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    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    Ayre has also revealed how the responsibilities previously held by Comolli could be split between several appointments in future. "The idea is rather than one person being responsible for all the elements Damien's role took on, we will divide up the responsibilities," Ayre said. "We will have a slightly different structure so there will be two or three positions within that. Running a big football club is a big challenge. It's evident we need to focus on each area with a specialist who will deliver value in each area."
  2. terry mac

    Jason McAteer -v- Stephen Cluxton

    is he a scumbag cause he plays for Dublin or do ye know him personally?
  3. terry mac

    Summer '09 Transfer Speculation Thread

    Juventus will beat Liverpool to one Valencia player’s signature It looks like it is very close to being a done deal between Juventus and Valencia for the signature of David Silva and while Liverpool were never realistically in the hunt they will still be disappointed as he was one player that Benitez would have loved to sign. According to Marca the Spanish newspaper Jose Segul the Italian clubs representative is in Valencia now to finalise negotiations and that Juventus are now prepared to meet Valencia’s asking price It has been accepted that forcing a reduced price was no good simply because if Valencia accepted a deduction in value for any of their star players they would not be able to meet their urgent debt repayments, it is simply a case of full price and money up front or nothing. This will however encourage both Liverpool and Man City in their pursuit of Raul Albiol and David Villa respectively as it now means that Valencia have accepted that they must sell their best players to survive, time has run out and they cannot wait to see if they qualify for the Champions League. All deals with Valencia must include a significant down payment possibly the whole amo8unt because even written guarantees of payments are no longer acceptable due to Valencia’s massive debts, this is no issue now for either Liverpool or Man City. Valencia had hoped that other clubs would come in and force a mini auction but this has not materialised and the possibility that both Villa and Albiol will play Premiership football next season are very high.
  4. terry mac

    Has Rafa lost the plot?

    this is 2002/2003 season all over again
  5. terry mac

    Garry Barry

    13 mill was the new bid
  6. Xabi's not the same player since injuring his ankle against Portsmouth last game 05/06
  7. terry mac

    Evertons record against ManU

    are record aint much better either
  8. terry mac

    Bellamy in Belfast at the weekend?

    was also spotted in dublin in nightclub with dudek apparntley
  9. terry mac

    Parry - Single tier kop

    Dont like the idea of the opposite end the same as the new Kop end
  10. Liverpool Echo STEVEN Gerrard rushed his six-month-old baby Lexie to hospital in a meningitis scare, it was reported today. The Reds captain and his fiancée Alex Curran parked in an ambulance bay and ran into Whiston hospital carrying six-month-old Lexie, a newspaper report said. Lexie was suffering from a rash and a temperature. Hospital sources say she and her parents stayed overnight. Yesterday Lexie was given the all-clear and returned to the couple's Formby home. Reports say she had fallen ill on Saturday night while being baby-sat by Gerrard's family and doctors now suspect she had an allergic reaction. A club spokesman said: "We don't have a comment, it's a personal matter." Whiston hospital staff said they were unable to comment
  11. By Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo ANYONE expecting sirens, screams of panic or declarations of a state of emergency must be sorely disappointed when they arrive at Anfield. There remains an air of calm in the red half of the city, yet if you venture a few miles either side of Liverpool's boundaries there are legions prepared to work themselves into a peculiar frenzy on the club's behalf. Steven Gerrard isn't sure whether to be bemused or insulted by the latest over reactions. Since flying flak has been the prelude to two major trophy victories in two seasons, the skipper sounds almost sympathetic to those who have failed to learn the lessons of the Benitez era. "Anyone who questions the tactics of Rafa Benitez must be crazy," says Gerrard, utterly unimpressed by the misguided souls claiming to be speaking on his behalf when they question what role he's playing. "Rafa's already achieved so much in two years and all the players and supporters have total belief in him. "I get sick of it when, if there's a bad result, everyone is talking about where I've played. "Under Rafa I've been used to playing in different positions, and there's no point people going on about it every chance they get. "I'm the first to admit I was as surprised as anyone when I was picked to play on the left on Sunday. "I had to check the team sheet, but there were tactical reasons for that which nearly paid off. "If I'd have taken my chance, as Ishould have done, it would have been because I was on the left against a defender who was having such a tough time he was subbed. "If we'd have equalised then, people would have been saying it was a master-stroke by the manager to play me against Boulahrouz. These are the fine lines we're dealing with in football. "I know under Rafa I'll continue to play in different positions, but that's because he thinks I'm a good player who can do a number of jobs. "There will be times when I'm back in the middle and everyone knows that's where I prefer to be be, but the most important thing for me is always to see the team win, wherever I am." Since the end of last season, there have been eerie echoes of 2002. Back then, Liverpool ended the campaign on a high, were seen as the most likely title challengers, and invested heavily on the players they hoped would seal the deal. It went horribly wrong as the final step towards an elusive 19th title tripped them up again. The similarities in circumstances cannot be ignored, but Gerrard is adamant there is a major difference between then and now. "The players we've brought in this summer are all top class," he says. "Maybe there have been times in the past we've made signings who couldn't hack it at a club the size of Liverpool. I can tell you now that's definitely not the case this time. Players like Kuyt, Bellamy, Pennant, Aurelio, Agger and Gonzalez are quality players. "I've seen enough of them in just a couple of months to see that. "Nowadays if a manager spends big money on a player, people expect immediate goals or man-of-the-match performances. It doesn't always work like that. You need to settle and adjust. "Liverpool tactics and systems aren't the same as what these players are used to at other clubs. "The main thing is have they got the quality and will they improve us? We've seen enough alreadyto see the answeris yes. That's whywe knowwe're going to be a better team this season. We 've just got to be a bit more patient." What's needed most is a win. A victory to create momentum, justify the continued self-belief and keep the doubters at bay for at least another month, or preferably eight months. "Confidence comes from winning games, but we haven't lost our belief in the dressing room," says Gerrard. "Of course we want to win and put on a good performance tonight, but it would be wrong to say we're desperate to get three points. "It'snot a desperate situation. We'regoing into this just like any other home game, knowing the pressure is on us to play well and win the game, as it always is. "If that happens, things will already start to look better, but the last thing we want is everyone getting anxious already. It's far too early for that, and I think a lot of it stems from things which have been said and written making out we're already playing 'must-win' games. We're not. "We're playing very important games, but there's no need to start panicking. "As a captain, I actuallyfind it easier to do what's expected of me after a defeat because you know the lads are hurt and want to react in the right way. You don't really need to say much to them, because everyone is determined to put it right. "Sometimes it's harder to get through to players when things are going well, because the focus can go a bit more if you think everything is going well."
  12. terry mac

    Is Crouch affecting our balance

    GERRARD BACK, CROUCH OUT INJURED Paul Eaton 10 February 2006 Steven Gerrard is back for this weekend's game at Wigan but the Reds will be without Peter Crouch for the clash with Paul Jewell's men. Gerrard missed the midweek clash at Charlton with a knee injury but has passed a fitness test at Melwood today and should make an instant return to first team duty as the Reds look to bounce back from defeat at The Valley. But Liverpool will have to do without Crouch this weekend as the striker recovers from a heel injury. Stephen Warnock (groin) and Luis Garcia (knee) are also sidelined. "It's good to have Steven back again because he is a very important player for us," said the Liverpool manager. "Crouch will be missing though because he can't run or train at the moment. It isn't a serious problem and hopefully he will only be out for two or three days. I think he should be back for the Arsenal game on Tuesday night."
  13. terry mac

    Gary O'Neil

    supposed to be at Melwood having a medical