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  1. BorizJeltzin

    predictions V haifa in kiev

    3-1 Agger, Bellamy & Crouch
  2. BorizJeltzin

    How many in Top XI?

    Reina Finnan Carra Mongo A.Cole Gerrard Momo Alonso Robben Rooney Henry
  3. BorizJeltzin

    Team V Haifa

    ----------------------------Reina-------------------------- Finnan---------------Carra------- Hyypia---------------Riise Gerrard--------------Alonso------Sissoko-------------Speedy --------------------Bellamy------Crouch--------------------
  4. BorizJeltzin

    Brazil v Japan

    My money is on Spain!
  5. BorizJeltzin

    Early morning rant

    I have my money on Spain - Holland in the final, with Spain as World Champions
  6. BorizJeltzin


    I am sure Christian Vieri must be pretty close...
  7. BorizJeltzin

    Ring of fire...

    Listening to Coldplay is actually more boring than to listen to paint dry off. A horrible band
  8. BorizJeltzin

    charlton or boro please

    I don't care who we get - we are gonna win it no matter what happens
  9. BorizJeltzin

    SWP and Duff

    Del Hornos dive agains Scott Parker, was by far the worst yesterday....
  10. BorizJeltzin

    Who Do You Want To Win The Champs League Now?

    1. Barca 2. Benfica 3. Villareal
  11. BorizJeltzin

    Anyone Know The Answers?

    Kanu: 1995 Champions League winner (Ajax) 2002 Premiership Champions (Arsenal) 2004 Premiership Champions (Arsenal) 2002 FA Cup winner (Arsenal) 2000 UEFA Cup Finals (Arsenal) 2001 FA Cup Finals (Arsenal)
  12. BorizJeltzin

    Anyone Know The Answers?

    Kanu has not won the UEFA cup...
  13. BorizJeltzin

    Scroline for tonight

    1-4 Fowler x 2 Nando Garcia
  14. BorizJeltzin

    Team v Manure

    Reina Finnan-Carra-Hyypiä-Riise Sissoko-Hamann-Alonso-Kewell Gerrard Morientes
  15. BorizJeltzin

    Utd Season over @6pm 22 Jan 2006

    1-3 Kewell, Nando & Stevie G
  16. BorizJeltzin


    I think you mean Baresi
  17. BorizJeltzin

    Name the ten players

    Sol Campell Ugo Ehiogu Ryan Giggs Roy Keane Ian Pearce Ray Parlour Alan Shearer Gary Speed David James Nicky Butt
  18. BorizJeltzin

    the curse

    5-0 Crouch Nando Cisse x 2 Carra
  19. BorizJeltzin

    Greatest website since TLW

    Listing to Madrugada is like listening to paint dry off
  20. BorizJeltzin

    Best footie match of all time

    Best L'pool match - Istanbul France - Brazil 1986 ! What a match!
  21. BorizJeltzin

    Predictions on the teams we will draw!

    Pool Porto Anderlecht Rosenborg would be nice!
  22. BorizJeltzin

    Prediciton of score and team selection

    Team Reina Finnan Carra Sami Riise Alonso Stevie G Garcia Zenden Nando Cisse _________ 5-0 Cisse 2 Nando Stevie G 2