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  1. 10 minutes ago, YorkshireRed said:

    All of the above but this one especially. Particularly on short haul flights between Manchester and Amsterdam. There’s no need to recline on a 60 minute flight, particularly when reclining reduces the minimal leg room in the seat behind to zero. 

    The seating space isn’t big enough to allow reclining, yet the seats recline. Chuck on a few selfish cunt passengers and carnage ensues. 

    I’m glad I don’t have to do that shit anymore. 

    I had extra leg room on my last flight as I'm quite tall, the fat pig in front of me reclined their chair full, and then put his feet up pressed against the wall in front of him, totally removes the space from extra leg room, makes the screen in the back of the chair face down, horrible twat.

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  2. Men with them little pillows around their necks when boarding a plane.


    people who recline their chair on a plane.


    People who instantly get up and start getting shit out their over head bag on a plane.


    people who go the toilet before the plane has even taken off.


    People who rush to get on or off planes, it's allocated seating you complete cunt it's irrelevant when you get on.

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  3. 48 minutes ago, JohnnyH said:

    Joking aside, I know that’s how my post looks. It’s not that though. I’ve done fuck all compared to my wife. It’s all so hugely emotional and with Remmie naming the people who’ve contributed (and I think he’s right to) I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t care as this is obviously hugely important and I want to show him I’m supporting him, but just in a different way. 

    This is all heartbreaking and every demonstration of support is really important I think. 

    It really does not look like that JH.

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  4. 20 hours ago, Carvalho Diablo said:

    I've twice sued companies and I've twice beaten the bastards. A local tiling company for about £500 and Time UK electronics (based in UAE) and that was for just over a grand if I recall correctly.


    Time actually ignored the judgement so I hired bailiffs to seize goods to the value of the judgement from their UK premesis in Birmingham.


    That was great tbh, because the goods seized go up for auction at a fraction of their value, so the bailff has to take goods worth far more than the size of the judgement in order to satisfy it.


    The bailff actually phoned me when he was on site there and was asking if there was anything in particular I'd like, like a 65 inch telly or laptops etc. The Time employee was totally unprepared and sounded horrified, eventually reaching for the chequebook to pay the fine / settlement plus costs, rather than have his warehouse rooted through, business disrupted and goods seized.





    Carvalho gloating after


    Paul Bohill - Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away

  5. 53 minutes ago, JohnnyH said:

    I’m just reading this thread now. I’m so sorry for you having to deal with this @Remmie  Just to say I’m not ignoring this or refusing to contribute; my wife’s best recent mate (I say recent as they both had their kids at the same time and became really good friends through that) is Ukrainian living in Dublin and so we’ve been helping with a big drive over here. Below is last nights collections of new clothes, bed clothes, and foods (tins, etc) . There’s already 3 vans been filled and gone, and this was what was still left to go in the living room last night. I’ve spent a lot of money on new items already but this type of help is going to be needed for quite some time so I’ll definitely contribute here once I can. I’m just writing this so you know you’re not been ignored. Stay strong mate. 


    Stop trying to upstage Remmie.

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  6. 5 hours ago, rb14 said:

    Whereas you'd have seen one when you were sitting in your piss-stained tracky bottoms, on a bench in a Runcorn town centre churchyard, shouting obscenities at anyone and everyone. 

    All correct aside from its Bootle town centre , not Runcorn ffs.

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