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  1. 1 hour ago, VladimirIlyich said:

    I realise I will get shouted down for this as it may seem I am blaming Jurgen as well,which I am definitely NOT,but when we 7 or 8 points clear and centre halves were dropping like flies I am still angry we didn't buy any centre halves. Going level with United on 20 titles is still a big deal to me because eventually they will get it right,just as we did after a 30 year drought. League titles and being the best at home and europe are why we support this club. Making the biggest profit,while profit is important of course,is not the biggest aim for me or most fans I know.

    That was a massive error on the club's part. The plan must have been Konate in the summer and we couldn't have brought that forward for some reason.


    The fact that we waited for Matip to be injured and then left it until the last day to sort it was ridiculous.


    We should have either paid extra for Konate or brought Kabak and someone else in at the beginning of the month. Just free up our midfielders. 



  2. He's been amazing this season and is criminally underrated. A couple of posters on here said that if Joel and Virg could be on the pitch for most of the season then we would win the league. You can probably add Fabinho and Thiago to that list. So important for us to have that solid base. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, VladimirIlyich said:

    Got to admit that I am starting to change my thinking. Unfortunately its a bit like comparing apples and wall plugs as the game is so different now.

    Exactly. The modern game is so different now it's getting harder to compare players from different eras. Both amazing in their own right though. 

  4. 9 hours ago, 3 Stacks said:

    Haaland went for 20m, it's not like he was way more expensive than Minamino. The fact he went to Dortmund should tell you he wasn't looking to go to a big club yet.


    Minamino was nothing but a punt, who as you say, wouldn't complain if he was 5th choice. So it was perfect a the time and had he worked out, it would have been genius. Unfortunately, it's been a waste of time.

    Haaland was always going to go to a club a tier down from the very top. He seems to be one of those players who is so good(similar to Mbappe)who have their entire career mapped out for them by their agent so they can maximise their wages and signing on fees. By going to Dortmund he has shown the big boys what he can do in a top league and with the added bonus of his release fee he can clean up money wise. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, easytoslip said:

    Yeah, I'm not sure what is age was but no spring chicken, a shame as we'll never know what impact he would of made if we had him a bit earlier in his career, quite a big impact i would say. 

    He was actually only 29 when we signed him so he should really have had years of quality left in him but I think i read he had dodgy knees/ankles. 


    I think if we had signed him in 96 or 97 it would have transformed us as Fowler or Owen would have thrived under that type of player. 

  6. 44 minutes ago, easytoslip said:

    I remember a mate of mine, a Southampton fan, coming in to the pub after the match saying what a player he'd seen, though a bit bow legged, i was pissed off too when he left. A Reds fan too i believe? 

    I cant really choose a favourite player from any club as there's that many but I'll say one has to be Terry Mac for us and Jairzinho for Brazil who i liked as a kid, someone mentioned Iniesta which is a good shout. 

    Yeah he did mention he was a fan growing up and originally wanted the number 7 shirt as Kenny was his favourite. 


    He didn't seem like a natural athlete but his football brain combined with his technique was what made him a great player. 


    It wasn't meant to be as I don't think the Houllier tactics got the best out of him and by then I think injuries had caught up with him. 

  7. Jari Litmanen. As A kid I used to buy World Soccer magazine and I read about this amazing Ajax player from a place I'd never heard of with a cool name. So from then on I followed his career. Loved watching him in the Champions League. Really wanted him to join Liverpool so was gutted when he left on a free to Barcelona. 


    A couple of years later I had finished work in town and picked up the Echo only to see we had signed him. Never been happier with a signing and I loved the way it came out of the blue, not like these days. 


    When he made his debut you could just tell that he was on another level to the other players when it came to awareness on the pitch. His weight of pass and how he seemed to have a lot of time on the ball. 


    It never really worked out for him here and its such a shame we didn't sign him years earlier. Apparently Roy Evans wanted him but couldn't get it done due to lack of funds. 

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  8. I've not seen any of him this season so don't know how he's getting on but he did enough for us to suggest he can be a decent player in a top league. If he would have been happy with it I think we should have signed him and then sent him on loan for a couple of seasons. He'd then either be good enough for our squad or to be sold for a good profit. 


    Oh and the song. 

  9. 28 minutes ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

    Didn't they say the redbird investment meant we are financially covered for the losses during the pandemic?

    Yeah I kept reading that in the Echo. They said the investment wouldn't give us any extra transfer funds but would allow us to carry on as normal. But then they would go on to say how hard up we were and thats why we didn't have much money for signings.