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    Pennant out for 10 weeks

    Babel can do a job on the right. I thought he showed some good things both in the derby and was one of our best against Besiktas.
  2. Gumsy

    Bye bye Jose

    I think this is bad news for us. I fear this will make it more difficult to win the PL. This means a top manager like Capello or Hiddink will come in and probably have an ulimited transfer budget to build an even better team. Mourinho is a good manager, but Rafa has had a tactial edge over him and I'd prefer Maureen to continue and having to settle for mainly bosman players like this summer (Malouda apart). And the PL will be more dull without "the spesial one". He's a big twat and has an ego ten times the size of the moon, but as someone said earlier in the thread now we'll be back to the boring wenger and fergie mind games :no
  3. Gumsy

    Derby game thread

    I think it's a bit early to classify Voro as second rate. He looked ace i preseason and has scored 3 goals in 2 starts. So far so good...
  4. Gumsy

    So How Many of You Are Totally Happy

    Spot on. I am amazed how many people still thinks there's such a thing as a first 11 with Rafa. It's now a squad game (for sure!) We've already used 20 players this season in the first 6 games. Rafa will change the team for almost every game depending on the opposition, tactics, injuries and form. He likes his possibilities does Rafa....
  5. Gumsy

    Liverpool v Toulouse

    I thought Leto var promising against Shanghai in the Rotterdam tournament. He had good ball control and looked like a proper left winger. Will be interesting to see how he can do tonight.
  6. Gumsy

    Sunderland Vs. Liverpool

    We've got plenty pace up front today with Torres and Vorro. Does anyone know if the Sunderland centre backs (Nosworthy and Mc Shane) are slowish?
  7. Gumsy

    Sunderland Vs. Liverpool

  8. Gumsy

    Sunderland Vs. Liverpool

    The team: Reina Finnan Carragher Hyypiä Arbeloa Pennant Sissoko Alonso Babel Voronin Torres Nice to see Babel and Voronin get a chance.
  9. Gumsy

    Reds in for Heinze?

    £8M for Heinze apparently! Why do the Mancs always get such high prices for their squad players? £5,5M for Richardson, £6M for Rossi, £6M for Smith and now Heinze....
  10. 1. Mascherano 2. Reina 3. Carra
  11. Gumsy

    Match Thread

    Get in Voro! What a rocket.... I think Babel has shown some great skill as well.
  12. Gumsy

    Team V Charlton

    I agree. Kewell showed in 30 mins in this match that he's our best choice on the left, providing that he can manage 90 mins. He set up Xabis goal with a great cross and scored the 2nd. He also had a rocket of a shot that hit the crossbar and showed some other nice things as well. We need to play our best team in Athens, and for me Harry is the best we have on the left at the moment.
  13. Gumsy

    YESSS Masch man can sign

    :yes: :yes: I agree, but we'll have our cake and eat it! Rafa will sort out the left side and striker positions in the summer. I'm at little concerned that Mascherano didn't get a game at West Ham. Hopefully that doesn't mean that he isn't suited to the english game (like Veron and others)....
  14. Gumsy

    new carlsberg deal ...

    This is a typical example of our failure in the marketing area. We should be able to get a better deal than Chelsea and in no way settle for a deal worse than Spurs have!! :( And why a 3-year deal?? That means we're stuck with this shitty terms until the summer 2010 which will make it unlikely to get a lucrative shit & stadium deal like Arsenal did. Gillette and Hicks need to get someone in that can handle these matters way better in the future.
  15. Gumsy

    Kop Football Group

    I take it as a good sign that it's not Kop Soccer Group...
  16. Gumsy

    Tomorrow's game

    Good game by new boys Pennant and Agger. Kuyt looked promising as well. Linked up well with his new teammates. And now we have a couple of weeks to prepare to twat the bitters...
  17. Gumsy

    CL Draw

    Oktoberfest rules! Fact. A bit disappointed Bayern didn't get a home game the week I'm there...
  18. Gumsy

    £18.6 million!!!

    The thing is, if all your midfielders are as good as you lot say they are, you'd be world beaters by now, surely? Look at United in the 90s, Giggs, Keane, Scholes, Becks. They didn't need world class finishers, just decent strikers, and we still scored for fun back then. So why, given your class midfield (which I agree on paper is class) haven't the likes of Crouch and Cisse and Fowler and Morientes made any leeway. I mean, those players aren't significantly worse than Cole, Yorke, Ole and Sheringham. (Although I always thought Andy Cole was very underrated, even by fellow Reds.) The "problem" is that our three best midfielders (Gerrard, Alonso and Sissoko) are all centre midfielders (although Gerrard is also our best right back and right midfielder!). But with the additions of Aurelio, Gonzalez and Pennant we have more quality on the flanks. And with Bellamy, a fit and hungry Fowler and maybe Kuyt our attack will be far better than last season.
  19. Gumsy

    djimi gone ...

    Thanks for always giving your best Djimi. Will miss your long legged last gasp tackles! Good luck at Charlton.
  20. Gumsy

    Any score yet?

    I really liked what I saw from Paletta. Looks like an no-nonsense Argie defender. Will be perfect for the Premiership. I thougt Pennant and Bellamy did well too. Their pace and skill will be a great asset. But Reina needs to work on his finishing!! ;)
  21. Gumsy

    Shevchenko Leaving Milan

    Doesn't matter I'm afraid. It's still small change for the russian...
  22. Gumsy

    Morientes Goes Back to Spain

    A great professional. His last goal for us vs Villa showed his class. Too bad he couldn't do things like that more often. Thanks for your efforts Nando and good luck back in Spain!
  23. Gumsy

    Questions for Carra....

    1. Why didn't you take a penalty neither in the FA Cup final this year nor in the CL final last year given your great one in the LC final in 2001? 2. Who of the young defenders in the reserves do you think is closest to make the first team? 3. Can you rank the 5 fastest players in this years squad? 4. Who do you rate as the best central defender in the PL? 5. Do you sometimes miss playing centre midfield?