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    What a guy...

    Erland Johnsen vs Dunc
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    1st round CL Qualify

    ............. Uefa have also taken steps to ensure that the same scenario never occurs again by changing the rules so that in the future the titleholders will always qualify for the competition the following season. If the Liverpool situation occurs again and the European champions fail to finish in a qualifying place in their domestic competition however they will come in at the expense of the fourth-placed side. The rules will also apply for countries who only get three or two Champions League spots, but there will be a special exemption in the unlikely event of a country with one Champion League spot winning the competition but failing to win their own domestic league ............ We should have gone straight into the group stage - if this had been dealt with in 2002 when RM finnished 5th and won CL.
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    Scoreline V Chelsea

    1-3 Garcia Stevie G Baros
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    Yes - 2-1 win in Italy
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    Scoreline Vs Juve

    3-1 L'pool - Garcia, Gerrard & Riise
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    Don't often post.....

    3 - 0 Nando 7 min Carra 37 min Riise 87 min