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  1. danhaddad

    Man City away 21.02.10

    If anyone could PM me a stream it would be greatly appreciated
  2. danhaddad

    All new transfer speculation 09

    Sky Sports News have just said we have enquired about Benjani.....fuck off
  3. danhaddad

    What is this question asking me?

    For a legal perspective see the P&O ferry disaster, and the law of corporate manslaughter
  4. danhaddad

    This Canales kid

    Also like the look of the young striker getting a run at Ath Madrid - Ibrahim.
  5. danhaddad

    This Canales kid

    Looks like a great prospect- I actually think he will sign a new contract at Racing with a big buy out clause. His Dad is his agent and according to Hunter and Ballague Canales is v level headed and will do whatever is best for his development, which is probably to stay there for another year or so.
  6. danhaddad

    Alberto Aquilani

    Agree with that. Don't think it is possible to judge him as a player yet based on his performances for us, as he has been pretty anonymous so far when he's been on the pitch. Needs to stop allowing players to drift past him without even shifting pace. Would like to see him look to get a shot away more often also but hard to criticize him for that without knowing what instructions he is playing too (not meant as a dig at Rafa)
  7. danhaddad

    Even if we had the money who would we buy ?

    Think Llorente would be unreal over here, his game is far more suited to the English league than the Spainish league IMO. Would love us to be in for him, but never going to happen - can see him moving to Valencia in the summer as a replacement for Villa
  8. danhaddad

    Spurs Game Postponed

    Fulham - Pompey already off... The club wouldn't take the decision to request a postponement lightly from a commercial perspective as atk points out. The Club will lose out on quite a bit of revenue if the game is played midweek as opposed to at the weekend.
  9. danhaddad

    New Guido pictures. Sexy time!

    Not sure if this has been posted, new show on MTV, Jersey Shore. Unbelievable. YouTube - Meet Mtv's Jersey Shore Cast ! YouTube - Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi on Conan O'Brien 12-15-2009 HD 1080p
  10. danhaddad

    South Africa vs England

    Strauss gone...... KP due a good innings and Trott can dig in....these two need to survive until close of play
  11. danhaddad

    Nabil El Zhar

    When you start the match without a striker then you know its going to be a long day
  12. danhaddad

    Nabil El Zhar

    Thought he did alright when he came on to be honest, and Aquilani was never going to come on to replace Benny was he....At 0-0 away from home Rafa is not going to take off a holding player and replace him with a more attacking player - not losing in that situation is what he is more focussed on.
  13. danhaddad

    Alberto Aquilani

    Benitez can hardly be surprised if there is this kind of speculation as to why Aquilani isn't featuring. I don't believe it is as simple as match fitness seeing as he has played Gerrard,Torres,Johnson,Benayoun,Agger etc throughout the season when they haven't been 100% fit. I can't help think that he simply doesn't want to break up the Lucas-Mascherano partnership because he has convinced himself that it works fantastically. Interestingly one of them on 5 live (Green or Pleat can't remember) said that they thought that Gerrard would move into midfield next to Mascherano and Aquilani would play behind Torres when he came into the team??