the Heinekens fault. I even answered RiS in norwegian in one of his threads about condoms, how the hell would Momo do that? Anyway, if I'm not the person you're thinking about, I'm sorry, I just don't won't to be label "a" Momo.Hope you understand.
  13. http://www.apple.com/trailers/disney/walle/ Rather short, but I'm pretty sure this is the first and only footage. CG looks great as you'd expect from Pixar. ------ Teaser 1 (1:34) Family Rating: Not yet rated In Theaters: June 27th, 2008 Andrew Stanton (dir) ------
  14. Shifty

    The Ctrl V game.

    NOW THEY'VE UPSET JESUS! We were slightly worried when we saw the headline "Church Calls for Resistance Ban" but it's nothing to do with us, oh no. It's Sony again. Now the Lord Jesus is pissed off that they have used one of his places of worship - Manchester Cathedral, in their disappointing and under-achieving launch title Resistance: Fall of Man. "I think they are going to be in for a surprise because we are not going to let this one go," said Canon Paul Denby, Manchester Cathedral Subdean and Administrator. We don't know what plan of action the world's 2.1 billion Christians have in mind but it should be an easy fight against only 300 million PlayStation owners. We asked Jesus for a comment but he was too busy playing Gears of War.
  15. Shifty

    George Speaks

    Heh, one would think... After putting it trough babelfish (drunk/high - English) this is what i got. I think we are one of the temes inn for etooo.. doutn we weill get hiom thoug... but i t sure would be naice ... I think we are one of the teams inn for Eto'o. Doubt we will get him though, but it sure would be nice.