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  1. JustTosh

    Vieira's dive

    Aaaaauuugh! Pull it out again Tom! ..... No, NOOOOO, don't pull it out, DON'T !
  2. JustTosh

    Vieira's dive

    One of the heroes of politics once said: "I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions -- but I don't always agree with them." I’ve watched the Vieira dive again on my VCR, and ….. I was wrong. Actually it looks like Vieira tried to get Hamann booked, then realised the ref wouldn’t fall for it and immediately gesturing it was no foul so that he wouldn’t get a second booking himself. UTM, Tom R and Tim: I’m bending over!
  3. JustTosh

    Goal clips from sunday

    I somehow can't download it. Can you please tell me if I rememeber right. For that fist goal, Mellor runs and decoys Campbell into leaving space for Alonso doesn't he?
  4. JustTosh

    Vieira's dive

    Nobody touched him, so it was definitely a dive. Vieira admitted to that fact before he even hit the ground. The question is why he dived. To me (and probably the ref) it looked like he was trying to avoid a possibly dangerous tackle (a tackle that never came). A 50/50 tackle with Keane is a rubbish comparison. Had Vieira been tackled (he was not, I know!) it would’ve been from behind, that’s not a 50/50 tackle. By the way, if I ever had the opportunity to meet Keane on a 50/50 tackle I’d commit myself 150% and aim at his balls. In order to speak my opinion I see I’m defending a frog-eating arse? Believe me, I don’t like it one bit. Btw I’m going to watch it again on my VCR. If I change my opinion I’ll let you know.
  5. JustTosh

    Vieira's dive

    Being the dirty filthy horrible cheating cowardly cunt must be bad I guess. Being filled in by Tom and his workmates sounds deadly frightening. But faced with the possibility of a twisted knee I believe I’d have no option, I’d definitely go down the cunt-coward road. I’d owe it to my team, after all it’s not my knee, it belongs to my team right?
  6. Agreed. Some 10 years ago we had a player called Kvarme in our team. I remember his first appearance at Anfield, he was so nervous you could almost smell the shit in his pants. The crowd however responded the Liverpool Way. Every time he made a pass or a tackle, applause. Even when he clumsily cleared the ball over the sideline he was applauded. Result; little by little he gained confidence. Kvarme was nowhere near the quality we expect of our players, it’s a mystery he was brought to our club. But that doesn’t change the fact that “the 12th man” made him perform to the best of his ability. Today Kewell is struggling with his confidence. At his best Kewell is definitely good enough to play in our red shirt. Yesterday he tried more than ever before this season. Still it didn’t work out for him. He lost possession, his movement was terrible, his passes worse. One word: Awful. Surely this is a confidence thing. What can we, the 12th man, do about it? Maybe not much, but we might try to applaud him the way we did with Kvarme. We could of course continue to call min a lazy cnut, but I’m afraid that's not going to help much. Wouldn’t it be better if we actually supported all our players on the field, not just the ten not being named Harry?
  7. JustTosh

    The Boy Mellor!!!!

    One might get the impression that our first goal was made by Kewell, Gerrard and Alonso. Watched it again. Mellor also deserves credit for it. Look at Mellor’s decoy run removing Campbell and opening a lovely large empty space for Alonso. Well done Mellor, this is also a big part of your job as a striker.
  8. JustTosh

    Vieira's dive

    I’ve played football for a number of years. When, in the corner of your eye, you see a leg coming against your knee, you just don’t want your feet to be glued to the ground, you let them go the sooner the better. It’s the only way to avoid injury. It may look like a dive when the challenge is withheld, still falling is the sensible thing to do. Had the ball gone to another arse-player I would have given a freekick to our side. Yellow card – hmmm…. I’m not going to sit here on this beautiful day defending arses, so I change my mind here and now. The arse cheat should have been sent off. Good to see us beat them at their full strength all match though.
  9. JustTosh

    The Boy Mellor!!!!

    Like you I wasn’t there, but I at least had the opportunity to watch the game on TV, thank god for TV. Before the match I really thought Mellor wasn’t good enough at this level, I was wrong. How I love to be wrong. This time our front man had plenty of support from midfield and Mellor responded with a splendid job. Against top opposition there’s less time and space than he’s used to from the reserve games, but he adapted quickly and got better by the minute. He didn’t look out of his depth at all this time. Give him a couple of more matches to get used to the tempo, and he can only be better. Yesterday he was up against two of the best defenders in the league, but boy Mellor really made them look worried. What a moment of joy he gave us with that last strike. I don’t think I’m gay, but at that moment I felt I was in love with boy Mellor.
  10. JustTosh

    Vieira's dive

    There was no contact I agree, but there was obviously a threat of contact. Looked like Didi's foot was coming for Vieira's leg. Didi realised he had no chance of reaching the ball and withheld his challence (good, he would have been booked otherwise). To save himself from injury I understand why Vieira let go of his feet. I don't think it was a yellow card. The ref made the right decision.
  11. The scenario is clear to my inner eyes. We come out with great aggression scoring a goal before 10 mins gone. Then things calm down, we look to be in control. 1-0 up and through at halftime. Then, in the beginning of the 2nd half disaster. A wonderful equalizer from the Greeks. We respond quickly with a second goal. Olympiakos then does whatever they can to keep the score at 2-1 and we struggle to find an opening. Then as the clock is running out, supersub! As you point out only question is who’s our supersub this time, couldn't be good old David this time could it? Friends, I feel it in my bones. We’re facing one hell of a match, enjoy it! Sadly I’ve got no chance to be at Anfield myself, I’ll have to settle for TV-coverage. To those of you who’s actually going there, I envy you!
  12. Bad luck yesterday yes, but if we do our job at home against Olympiakos yesterdays result counts for nothing. 1-0 at home sees us through. If the Greeks score we need 3 goals. Does anybody here remember St Etienne?
  13. JustTosh

