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  1. philyhamann

    International Watch

    maradonnas manager is just proof to me that there is a lot less to maangement than you'd think give me a year and i reckon i could lead liverpool to CL every y ear man city or no man city
  2. philyhamann

    The gay one out of Boyzone

    this is phily btw
  3. philyhamann

    The gay one out of Boyzone

    heard this tonight therefore its bullshit
  4. philyhamann

    Blasts from the Past

    I'd love to know why the click and point market died out........Indy 4 Fate of Atlantis was 100 times better than the sequels. The 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites (Star Trek TOS click and points) were 1000 times better too...
  5. philyhamann

    Torres and Gerrard dead

    If you post in this topic if Torres and Gerrard play in our next game you have to donate 20 quid to the HJC if they don't then I donate that shit Also JAMES T KIRK WAS A GREAT MAN
  6. philyhamann


    That season Murphy won fans player of the year over Hamann was a fucking farce too, fucking southern mongs.
  7. philyhamann


    Hamann = unemployed Lucas = employed
  8. philyhamann

    Mascherano to Juve?

    I don't know why Sissoko gets so much hate, he was fucking boss in 2005/2006 and better than Masch. He got an injury and Masch was a lot more stable so he never got a run of games to get his form going again.
  9. philyhamann

    Playground insults of footballers

    Emile Heskey
  10. philyhamann

    When life replicates Football Manager

    I criticise Benitez weekly in my new game of FM, its awesome.
  11. philyhamann

    Need to send 2GB file over internet

    WinRAR. RAR it into multiple files of say 500mb or whatever.
  12. philyhamann

    Mascherano to Juve?

    Bring back Momo