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    Rafa's Wrong on This One

    Blame me on the thread going this direction...I originally meant its sad to see empty seats near the end ( i dont agree leaving early no matter the score) but jokingly added that they didint want to stay to applaud chelsea off (as if)...just some people took me up wrong
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    Rafa's Wrong on This One

    That shower being Chelsea
  3. terry mac

    Rafa's Wrong on This One

    Thats exactly what i meant, id stay till the end always, applaud that shower, no chance
  4. FA may probe incident at Anfield Liverpool 1-4 Chelsea The Football Association is set to investigate a report that objects were thrown on to the pitch by Liverpool fans during Sunday's defeat by Chelsea. It is thought that missiles were hurled in response to Blues midfielder Frank Lampard's goal celebrations - for which he was booked for unsporting behaviour. "The referee's report mentions that objects were thrown," an FA spokesman told the Daily Telegraph. The FA may now ask Liverpool to look at video footage of the incident. Lampard gave Chelsea the lead after converting a first-half penalty and placed his finger to his lips in a gesture seemingly aimed at silencing Liverpool's fans. He was then cautioned by referee Graham Poll, who deemed the player's actions unacceptable. Match officials can book players for excessive celebrations, including gestures that could be considered incitement.
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    Rafa's Wrong on This One

    hate to see empty seats before the end, then again we'd hardly stay to applaud them off
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    Ronnie Barker RIP

    Very sad RIP
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    thought it was funny when Gerrard was going to put fat franks top on and then thought better off it
  8. Fernando Morientes (hamstring) and midfielder Mohamed Sissoko (thigh) have both been ruled out of tonight's game, but could be available for Sunday's second part of the Anfield doubleheader against Chelsea. "Morientes felt something the other day and we will have to wait and see with him," said Benitez. "Sissoko has a thigh problem and we will not risk him. "I have been talking to the doctor and maybe they could both be fit for Sunday's game."
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    Some people always bang on...

    Did you know we only had 33000 at Anfield for a European Cup semi final in 84
  10. terry mac

    The drugs do work

    Dont do Acid
  11. terry mac

    How the mighty have fallen

    not having any shots against you is in control off an offensive threat
  12. terry mac

    What is the real king of beer?

    Can of Carling Pint of Carlsberg only in Ireland, no where else compares
  13. terry mac

    Crouch on Sunday

    wouldint surprise me if Keane plays
  14. A lot has been written about the miracle of Istanbul already but with Liverpool travelling to Seville to play Real Betis next week, now seems as good a time as any to thank the supporters for making all my dreams come true. I've spoken to lots of fans and they rush up to me to thank me for making those saves in the final but it's me and the rest of the players who should be thanking them, the fans. Don't get me wrong, I walk through the city and it is fantastic when you meet the people and you get the adulation. I think most of the people in the city were in Istanbul that night and it was the night of their lives. It was just fantastic to be a part of it and it is nice when you see the smiles on people's faces. In fact, I think I need to spend more time in the city centre because every time I go there I come home so happy. Dudek on Istanbul At half-time, the fans had a lot more faith than I did. Sitting in that dressing room, if I'm honest, I wasn't thinking this could turn out to be the greatest night of my life. I was thinking no more goals, please. You have to believe in something but it was 3-0! My friends always ask me what the fans say to me when I meet them in the street and to be honest a lot of the things I can't repeat here! They talk about the Dudek dance and my shaky legs, they ask me about my saves and the atmosphere in the stadium. Most importantly to me though, they speak about themselves as well. One moment in particular stands out for me and that was when we were 3-0 down at half-time and as we walked back to the dressing room down the tunnel, the fans were on their feet singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. We were 3-0 down and still they were singing songs. It was just fantastic! At the end we won it because of them. They lifted us up and helped us tobelieve that we could achieve it. At half-time, the fans had a lot more faith than I did. Sitting in that dressing room, if I'm honest, I wasn't thinking this could turn out to be the greatest night of my life. I was thinking no more goals, please. You have to believe in something but it was 3-0! The manager told me to keep my head up but it was very hard. I was angry but I knew I had to be focussed for the second half. I remember a final from three or four years ago that ended up 5-0 and that was on my mind. You can never give up though and you always have to believe in yourself. You always hope. It's like me being injured now. I hope I am back soon and I hope nothing bad happens along the way but you have to believe. Personal pride comes into it but we just couldn't subject the fans that had travelled so far to see us to any more pain. Then something strange happened in the second half. I don't know whether it was a miracle but it was just unbelievable and it's quite difficult to understand. When you play football you have to realise that you're playing for the people. In Istanbul, particularly in the second half and during extra-time, that's exactly what we were doing - playing for the people. We worked hard to pull ourselves back into the game. When teams from Europe play against English teams like Liverpool they are all afraid. Even when they're three goals up, they are afraid to concede a goal because they know what can happen. I think Milan were afraid when we scored the first goal and then scared when the second goal came just after. They simply couldn't do anything about the third because that's the power of Liverpool. After the goals made it 3-3, people talk about my save against Andriy Shevchenko but in the end I just did my job. I was prepared for the first shot and I saw it arriving. I saved it but for the second one, I just wanted to stand up as quickly as I could and just get as close to the ball as I can. Schevchenko thought it was soeasy to put the ball into the net and that's why he did what he did. He shot as hard as he could and the ball hit my right hand and went so high over the crossbar. I don't know whether it was me or someone else who claimed that it was the hand of God that made the save but it certainly seemed like it because the hand came from nowhere. I was just on my knees and I couldn't stand up because it was so quick. It was certainly a miracle. The penalties were different though. I remember everything from the penalty shoot-out. I was so focussed. I was waiting all the time for the player to take the shot and then dive for the ball but that's not easy with penalties as the shooter waits for the goalkeeper too. When it came to the final penalty, it wasn't like I'd saved it and then thought 'Yes, we've done it!' It was like, 'I've saved it, is it finished or not?' Then I saw Jamie Carragher racing towards me and I knew it was all over. That was when I started to enjoy the night. It's so hard to put it into words what we all felt, but it was just this big, big happiness. I just kept thinking, 'We did it!' We were all enjoying ourselves out there and we wanted to stay on the pitch all night because the feeling was so good. Dudek on Liverpool fans When I think back to that night in Istanbul, I am happy for myself and my teammates but I'm much happier for the people. They will always stay with the club and want us to win more trophies. The players may move on to other clubs or hang up their boots and retire, but the fans stay through the good times and the bad times. I don't know who was having a better time though, us or thefans in the stands? They were crazy before the game even started. I've since seen footage of fans in the pubs before the game and those scenes bring a tear to my eyes. They deserved that night and that feeling because they'd waited 20 years for it. After all the preparations they made to get to Istanbul with their songs, their flags and their beer, it was like one big family. Everyone was together singing songs and it was fantastic to see. I think the positive influence of the fans transferred into the team in the second half. My son told me he was keeping his fingers crossed and for the first time he was watching his daddy for the whole game. Everyone who was watching that game was thinking positive even when we were 3-0 down. The people I meet on the street always say, 'Jerzy, even at 3-0 down we still believed we would do it!' I personally think it was the greatest final ever and I don't know if there will ever be another final like it in the future. I hope Liverpool will win a lot more finals but I don't think it will happen in the same way. That is something that only happens once in the whole of your life. I was only just born when Poland drew 1-1 with England and everyone still talks about that game now. For us Polish people, the England game was the game of the last century. Maybe Liverpool winning the Champions League will be the game of the new century? When I think back to that night in Istanbul, I am happy for myself and my teammates but I'm much happier for the people. They will always stay with the club and want us to win more trophies. The players may move on to other clubs or hang up their boots and retire, but the fans stay through the good times and the bad times. Liverpool are the people's club. At the end of the day, you have to do everything for the people. They are the ones that come to see you and want you to win trophies for them. Hopefully that night we gave them what they deserved.
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    Transfer comments from Rafa

