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  1. I reckon we try to win every game but when we take the lead, we change our mind and decide to settle for a draw. Just ask Brentford, City, Brighton, Spurs, or Chelsea.
  2. Good article. The two defeats do not anger me that much as every team has a bad day or some bad luck from time to time. The «problem» is our tendency to give away the lead, and the fact that City is, to continue with the Bon Jovi references, a «Runaway».
  3. Erik T

    Liverpool 1 Aston Villa 0 (Dec 11 2021)

    But then we would finally see a team refusing to come out for the second half when they played Everton with their violent shenanigans.
  4. Erik T

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 4-6 2021)

    Regarding Konsa’s second goal and a possible offside, I don’t think it matters whether that Villa player behind Schneichel is behind the goalline or not as long as he is considered not to be«interfering with play». And I’m pretty sure that «one hand on the ball is enough»-rule has been around for ages.
  5. Erik T

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 4-6 2021)

    «Playmobil Pep» has a nice ring to it, though. A short and sweet alliteration.
  6. Erik T

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 4-6 2021)

    Top, top hairdo analysis there. But isn’t Arteta’s hair more Playmobil than Lego?
  7. Agreed. And you can say exactly the same thing about organised religion!
  8. Erik T

    West Ham 3 Liverpool 2 (Nov 7 2021)

    Yes, we have failed to win 5 out of 11 league games, but in our defence 3 of them were against the teams that are currently top 3 in the table (and would have been top 4 even if we’d beaten them). Losing to a well organised West Ham side that maybe got lucky with some decisions (I don’t think they did but that’s beside the point) is not that worrying but failing to beat Brentford when we were in the lead twice and Brighton when we were 2 goals up is indeed cause for concern. We were also ahead twice against City. In The CL we’ve given away leads against both AC Milan and Atlético (2 goals) but we managed to win in the end. Not being able to hold on to a lead and kill the game off is a major concern. We are so sloppy and casual in defending that we are close to being a soft touch. The attitude has to change - start sprinting back, put some tough tackles in, make a professional foul if need be - in short, man up FFS! And Klopp should stop complaining about the refs when the decisions are more in the «seen ‘em given» than «stonewall» category.
  9. Erik T

    Liverpool 2 Brighton 2 (Oct 30 2021)

    Konate did the same thing in the 1st half too. Surged forward (Matip style) but lost the ball and then just jogged back instead of sprinting. He needs to sort that out pronto!
  10. Erik T

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 22-24 2021)

    An admission straight from the horse’s mouth!
  11. Erik T

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 22-24 2021)

    «His name is pronounced “Gay” you see. Geddit? Yeah not my finest, but my head is all over the place with this Newcastle thing, I’m so angry I can’t even think straight, let alone live up to my usually sky high standard of gags.» Well, yeah, you missed one obvious gag there...
  12. Getting soft on crime, are we? «Usher The Merciful».
  13. Erik T

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Round of 16)

    I first joked that the combined age of Belgium’s back three was close to 100 years. Then I checked and they’re actually 101 years!
  14. A good week indeed. Also, Atlético Madrid won the La Liga ahead of Ramos & co, with Suarez getting the winner.
  15. The probability for seven straight defeats at home is very low indeed - before any of the seven games are played. But when the first six games have already been lost, the probability of losing the seventh match is just as high as for any «normal game» against this particular opponent. You could even argue that it is in fact higher than normal as the players may have developed some kind of mental block when playing at «Anfield».