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  1. Naby's Nuts

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Free solo on channel 4 at nine tonight.
  2. Naby's Nuts

    Top 10 Favourite Kid’s Television Programmes

    Trapdoor Maid Marian Battle of the planets Jamie and his magic torch Raggy dolls Show with Rod Hull and Grotbags? Crackerjack
  3. Naby's Nuts

    Top 10 Favourite Kid’s Television Programmes

    The really wild show press gang Round the twist
  4. Naby's Nuts

    Top 10 Favourite Kid’s Television Programmes

    Shit, the fraggles too. God damn Moanero, this is impossible.
  5. Naby's Nuts

    Top 10 Favourite Kid’s Television Programmes

    No particular order; He-Man Sport Billy Vicky the Viking Dungeons and Dragons Bananaman Knight Rider A-Team Wacky Races Inspector Gadget Batfink Honourable mentions to Jossys Giants and byker Grove, although they could be 90's?
  6. Naby's Nuts

    Have a rant thread

    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/live-m6-traffic-updates-j27-16306182 What have you done, Mudface?
  7. Naby's Nuts

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I'm delighted with what has happened here. This is the kind of result that needs to happen to realise what these cunts are doing. Baldiola actually looked embarrassed when that last goal went in.
  8. Naby's Nuts

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I still fucking hate these cunts and want them erased from football. I'm lumping on them to go down next year, the utter cunts.
  9. Naby's Nuts

    Tony Moanero is...

  10. Naby's Nuts

    Old School

  11. Naby's Nuts

    Who do we want in the final then?

    Jim White has stated that kane may be fit for tonight.
  12. Naby's Nuts

    Line of Duty

    It's run its course the last two seasons. Put a fork in it now.
  13. Naby's Nuts

    Newcastle (A) 4/5/19 Premier League

    Execute order 66.
  14. Naby's Nuts

    Club Football Kits - Top Fives

    Fucking hell, what chest size did Caniggia order them Roma shorts in?