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  1. BorizJeltzin

    Torres deal done, who's next?

    Tevez, Mancini & Alves...
  2. BorizJeltzin

    so then, gut feeling as of now... Where will we finish?

    I believe in miracles - we will finish first!
  3. BorizJeltzin

    So How Many Of You Can Be Objective

    ---------------------- Reina Finnan-----------Ferdinand-------carra-----------Evra -----------------------Alonso--------------------- ronaldo---------gerrard-------scholes---------giggs ----------------------Rooney
  4. BorizJeltzin

    Tonights games.

    Man U will go out tonight. They are not good at playing teams like Roma, Benfica etc.
  5. BorizJeltzin

    Arsenal match thread

    3-1 Gerrard Agger Kuyt
  6. BorizJeltzin

    The best strike force their never was

    Rondaldo & Dalglish
  7. BorizJeltzin

    The draw...

    I am thinking ManU
  8. BorizJeltzin

    Team for tomorrow

    Reina Finnan Carra Agger Aurelio Gerrard Xabi Momo Riise Bellamy Kuyt
  9. BorizJeltzin

    Team for Arsenal

    Reina Finnan Carra Agger Riise Garcia Gerrard Xabi Gonzo Bellamy Kuyt
  10. BorizJeltzin

    What would you prefer?

    ______________________ Sums it up for me
  11. BorizJeltzin


    Shevchenko is Chelseas Morientes - class player but will not make it in the premierleague
  12. BorizJeltzin

    New Striker

    Torres for me
  13. BorizJeltzin

    Exciting signature

    John Barnes Morientes
  14. BorizJeltzin

    team and predictions V Arsenal

    Reina Finnan Carra Agger Aurelio Kuyt Gerrard Alonso Zenden Riise Crouch
  15. BorizJeltzin

    The REAL TLW's favourite LFC player thread

    In Gerrard out Momo
  16. BorizJeltzin

    Team For Villa

    Reina Finnan Carra Agger Warnock Pennant Gerrard Momo Riise Kuyt Fowler
  17. BorizJeltzin

    Galatasaray Thread

    --------------------------Reina--------------------------- Finnan-----------Carragher------Agger----------------Riise Pennant----------Gerrard-------Alonso---------------Speedy ------------------Garcia---------Crouch--------------------- 5-0
  18. BorizJeltzin

    what team will rafa pick on sunday?

    Reina Finnan - Carragher - Agger - Sami -Aurelio Gerrard - Alonso - Sissoko Garcia Crouch subs: kuyt pennant Zenden Bellamy dudek
  19. BorizJeltzin

    Team for tonight?

    For sure
  20. BorizJeltzin

    Team for tonight?

    Reina Finnan Carra Hyypia Agger Aurelio Gerrard Alonso Sissoko Kuyt Bellamy
  21. BorizJeltzin

    Fantasy Footy.

    No. 122 and closing in on the bottom of the list...I am proud
  22. BorizJeltzin

    Team V Everton

    Reina Finnan Agger Hyps Aurelio Pennant Zenden Momo Gonzalez Crouch Fowler
  23. BorizJeltzin

    CL Draw

    Pool Lille Werder Anderlecht will do