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    First time back on here in a bit, mate, but www.destinytracker.com for matchmaking and www.destinypublicevents.com for a decent predictions algorithm.
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    How do you obtain the armour in Iron Banner? I haven't actually bothered with it as I couldn't see a point other than it being a different take on the crucible. Also, any takers for a VoG run? Completed it a few times but I'm still useless with the relic/shield nonsense!
  3. co1-lfc

    PSN ID's

    PSN: CO1-LFC - Playing Destiny, mostly, atm. looking for a couple of extra regulars up for the 'Vault of Glass' co-op as well as any strikes etc! Will liely get CoD: AW, Far Cry 4 and GTA 5 in Nov too.
  4. co1-lfc

    Women who deserve a good slap

    Haha, he needs some help that lad but I'm not entirely convinced he isn't either; a) a parody b) embellishing or c) beyond saving! Hopefully none of them and just in need of a bit of luck though, mate.
  5. co1-lfc

    Women who deserve a good slap

    Nadine Coyle, the irritating cunt. Meant to mention this on the Date thread but I stayed in a decent hotel with a bird 2 weekends ago, good looking, size 12 but well toned, anyway, ends up play fighting on the bed a bit whilst rolling about, she swung a dig, probably aimed at my arm or something but she wasn't looking and clocked me right on the side of the jaw, my instant reaction? Dropped her with a body shot, I immediately apologised and and offered her a free shot, which she actually took by the way, bitch, but she loved the fact I'd digged her back, fair play, seeing her again.
  6. co1-lfc

    What car do you drive?

    BMW 320 M Sport, I love it to be fair, iDrive system in it is great except I don't have bluetooth in it and I hate loose wires, defo a slip up by myself there. Looking at snapping a 4 Series up when they're released, probably try to get a 2nd hand deal in April like I did with my current one, my workmates Dad owns Westerley Dorchester, a BMW dealership in the South West, any how, 13 months old, top spec bar bluetooth, was 29k and bloke gave it up owing £19,375 after a big deposit, they couldn't sell it at a loss so I paid £19,376, decent!
  7. co1-lfc

    Date thread

    This. I have plenty of joy with women, I'm good looking not great, I know my best qualities and I use them to advantage as much as possible, hence why the girl I just split with on mutual terms after 2 1/2 years was a stonewall 10 out of 10, I cursed myself, in a shallow way, at the end that I wouldn't hit that standard again in the beauty department but that hasn't proven to be entirely true and I've had a happy time looking thus far. Bigbak, as I've mentioned I'd love to know exactly what your routine is! It probably just needs a few changes to get the ball rolling on better success. A tip from me, which you may already employ, don't date straight from the net as your first interaction, get their phone number, use whatsapp/viber to have a back and forth conversation, use random probing question to make them laugh but glean the info from them you want in an interesting fashion, also media is much easier to send on these apps so up to date photos will follow you'll not have any 'on the night' disappointments, and the big plus is they will feel like they already know you before the first date hence they're more comfortable about lowering their guard and such.
  8. co1-lfc

    Date thread

    I would've turned on my heels as soon as she made it clear there was a 3rd party involved, who wasn't there to make the end of the night more interesting. Good bill swerve though. Bigbak, I'd love to be a fly on the wall at some of these dates, even privvy to the chat in the build up! If you're not a parody then, fuck me, you don't half get yourself some nutcases!
  9. co1-lfc

