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    GF music review club

    Thanks for the reviews everyone. I thought we hadn't had a female vocalist which was one of the reasons I picked this. Also, if I could I would upvote Zonkoville again for the mention of Warpaint.

    Boss Opening Credits

    Can't believe we've not had this yet.

    GF music review club

    No worries. I'm not always keen on everything that is put up on here. I know how it goes.

    GF music review club

    Thanks Joe for taking the time to listen and write a few words even if it really wasn't for you. Probably wouldn't make too much difference to you but for anyone else planning on using Youtube that list is a bit wrong. There are eleven songs on the album but not necessarily the same eleven tracks which are on the Youtube channel. Looks like four of the tracks have been switched for something else. The correct track info is as follows; 1. Cherokee 2. Sun 3. Ruin 4. 3,6,9 5. Always On My Own 6. Real Life 7. Human Being 8. Manhattan 9. Silent Machine 10. Nothin But Time 11. Peace And love

    GF music review club

    Didn't realize it wasn't on Spotify. If anyone wants to listen to it on something slightly better than youtube PM me for a link.

    GF music review club

    Ok then. Not thought too hard on this one because last time I did the exact opposite and ended up changing my mind about half a dozen times in the last hour before posting. So my AOW is Cat Power Sun.

    GF music review club

    I believe it is my turn but it's all gone quiet on the thread. Are people still interested in this going on?

    GF music review club

    The Future Isn't What It Used To Be by Exit Calm I am going to say straight off the bat that I struggled with this one. On the initial play through I was left with this feeling that I should be enjoying this album much more than I actually was. The fact that this was proving not to be the case turned into a bit of head scratcher for me. This album was obviously not quite working for me but putting my finger on to the why was proving troublesome. Music is often about how it makes you feel and trying to put that into words isn't always easy at least for me. First of, I think I went through a similar process to Carvalho - ticking off mentally the various references to other bands. I did wonder for a while if this might have been the issue for me. Perhaps they were a little too derivative. Thinking about it a bit more I realized that wasn't really fair. Most music we listen to derivative. I know if I was going to criticise this album for that I may as junk most of music collection too. No it wasn't that. It had to be something else. So I listened to it a few more times this time paying more attention to each song and I think I finally got what was troubling me. There were snippets, passages of play, certain guitar sounds, and I found myself thinking oh yes I really like that, that's more like it. The band can certainly play there is no doubt about that. My problem, and it most probably is all mine, is to these old ears those snippets never joined up long enough for me to really enjoy what I was hearing. There were always too many bits in the middle where I screwed my face up. It's a real shame because I really wanted to like this but I well and truly bounced off this.

    GF music review club

    Will have my review on Exit Calm either tomorrow or at the very latest Friday. I have listened to it but I just need to put my thoughts into some kind of order.

    GF music review club

    Adore by Smashing Pumpkins Having once liberated an album of their from my brother's collection - not this one by the way- I was at least aware of these before listening to this week's album. If I remember rightly I was looking for one song in particular - didn't find it - as well as wanting to get a feel of what their other stuff was like - bafflement and disappointment my abiding memories of the experience. Rightly or wrongly in my mind they were just another typical, for the time, American Alt rock band that I just couldn't get my head round as to their appeal. I think it is safe to say I wasn't looking forward to reviewing this one. Let's start with the obvious. Corgan is never going to win any awards for his singing ability. To intents and purposes it's a nasal whine and there is nothing here that is going to drastically change my opinion on this. Having said that, while it certainly doesn't helps matters, it's not necessarily enough to condemn this album outright. Next up was the realization that this album wasn't what panning out as I was expecting. Not so much rock as a stripped down acoustic sound coupled with a bit of industrial electro. It's certainly different. Perhaps not in the sense that it was a original sound but a case could be made that for a rock group to abandon the usual loud guitars for synths and drum machine was a radical departure for the time. I rather liked it. There are some good songs on here. At some point I even forgot how much I don't like his voice which is always a good sign. If I do have a problem with the album it's that come the mid point the songs become less memorable. There is almost a feeling of drifting. None of the later songs are necessarily bad but they don't have quite the strength the first half of the album had. Perhaps if there had been a little bit quality control and the number of songs reduced it would not have been so obvious. Overall this was a pretty good but not perfect album for me. Ava Adore, Daphne Descends, Tear being some of the stand out moments for me. More than happy to have listened and to have given the Pumpkins another go.

    GF music review club

    I know I have missed a fair few but I'll have a review up for Smashing Pumpkins up at the weekend too. Been listening to it this week so I just need to put my thoughts into words.

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I'm intrigued now. I should probably go and watch it myself to find out but you mean it isnt unrelentlessly grim?

    The GF book thread

    As is the way of things, everyone is going to have a opinion, but for me Bank's best Culture novels were Use of Weapons, Excession and The Hydrogen Sonata. I'm sure other people could bring up a totally different three novels and they probably wouldn't be wrong. No doubt already been brought up but it's worth repeating that some of his non sci-fiction novels are good too. The Crow road often gets mentioned but I have huge soft spot for Espedair Street.

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    It's a dystopian tale detailing the future subjugation of women. No supernatural involved. At least I think, having not seen it. Was my intention to give it a go but get the impression it's a little similar to the Walking Dead - that is if something bad could happen it will.

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Just concur with Skend04, Into the Badlands is great. Over the top fight scenes for sure but they are great to watch , visually it has a rather unique look, and the story line gets better as the series progress.