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  1. John101

    Rate the last film you watched...

    BlacKkKlansman 7/10 Parts of it are really slow, however, certain scenes were extremely powerful. Laura Harrier with an Afro is a treat too.
  2. John101

    Rate the last film you watched...

    A Serbian Film. Pretty grim. 5/10
  3. John101

    Boxing 2018

    Got tickets for Ritson in October. Looking forward to it, should be a good laugh.
  4. John101

    Newcastle - The reprise

    It's lovely there, though can be a queue at times, obviously depending on whether. There are lots of nice places to eat on the walk from the metro station to the beach. Gibraltar Rock has a nice view and is good for a Sunday dinner.
  5. John101

    Another US Shooting

    After Trump came out the other day in response to that fella who knocked the cyclists over, i went on his twitter to see what he was saying about this. I was surprised to see there was not one comment about it. There was a tweet criticising mainstream media and Obama though, only an hour ago. Talk about a country blind to this insanity. Truly horrific culture.
  6. John101

    Liverpool Loanees - 2018-19

    To prepare him for his future career
  7. John101

    Boxing 2018

    Thought i was going mad
  8. John101

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Preferred Michelle Pfeiffer
  9. John101

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Meg 4/10. Hated pretty much everything about it. Equalizer 2 - 6/10. First half an hour could be cut to five mins. Everything else after is poorer than the first film.
  10. Ingebrigtsen, Asher Smith and Duplantis were the highlights in athletics for me. As well as the Israeli who pegged it thinking she was on the last lap.
  11. John101

    New Draft Idea - Mixed

    Let it die
  12. John101

    Boxing 2018

    Says a lot about the quality of womens boxing this this Obenauf won by just walking forward in straight lines swinging with both hands