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  1. Great interview. Still have that issue and the one he gave after the 2006 FA Cup Final. Won’t be losing either of those issues. Slightly off-topic but any plans to interview him now he’s retired or any plans for a tribute issue Dave?
  2. What a thread title. You'd have to worry about some of our support.
  3. DUFF

    Rafael Benitez

    John Giles Rafa’s class puts Chelsea chancers to shame Rafael Benitez showed more class in one day in Amsterdam than Roman Abramovich, Chelsea football club and all the supporters put together. I had to laugh at all the conscientious objectors at Stamford Bridge who suddenly found a reason to travel to Holland when there was a trophy at stake; the same people that were unable to watch a game at their home ground without aiming vicious abuse at Benitez. The turned up in the Amsterdam Arena in their tens of thousands and like all fans, were able to forget the fact they hated the ground Benitez walked on. Even during the game i heard them sing about Jose Mourinho and i thought to myself, has there ever been a more ungrateful bunch of idiots at a football match. My admiration for Benitez in this situation is total. He walked through an appalling mess and came out the other side with a performing team. When it came to the crunch at half-time on Wednesday night and Chelsea looked down and out, he turned a sluggish, disconnected bunch of players into a unit again and won the Europa League. This is a win for Benitez and not for Chelsea although i am sure that Abramovich will believe that another trophy proves that he is running the club well. Sure, Chelsea have won a lot of trophies with a lot of different managers but chaos surrounds the club more often than not and i wonder would Alex Ferguson be stepping down now with as many medals had Abramovich done what he should have done many years ago and stay out of Jose Mourinho’s way?
  4. DUFF

    Bob Paisley

    I was just thinking that i can't remember him being around the club at the time of Hillsborough in 1989. Had his illness started at that time?
  5. DUFF


    Thanks a lot will go with that. Haven't run since the 11 mile last Thursday but felt fine since. Thanks again.
  6. DUFF


    Doing my second half marathon on Sunday in Liverpool. Did my first one in Liverpool in 2011 and got around in 2:13:54 which i was delighted with. Training has gone better this time i feel but for my last long run which was last Thursday makes me nervous. Ran for 11 miles but felt really tired for the last mile. Had run four miles the night previous so don't know if that might have made me tired. Each previous long run i had felt fine. Anyway hoping to complete it again. Going to take the first few miles easy on Sunday in the hope it will help me towards the end. Would 2 x 2 mile runs be enough to keep me ticking over until Sunday. Thanks.
  7. DUFF

    New Year's Eve - Taxi?

    Cheers everyone think we will walk and hope to pick one up. Staying in the Premier Inn on Queens Drive across from the Jolly Miller. Will be leaving town around half 12/1 so hopefully that will help! LOL
  8. Just looking for some advice please. Normally stay in the city centre but this time staying on Queens Drive New Year’s Eve but will be out in the City until around 1am. At this stage would i still be able to book a taxi or would i get one at that time without having to book. Outside of Delta anyone know any other cab firms? Any help appreciated. Please and thanks.
  9. DUFF


    Haven't a clue to be honest. I just saw it on another site. I take it's bullsh1t so?
  10. DUFF

    Your normal Breakfast

    You love your coffee mate LOL
  11. DUFF


    by knoller2 Gary Cahill Update: Once again, a fee has been agreed between Bolton & Liverpool for the defender - It's now down to Liverpool and the player himself. When we receive more news, you will receive more news. Please #ReTweet this as we are getting asked the same questions.17 minutes ago
  12. DUFF

    Season ticket letters

    So I take it you haven't been offered one yet then? You are ahead of me so can't have been them ringing me!
  13. DUFF

    Season ticket letters

    Anyone heard anything recently? I am 1543 on the list. Had a missed call yesterday and today from a blocked number and was wondering if it was our ticket office. Surely they'd leave a voicemail?
  14. DUFF

    Season ticket letters

    1575 at the minute.
  15. DUFF

    Season ticket letters

    We understand that supporters are keen to know what is happening and when we will be issuing further Season Tickets from the new allocation. The club is currently working through the initial applications received to ensure that every transaction is processed correctly. However, we have become aware that a number of supporters have not received their initial offer communication. As a result, we are in the process of writing to supporters again and ask that anyone currently in the top 700 on the waiting list who has not already received their offer contact the club as a matter of urgency on 0843 170 5000 on Monday between 8.15am and 5.30pm. Please be advised that supporters can check their position on the waiting list here. Further announcements will be made in due course. We appreciate the patience of supporters during this process and will make further announcements in due course.