    Date thread

    Sorry about my delayed response, my ex dropped the pregnant bomb on me, not sure what's happening about it yet so not going in to a blow by blow account but considering she told anyone and everyone for the 2 & 1/2 years I was with her that it was impossible for her to conceive you can imagine my surprise!! And she's being a right c@*t about it all. Standard. Well date 1 last week with the 28 yr old dancer/choreographer, have you ever been given abuse and closed down for not taking advantage of someone who was a bit too pissed? Well that's how this one ended, had been a top night to be fair, did a restaurant then Salt Dogs, had a few beers, good laugh, kiss close then went outside while I decided what next, she was weary on her legs so I put her in a taxi and went to catch my own, I thought I'd done then right, if slightly gay, thing, not according to her, 1 x barrage of abuse for not taking her back and giving her the good news later I decided that was a bullet dodged, she was fucking hot though which just makes my decision even more ridiculous to be fair!! Date 2 also last week, 25 yr old, area/company manager type, hotter than her photos which was a very pleasant surprise! quick drink, dinner, another drink then, well, I didn't make same mistake twice, quality close to the night, did it all again Saturday too, decent.
  10. co1-lfc

    Date thread

    Salt Dogs Slims, that was the one, cheers lads. ROTOQ just summed up my predicament although I reckon the pocket will take a hit over the next 7 days, not arsed though, narrowed my potentials down to these 3 for good, various reasons. Definitely reconsidering the Irish bit tonight but fuck it.
  11. co1-lfc

    Date thread

    Okay, I'm back on the market, it all went to rat shit with the ex after 2 & 1/2 years and today is my first reintroduction to the dating game, going out with a 28 year old D&G fashion designer in Belfast who seems sound enough but seeing as my ex was Irish too and I know they're all mental I'm dubious. I'm back in Liverpool from Wednesday anyhow and have 2 dates lined up, a 27yr old company MD from Chester and 28yr old show dancer/choreographer from L'pool, going to go for a meal with both, destinations pre-picked through the conversations we've had, any got any good recommends on good pub/bars to go post meal in the city centre that won't be rammed with thundercunts? I know there was a boss thread that listed better versions of the bierkeller so even a re-direct would be handy as I can't find it, cheers! I'll update on this evenings date later!
  12. co1-lfc


    Been a few years since I posted, mixture of reasons, I've actually been close to replying to a couple of threads of late, that dating thread with the kid hammering PoF has been a cracker, anyhow, I also did Tokyo in December 2005, stayed in Roppongi Hills, ticked off Japan in my International ladies list after visiting Gas Panic like the poster above, had a friend who used our credit card in a Russian lap dancing club which was then maxed by the kind patrons of the dump by the time we got to Los Angeles on the next leg of our world 'tour', on top of this I was arrested and detained until a Japanese copper who had been an exchange student at Liverpool John Moores University not only verified I wasn't French to the supposedly English speaking 'Terp, he also verified my claims that the thieving taxi drivier who took me on a tour of Tokyo after I jumped in for a quick 500 mtr trip from Gas Panic to my hotel and, after trying to charge me a sadistic amount of Yen, took me to an alley and locked the cab whilst he went to get his mates, deserved his windows booting through as I made my escape, it was harder explaining why I ran from the police who saw some of what had happened and were now giving me full chase, weapons drawn (which I hadn't seen, just had explained to me by him) up to the point I ran across some motorway/city link only to end up running straight in to a police car which bonneted me out cold, anyway, this LJMU copper listened to mine and the cabbie's story the next morning, luckily for me the daft cunt cabbie hadn't reset his fare meter so they fined him and frogmarched me to my hotel to get a copy of my passport and make me promise I'd leave the next day on my scheduled flight to LAX, haha, excellent times!! But besides me being a drunken idiot, I loved the place, the sights, the women, the boozers. To be fair this thread was about advice and I've forgotten most of the helpful info but in Roppongi you're near the banking district, find out which bars are popular with western workers as they've a tendency to go straight in them with cash bonuses as soon as there bell rings and throw shitloads behind the bar funding our habits! Oh, and I obviously vouch for Gas Panic, they love us Gai-Jin!!
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    Can't wait, some of his books (awaydays, powder & freshers) are quality, his more recent books are a bit crap though.
  14. co1-lfc

    Dealine day transfers thread

    Can you imagine this place tomorrow if it's true? BOOM!!!
  15. co1-lfc

    Dealine day transfers thread

    Havn't read the thread, couldn't be bothered, just had a txt saying Owen is signing?