    Dave U will be Happy

    Two days ago I really thought Rafa did a big mistake leaving Mellor on the bench against Boro. Yesterday he gave him a chance. I still think he should have played Mellor on Saturday, but I’m no longer that sure it was a huge mistake. I agree Mellor got absolutely no help yesterday. Nevertheless the game yesterday suggests that Mellor isn't good enough at this level. I'd like to see him get a couple of more games at top level though before writing him off completely.
  14. JustTosh

    Monaco game

    In the last 20 minutes of the match yesterday I was screaming for Alonso. We were too impatient and started kicking long balls from defence with no effect (of course). Alonso could have calmed things down and given us the opportunity to play through our midfield. The problem was we’d used all our subs. However, I quite understand Rafas decision to do whatever he could to keep width to our game, thus replacing Hamann with Warnock. It proved to be a bad substitution with Warnock being too geared up (and Kewell awful once again I must add). Had we not had the two injuries I’m quite sure Rafa would have thrown Alonso in at the end of the match. I believe that could have turned things around.
  15. JustTosh

    Captions needed....

    Can anyone tell me how to paste pics in the posts?
  16. JustTosh

    The Baros Situation...

    No confidence in Mellor-boy? It’s only been a week since he last scored two against them. This time he has Alonso and Gerrard to feed him with balls. Disaster? I don’t think so. I really hope Rafa gives Mellor the nod, and I believe he will. If Mellor can’t get into the team now, I see no reason for him so stay. So go on Mellor-boy, prove to us you’re up to the task! Kill Boro for us, then top it off with a winner against he arses. Can you do it? I actually think you can. Go out there son and grab this golden opportunity!
  17. JustTosh

    Team selection

    He'd think it's Josemi himself. Looks like Manuel, I bet he speaks like him as well. That's it, go up to Rafa's house, ring the bell, when the door opens just drift inside as Josemi would have. Go Maaanuuueelll!
  18. JustTosh

    Team selection

    You're right. Credit should be given to you. I'm in Amen-mood today, so Amen to you too. You've allready spoken to Rafa I see. He isn't much of a listener is he? Call him again, Paul. This time, tell him hard! :wallbutt:
  19. JustTosh

    Team selection

    JamesA. Your comments of Oct 5th are now proven to be spot on! Tell Rafa, please! Anyone got Rafa's number? Give it to JamesA. Amen
  20. JustTosh


    Couldn't agree more. Josemi's positional play was awful. Together with his lack of speed it's been a problem for several games now, yesterdays game beeing all time low. He cuts inside leaving acres of space for oposition wingers. In my opinion he was responsible for both the conceded goals. Earlier we've seen him fall asleep when our defence tries to play op. offiside. The one thing you don't want when playing the offside trap is a full back leaving op. onside. Like everybody else here I'd like to see Finnan play in his position next match. I don't want to critzise Rafa yet, but it does worry me a bit that Rafa's summer signings seems to be given the nod no matter how bad they've played in previous games.
  21. This summer we were all gutted by the fact that Steven Gerrard considered leaving us. Now some doesn’t trust his passion for LFC anymore. I say, wake up! He’s probably the one and only player in topflight football today to say: “No, I don’t want to double my wages, I want to play for the club that I love!” He should be praised for his decision to stay, not criticized for considering a very tempting offer. However, his summer doubts has rubbed off on us. We’re all now in doubt. What about next season; will he stay or will he go? Can we do anything about it? I suggest we try. We could start with honouring him with songs. Besides, it’s probably not a bad idea to break up the 90 minutes of silence during home league games, so here’s my attempt: Mel: Liverpool Lou (you know that girl everybody said would deceive you) Oh Steven Gerrard, our Steven Gerrard You didn’t deceive us, Red-blooded you are You fill our poor hearts with passion so hard Stay home and love us, oh Steven Gerrard Putting down these words is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve done. The possibility of it ever being sung is way below zero I’m afraid. But I’d like to try anyway. Don’t like it? Then make a better one. JustTosh
  22. JustTosh

    Excellent piece on Owen

    I really like his style of play, the way he moves. Top scorer or not in France means nothing. The English game is different. Cisse (God rest his leg) is proof I'm afraid. I think Morientes is exactly the kind of player we need.
  23. JustTosh

    Crysdal Palace Domorrow

    I like your sense of humour, pity you don't like mine.
  24. JustTosh

    Crysdal Palace Domorrow

    Can't figure out what's the matter with Harry. Lazy or just lacking confidence. Maybe if he was honoured with a song that would encourage him. :smile:
  25. JustTosh

    Excellent piece on Owen

    Nice article. Not that I care much about Owen these days. I hope he'll keep on scoring though, at least until christmas. I really do think Morientes would be a brilliant signing.