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    Am I Screwed?

    I'll definitely have a go at the oming. The main thing is to get out of retaila do something different. Whether than be office based, something more manual, whatever really. The only other qualifications i have are NVQ's in customer service, retail and the ECDL computer qualification. At the moment i just want something full-time, even if it's minimum wage. Been in my current job too long and it's hard to motivate myself at all, even though it's only part time.
  2. Street Preacher

    3 at the back

    Kenny playing this formation also shows what a load of bull all that "He's been out of the game too long" stuff was. Kenny's showing what a good football brain he has and also how brave he is to try three at the back.
  3. Street Preacher

    Steve Clarke

    I don't think it's a coincidence that we're much improved at the back since he and the King came in.He obviously does a lot of work with the defence,being an ex defender himself.
  4. Street Preacher

    Pet Sematary..

    Had my dog for 17yrs until he died in september.I was devastated when it happened and was there with him when the vet put him to sleep. Some people don't understand but when you've had a dog for that long they become part of the family. I'd suggest maybe taking your dog to see the vet,just incase there's something wrong.
  5. Street Preacher

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Finished It the other month but only done 50% of itwhich is annoying. Thought It was a cracking game, although slightly easy during fist fights etc.Scarecrow bit was genuinly scary when playing in the dark on me own.
  6. Street Preacher

    ps3 vs xbox360

    I've had both and I didn't find much of a difference in quality, so you can't really go wrong with either. I believe the 360 is not quite as reliable but I didn't have It long enough to experience any problems. So PS3 it is.
  7. Street Preacher

    PSN ID's

  8. Street Preacher

    Oh dear.

    Haha that list gave me a chuckle.Mongo,harder that Souness?Ha
  9. Street Preacher


    Considering We're paying Degen 2m a year and he also got a 2m signing on fee then 7m a year for one of the very best strikers In the world sounds fair to me. If we had him we could play 4-4-2 at Anfield with Stevie In the middle and really go for the poorer teams that sit back and play for a draw.
  10. I think It's more to do with the fact that the style and pace of football In this country Is so different to anywhere else. Andrei Shevchenko was definately a top class footballer throughout his career,with Ukraine,Kiev and Milan.When he came to chelsea maybe his best days were behind him and he could never get to grips with such a different way of playing. Plus Chelsea had been playing with just Drogba up front so there was a change of system to fit both him and Ballack. Crespo didn't like living here but still scored goals If my memory Is correct and Baptista was just a whiney bitch.
  11. Street Preacher

    Cancelling Sky

    Has anyone tried cancelling Sky recently and been offered a deal to stay with them? I'm contemplating leaving as the price I'm paying Is a bit of a rip,but wondered If I would offered anything as I have been with them for 8 years or so.
  12. Street Preacher

    Liverpool V PSV

    Never thought I would be happy to see that celebration.Woo!
  13. Street Preacher

    Liverpool V PSV

    Dunga,Deschamps and the rest obviously failed at the role.It was only when Claude came onto the scene did the defensive midfielde position truly get perfected.
  14. Street Preacher

    Liverpool V PSV

    Beat me to It. I had to laugh at Souness calling Morrati "Moriarty".
  15. Street Preacher

    Liverpool V PSV

    Accoring to Richard Keys,Claude Makelele "Invented" the defensive midfielder role!Wow I never knew this. So what fucking role was Didi playing for us 8/9 years ago? Roy Hodgeson talks a lot of sense though.
  16. Street Preacher

    Sweet ass movie prop hits eBay!

    I've always wanted one.
  17. Street Preacher

    Robert Keane to Liverpool Football Club

    Imminantly imminent.
  18. Street Preacher

    Robert Keane to Liverpool Football Club

    I know!He'll never Leave Erinsborough.
  19. Street Preacher

    Garry Barry

  20. Street Preacher

    Truth or myth?

    If It Is deffo true,then the players who took part In It should be fuckin' ashamed of themselves.
  21. Street Preacher

    Truth or myth?

    Ruddock told the story on Soccer AM a couple of years ago and they were all laughing theirs arses off.
  22. Street Preacher


    I spotted Peter Reid being helped down the stairs of St. Georges hall just before 12 on weds night.Pissed as a pissed chimp In a dinner suit he was.
  23. Street Preacher

    Good website building software

    I am setting up a website that I want to look semi-professional and wonder If anyone knows,or better has used a good software package? I have tried Mr.Site but found that very basic,so I'm looking for a step up from that. It will primarily be a blog,with links to other sites,ebay etc and I may also have a small shop on there. Any advice from you kind sould would be much appreciated.