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  1. 28 minutes ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

    Didn't they say the redbird investment meant we are financially covered for the losses during the pandemic?

    Yeah I kept reading that in the Echo. They said the investment wouldn't give us any extra transfer funds but would allow us to carry on as normal. But then they would go on to say how hard up we were and thats why we didn't have much money for signings.

  2. 54 minutes ago, lifetime fan said:

    I know he’s not a great pundit but I can’t help but  like Merson. 

    He’s always spoken well of us, he adores Thommo and listening to him of the Guardian football podcast today you just think…there but for the grace…

    I used to be a bit anti-Merson but I think he's a decent fella who's had a few ups and downs and he does chat a load of shit but then so do 99% of pundits. He was good player too. 

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  3. I've only seen him play one match but I'm all in on Vlahovic. Big bastard that scores goals. Not sure how it would work with Mane/Jota and Salah either side of him and whether he can press enough etc but he continues to get goals and seems physically imposing. 


    Would brining someone in like that impinge of Mo's goal output or is there a way to tinker with the system without fucking everything up? 

  4. There's definitely players who can challenge to get into the front three. Firmino has been iffy over over last couple of seasons and Mane hasn't been the same for a while(still scoring though). Jota has come in and down really well. Ox is terrible up front, Minamino has it all to prove and the less said about Origi the better. 


    I have a feeling that we've seen the best of Bobby so it would be interesting if we went out and got a forward who would score more goals. Not sure if this would impact of the goalscoring of Mo and Sadio though. 

  5. Surely there's a young up and coming forward who could at least challenge Firmino. Firmino has a specific role obviously but we need to be able to mix things up a bit. At the moment it's Jota or Firmino or stick one of Mo or Sadio down the middle. It's all very samey. 


    We should take a punt on a talented 20yr old if we are not going big. Anything has to he better than Origi and God forbid Ox playing up front for us. 


  6. Ideally our starting three don't pick up too many injuries, Keita and Oxlade-Chamberlain stay fit and find some form, and Harvey Elliott excells when he gets a chance in midfield. Not sure how realistic that is though.


    Think we should have shifted Keita and brought someone to really challenge for a starting spot. Still time I guess. 

  7. This full-quota excuse is a load of bollocks. Let's say we want two players, Saul and Vlahovic for arguments sake. Surely we are not going to let the opportunity pass just because we can't get every penny we want for Shaqiri and Origi? Irresponsible if we do. 


    I think the most likely outcome is we will sell those players in the last day or two or deadline day and then bring in at least one signing.  



  8. 31 minutes ago, index1000 said:


    Sorry for the double post there but this is the thing that gets me. How is it bad that we are being run as a solvent successful business? Do you want the opposite? Chancers who want to flip the club for a quick buck? Russian Roulette owner who doesn't care if we go down in flames like the cunts who took over Bolton, Blackburn and Sunderland. 

    The twat at Newcastle? Or a fucking disgusting Slave supporting 'look at us we're good guys really' Qatari/Emirate/Arabla .

    Be careful what you moan for

    Not at all. I don't want some Man City or Chelsea situation where we ridiculous sums every summer, but I think there's some wiggle room with regards to our transfer spend. 


    I'm happy with a lot of what they've done. The revenues are obviously much better and they finally got the management side of things right when they brought Jurgen in, so I'm not someone who is anti-fsg.


    Take January for instance. If we had spent what needed to be spent and got our centre backs in early then the end of the season may have been a lot less dicey.