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  1. Messi to Liverpool? Robbo’s not having it.
  2. Erik T

    Tottenham 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 11 2020)

    Is the persistent misspelling of «Solskjaer» as «Solksjaer» another deliberate mistake to see who is paying attention or is it a word play that I have missed?
  3. Spot on about Twitter «fans». Social media warriors. An absolute disgrace. You should stop reading tweets, Dave, to avoid that unevitable meltdown.
  4. Erik T

    Roma 4 Liverpool 2 (May 2 2018)

    Bayern München had to qualify in the 2011/12 season as they finished third in the Bundesliga in 2011, behind Klopp’s Dortmund as well as Bayer Leverkusen. Bayern München beat Zürich in the play-offs and went on to the final, losing it on penalties in their own stadium to fucking Chelsea! So only we have qualified and gone on to win it, as far as I know.
  5. Erik T

    Liverpool 0 Stoke 0 (Apr 28 2018)

    I know our front trio is scoring goals for fun but when they have a bad day at the office or cannot play due to injury or suspension, as they did on Saturday (with Mane out because of injury) we need goals from the midfield players. Yet Henderson, Milner and Wijnaldum have only scored 2 goals between them this season, I think (in the Premier League). That is ridiculous. For comparison, Can has scored 6, Oxlade-Chamberlain 5 and Lallana probably would have scored 5-6 had he not been injured all season. All our goal-scoring midfielders are injured at the moment, that is pretty bad luck. Keita could add 8-10 goals next season if he can keep his goals percentage from Austria and Germany going in the Premier League.
  6. Erik T

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 12-14 2015)

    That's why we hate Chelsea though, isn't it? They always find some way to annoy us, even if it's sacking Mourinho. Bet they'll get rid of Terry next.
  7. Erik T

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 5-7 2015)

    "Shaqiri scored twice early on from Shaqiri assists" Some player that Shaqiri, scoring from his own passes.
  8. Erik T

    Newcastle 2 Liverpool 0 (Dec 6 2015)

    Heskey? He looked more like Balotelli, hardly moving at all. He improved in the 2nd half, though, and should have stayed on the pitch instead of Lucas. A switch to 4-4-2 with Lallana on top of the diamond would have been better, I think. It seems all of our strikers are much better when they play with another striker on top. We should use 4-4-2 more often, and especially against the teams that come to Anfield only to defend, or in a match like this when the opponent prefers the long ball to avoid the "gegenpress".
  9. Erik T

    Tottenham 0 Liverpool 0 (Oct 17 2015)

    Klopp should have told Sturridge what Shankly told Tommy Smith: "It's not your knee, son. It's Liverpool's knee"
  10. Erik T

    Issue 77 captions...

    But ref, Frank ate ALL the pies! He munched them like this, no?
  11. Article from yesterday's FT. Sorry if it's been posted already, I didn't see anybody mentioning it on the FF front page. Hicks’ run at Texas Rangers at an end Tom Hicks’ turbulent 12-year ownership of the Texas Rangers is ending in the bankruptcy courts after the prominent US private equity investor agreed to a voluntary Chapter 11 filing to speed a sale of the US baseball franchise. Mr Hicks, co-founder of private equity group Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, bought the team for $250m in 1998 from an investor group that included George W. Bush, the then Governor of Texas, burnishing the future president’s reputation as a businessman. Mr Hicks’ ownership was marked by high spending on players, most controversially when in 2000 he approved a $252m 10-year deal for Alex Rodriguez, which at the time was the richest contract in baseball history. Mr Rodriguez was traded to the New York Yankees in 2004 but the Rangers agreed to cover part of his original contract, leaving him as the team’s largest unsecured creditor with a $24.9m claim. Heavy spending and the Rangers’ failure to win a World Series left Mr Hicks heavily indebted. He is also looking for buyers for Liverpool Football Club, the English Premier League team, where a spiralling wage bill and crippling interest payments has left him him unable to raise financing for a new stadium, and the Dallas Stars hockey team. The Chapter 11 filing in the US bankruptcy court for the northern district of Texas lists the liabilities of Texas Rangers Baseball Partners as between $100m and $500m and its assets in the same bracket. A concession by Mr Hicks to also sell 153 acres around Rangers Ballpark in Arlington cleared the path to a $575m sale to Rangers Baseball Express, a group led by Nolan Ryan, Rangers president, and Chuck Greenberg, a Pittsburgh lawyer who leads the sports practice at Pepper Hamilton. Mr Hicks had been exploring a possible sale for about a year, but creditors holding about $500m of debt initially opposed the sale in the hope for a higher offer from another bidder. Bud Selig, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, had threatened to employ a rarely used rule which could have let him seize the Rangers, invalidate creditors’ liens on Mr Hicks and transfer the team to the Greenberg-Ryan group if he deemed it in the best interests of baseball. The MLB made a similar move in 2001, taking over the Montreal Expos before moving the franchise to Washington, but a letter from Mr Selig to Mr Hicks said he had determined that selling the Rangers to the Greenberg-Ryan group would be in the sport’s interests. The Rangers said it would pay creditors’ claims in full and Mr Ryan said it would remain active in the player acquisition market. Mr Selig and Mr Greenberg poured praise on Mr Hicks, who will be chairman emeritus. Mr Hicks said his family had “taken great pride and joy in our association with the Rangers”. The sale is expected to be completed by mid-summer, subject to court approval, allowing an exit from the Chapter 11 process.
  12. Erik T

    Best abusive song

    When Souness was manager of Rangers, his wife left him for her Italian lover, and the papers reported it ahead of a game vs Hearts at Tynecastle. The Hearts supporters didn't sing anything about this before the match or even in the 1st haf, and Souness might have thought he was going to get away with it. However, in the 2nd half when Souness left the dugout to shout at the referee, one stand shouted: "Souness, Souness, where's your wife?" The other stand replied: "Shagged by a dego, she's being shagged by a dego, shagged by a deeego..."
  13. Erik T

    Pubs at Fulham...

    To answer my own question: It's Putney End according to Wikipedia. Putney end is for both away supporters and "neutrals".