    Who pays over twenty million on a player? Chelsea...maybe Utd, Madrid and some Italian teams but not anymore
  16. terry mac

    Transfer comments from Rafa

    so 22 million on Alonso, Garcia and Morientes aint spending big?
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    Rooney is a world class player
  18. terry mac

    Carra's all time XI

    its his choice, everyone has different opnions
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    Cisse & Morientes Injured

    Nando's worst fears Sep 7 2005 By Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo FERNANDO MORIENTES is set to miss the Spurs clash this weekend due to a hamstring injury - as Liverpool sweat on the prospect of a longer absence. Morientes was undergoing a scan in Spain today to assess the extent of the knock he suffered in training. If the hamstring's torn, he'll be out for several weeks. If it's strained, he's still likely to sidelined for the next run of games. With Djibril Cisse rated doubtful for France's clash with the Republic of Ireland due to a sprained ankle, Liverpool's striking options could be severely limited this weekend. Peter Crouch is back in training and has been declared available, but he hasn't played for a month. Florent Sinama-Pongolle is the only other fit forward. Manager Rafa Benitez now faces an anxious 24 hours as he awaits more news on Morientes and Cisse, and prays the rest of his international contingent return unscathed. Morientes felt his hamstring in Spain's friendly win over Canada on Saturday. He broke down when testing his fitness last night.
  20. terry mac

    Owen tom Newcastle

    four year deal, 16 million
  21. terry mac

    12 months on

    this time last year, million miles away from winning the premiership and thoughts of winning the champions league were mere fantasies...numerous fans and papers were blaming and slagging the club for paying crazy money on average players for crazy money...we were a laughing stock twelve months on we are now European champions!!!! and have a manager who will not be held to ransom because of this and will bide his time to get the right player at the right price come on what people....lets get a fuckin grip
  22. terry mac

    12 months on

    but isint that the samer with everyone, except chelski who can pay any odds? newcastle to me will suffer from the money they have forked out
  23. terry mac

    12 months on

    But wasint Gonzalez our first choice right midfielder and Figo on a year contract, maybe due to Gonzalez injuey?? and due to circumstances we couldint get the two we wanted....we only made an effort to get Stellios in the last few days before the deadline so i dont think Rafa was too keen anyway....my reckoning was we had or have a set amount for the right side and centre half position, when we did not get Milito or Mexes (who we tried to buy then loan) the money then went towards the right side i.e Simao....we couldint get the lad from Parma as he said so himself cause Parma wouldint let him go as well as the lad from Valencia who also wouldint let him go on loan, Rfa is looking for quality and at the right price and his right....paying over the odds left us in a right mess before last season and had us hiring people to look for investment....dont forget the money on Gerrards contract and paying off Ged and Thommo would take up alot of money we had
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    Are We Everton in Disguise

    First of all were European Champions and clubs are looking for silly money what could we do about Figo's decision - nothing Milito stated a desire to move Zaragoza dug their heels in and in the end looked for silly money so the player had no choice but to resign our number one targets for the last two pieces Rafa wanted stregthning we couldint get, other clubs get wind of these and look for silly money when we approach them cause they know were desperate and have money id rather we be patient and get the right players at the right price
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    12 months on

    why pay over the odds for a gamble that might backfire.....we had the money in 2002 and paid way over the odds on three unproven players and it came to haunt us and we wasted millions trying to off load one and still stuck with two no id rather be patient and buy the right players