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    crouch to pompey

    Something like this?
  2. Shifty

    Pacheco promoted!

    Good thing he no longer is there then.
  3. Shifty

    Yossi in demand?

    The Affelay that plays for PSV? :whistle:
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    The Space Thread

    YL4cFjmnQT8 Note the text at the bottom around the minute mark.
  5. Haha. "Net cunting spend" Great job on the tags.
  6. Shifty

    Balloon Animals Part 374

    Two green ones now. How about some for me as well?:whistle:
  7. Shifty

    Carra in Oslo tonight

    Interview with him here Carragher: - Riise vil finne en veldig god klubb - Premierleague - Dagbladet.no
  8. Shifty

    Hollands 'Offside' goal

    The active, non-active part only applies to attacking players though.
  9. Shifty

    Dossena is a red

    Admit it, you got that from red cafe.
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    Some more in the same vain hotchickswithdouchebags.
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    Blame google :whistle:
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    The BOYS OF LIVERPOOL - You can go to midfield. Lo spagnolo Xabi Alonso è il primo obiettivo. Spanish Xabi Alonso is the first goal. Bene, pure lui si avvicina: ora c’è solo 1 milione tra l’offerta della Juventus e la richiesta del Liverpool. Well, well he is approached: now there is only 1 million between the supply of Juventus and the request of Liverpool. I bianconeri sono saliti a quota 17, i Reds sono scesi a 18. The bianconeri share rose to 17, the Reds have dropped to 18. Per lunedì è fissato un nuovo incontro a Torino. For Monday is set a new meeting in Turin. Ci sarà anche il procuratore del giocatore. There will also be the prosecutor of the player. Bene, potrebbe essere il rendez-vous decisivo. Well, could be the decisive rendez-vous. Ma non è finita, l’operazione è più complessa. But is not over, the operation is more complex. C’è un altro giocatore del Liverpool nel mirino della Juventus. There is another Liverpool player in the viewfinder of Juventus. Perché nell’ultimo incontro tra i dirigenti inglesi e l’ad bianconero Blanc, si è parlato anche del difensore norvegese John Arne Riise. Why at the last meeting between the leaders British el'ad white Blanc, has also spoken of the Norwegian defender John Arne Riise. È lui l’uomo che potrebbe coprire la fascia sinistra del reparto difensivo. He is the man who could cover the band left the defensive department. In difesa, ma pure avanzando a centrocampo. In defense, but also advancing to midfield. Un giocatore di esperienza, dalle eccellenti doti fisiche. A player experience, excellent physical skills. Vero, negli ultimi tempi si è fatto soprattutto notare per un episodio piuttosto sciagurato: il blackout e l’autogol contro il Chelsea, che alla fine costerà al Liverpool la semifinale di Champions. True, in recent times has become especially noted for an episode rather sciagurato: the blackout el'autogol against Chelsea, which ultimately will cost Liverpool at the semi-final of Champions. Dettagli: il giocatore ha qualità e carattere, l’interessamento della Juventus c’è e la trattativa è avviata. Details: the player has quality and character, the interest of Juventus's and negotiation is underway. Decisamente più difficile arrivare a Bridge. Definitely more difficult to get a Bridge. Per lui il Chelsea chiede 13 milioni di euro. For him the calls Chelsea 13 million euros.
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    Because they consider it the "true" sequel to GTA3, while Vice City and San Andreas were "only" expansions.
  14. Shifty

    Guess The New Player

    He indeed is, he has 28 caps for the national team. Haven't seen him play too much though, but Finnan is getting old. He, Degen that is, is on a free this summer.
  15. Shifty

    Guess The New Player

    Philipp Degen
  16. Shifty

    The Championship

    Does anyone know if John Welsh is still at Hull?
  17. Shifty

    Dudek in World Soccer

  18. Loved how Pepe running the length of the pitch to celebrate! Top top guy, and the best fucking keeper in the world.
  19. Just like sex!! Love you all guys, I really do.
  20. Shifty

    Giving up smoking.