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  1. Was going to rep you until I read the Allison comment. My guess is that 9 out of 10 keepers in the CL will stop that shot.
  2. Good read as usual, Paul. The Henderson part is spot on. He is criminally underrated. For me he is a 8/10 player who deserves a 9/10 sometimes and never under 6/10. If he hadn`t got the red card against City in 2014 number 19 would have been sealed that year.
  3. Judge

    Sergio Ramos

    I got a big problem with losing a champions league-final because of violent cheating. I got a really big problem with his comments today. These things will cause anger and rage regularly for the next 30 years. But I admire your girly "it is only a football match, no need to get upset"-attitude. I wish I had more of it.
  4. Spot on, Dave. We did not deserve to win this match. I think you focused too little on the insane choice from Klopp to leave Henderson out. He is in good form and one of the few who has the aggression and mentality to tacle a match like this. And what did he try to achieve by putting Gini on for Trent when we were chasing a goal?
  5. Judge

    Sevilla (a) CL - Match Thread

    Spartak Moscow are fully capable of beating us at Anfield. We have better players, but there is no character or spirit in this team. Actually, I expect us to go out as it looks now.
  6. Mane was outstanding. Mignolet was good. The other players were ordinary. Fantastic goal from Arnold but also a terrible mistake on their goal an generally sloppy defending.
  7. I would gladly have switched 2/3 of our team with Watford players. If Klopp and the "brain" can not come up with something better for the second half, we might just appoint Carra as our new manager the sooner the better.
  8. I fucking hate this bunch of players. I couldn't even find pleasure in our goal, because I knew it ws only a question of time before we fucked up again. Does Klopp know anything at all about defending?
  9. No improvement. Infact, we are going backwards. Watford look like world beaters.
  10. If we are being rational this doesn't mean anything. Atletico is probably the most negative, defensive shithouse team of all the top teams in Europe. I despise them. We never had more then 3-4 first eleven players on the pitch at the same time so it is no surprise that we couldn't break them down. The important thing is the great performance against Bayern. It showed what we are capable of doing. Still; I don't like that Klopp keep on building the reputation as the manager who always loses finals. We have become a club that always fails when it matters.
  11. Every season there is a defining moment when the chance of winning the title is over. This was it for the 16/17-season. One can reason about many captured points so far and little rest since the last match, but that doesn't help when you realise the importance of these two dropped points.
  12. Judge

    Other football 2016/17.

    Luke Shaw: http://youtu.be/uPEWMuFrHfs How this is not even questioned is beyond me.
  13. Judge

    Other football 2016/17.

    Not sure about that, mate. When I saw the replay on tv it looked clear that Shaw clipped his own leg. A video showing his feet before he goes to the ground would be ace.
  14. Judge

    David Bowie

    The biggest genious of our time. He went out on a high with the brilliant Blackstar album. I wrote a piece for a norwegian newspaper, where I picked these as his best 5 albums: Ziggy Stardust, Station to Station, Low, Scary Monsters, Hunky Dory. I also put a lot of work in this playlist: http://open.spotify.com/user/judge12/playlist/2qrAG54r8Ltaag07aC3gsu Sadly missed.