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  1. Overall I agree, but I think you overestimate the player`s mentality. Yes, they can produce a miracle against Barca in a situation where they have nothing to lose, and they can dig out results and grab late winners against lesser opponents because of the confidence Klopp has given the Squad. But Old Trafford has always been the most difficult place to go and the biggest mental challenge. When our world class players suddenly misplaces easy passes, makes awful decision and not even give a real fight, you have to question their mental strength. They are not "mentality monsters" in my eyes until they go to OT and show their superiority and absolutely destroy the mancs.
  2. Spot on, as always. Three vital matches coming up. Glad that you mentioned the mental block at Old Trafford, we can forget three points there. Ridicilous, really, as we are far superior, but the psychological factor can not be denied.
  3. Judge

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    How is it possible to enjoy this? We have 1 - one - trophy in nearly 13 years, and that was the league cup. We have waited for the holy grail for 29 years, we were in a great position to get it, and then we blew it, IMO because of a chronical lack of mental strength. Seeing the players running around against Leicester with the their shoulders above their heads, not able to come up with one fucking creative pass said it all. Seeing Jurgen becoming overcautious against Everton and a terrible United side just made it harder to accept. The history books will show the winners. No-one will care that we have a high point tally for a runner-up, and no-one will give a shit about the financial doping. We had it. We lost it. Very far from enjoyable.
  4. Judge

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    We have a slightly better first 11. We suffer from having a very mediocre midfield. They have a better squad.
  5. Judge

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    They are underestimated because of the ridicilous underachievment under Shitcoat. There is no doubt that they have a better squad than us. I will not rule out the possibility of them getting top 4 and winning the CL and the FA-cup.
  6. Judge

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    United will most likely have a more succesful season than us, as it looks now. Who would have thought that 2 months ago?
  7. «We still have a 7 point lead» ..»we still have a 4 point lead» ...»we still have a 1 pont lead» ..»we are only 1 point behind» ..»we are only 6 points and 23 goals behind, and there is still two matches to play» Christ, it is like the pure and innocent optimism of small children. I really envy the ability to think like that. I am all in on the misantrophic and realistic ways of TK though. Great thread!
  8. Judge

    Rodgers to Leicester

    A contender for worst post of the century. Rodgers lost it in the end, but taking away all credit from him for the mind-blowing attacking football and the title challenge is deluded and small-minded. Those who seriously think that one player - however brilliant he is - can carry a team to a title challenge understands shit about football. Seriously.
  9. Was going to rep you until I read the Allison comment. My guess is that 9 out of 10 keepers in the CL will stop that shot.
  10. Good read as usual, Paul. The Henderson part is spot on. He is criminally underrated. For me he is a 8/10 player who deserves a 9/10 sometimes and never under 6/10. If he hadn`t got the red card against City in 2014 number 19 would have been sealed that year.
  11. Judge

    Sergio Ramos

    I got a big problem with losing a champions league-final because of violent cheating. I got a really big problem with his comments today. These things will cause anger and rage regularly for the next 30 years. But I admire your girly "it is only a football match, no need to get upset"-attitude. I wish I had more of it.
  12. Spot on, Dave. We did not deserve to win this match. I think you focused too little on the insane choice from Klopp to leave Henderson out. He is in good form and one of the few who has the aggression and mentality to tacle a match like this. And what did he try to achieve by putting Gini on for Trent when we were chasing a goal?