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  1. I'm sure all of those who were outraged the other week will be simarly perplexed.


    Not me - I couldn't give a fuck what goes on behind the scenes at INTER MILAN (Liverpool, on the other hand, I do).


    But not for nothing, Benitez hates Mourinho for a lot of slights aimed at him, and the club he was managing, which of course was LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. Slights which nearly every member of this forum agreed with at the time.


    The fact that people have seemingly forgotten just what an odious cunt Mourinho was, and why Benitez would hate him, shows just how far things have got on here.

  2. A different spin on the whole 'It just fell into his lap' explanation for the story.


    Again, from Football 365:



    On Monday morning, this column made a few gentle mentions of The News Of The World's Paul McCarthy Twittering. Or twittering Twittering, even.


    Well, the man himself has been in touch.


    He writes:


    'You're absolutely right, bedraggled and suffering from that hideous pre-sleep hangover best describes my viewing state for Sunday night's match.


    'And, yes, 'inappropriate ghetto talk' is hugely embarrassing...but not as embarrassing as it is for my teenage daughter to read knowing all her friends think her dad's a prat.


    'But that was a bit harsh on Chris Bascombe. He worked tirelessly to speak to Benayoun and was rewarded by a call back on Friday night.


    'In a newspaper world where we're spoon-fed sanitised quotes, to have a top player speaking as honestly as Benayoun and happy not to pull any punches verges on the remarkable. Which is precisely why we ran the Yossi quotes at such length.'

  3. Never liked Drury. He speaks in sound bites. I almost think he pre-plans what he is going to say when someone scores so he has his great saying ready which will be perfect for the highlights.


    This is spot on. I think there's a lot of them who do it, Tyldsley included. Drury's just more obvious, cos his are fucking horrendous.


    I swear, at the end of the Ghana game yesterday he must have reeled off about five or six in a row. It was embarrassing.


    The worst being, as some have pointed out already, the 'Bye Bye Big America Sigh', which just doesn't work on any level.


    Except that of a retard's.

  4. It's the local and therefore personal nature of these donations that is so poignant for me. Any multimillionaire could assuage his conscience by throwing money around. What Rafa and Montse have done is donate to causes they have had a personal connection with, in many cases ones without a very high local profile, never mind national one


    I'll always regret what I saw as Rafa's flaws as a manager - and not just because I felt he had supreme talents in that regard too. No, it's because this stuff shows that, had he been able to avoid our implosion on the pitch, he had the potential as a man to match the esteem in which any of our legends is held.


    Rafa Benitez: like all of us, a flawed human being but a fundamentally decent one, too.


    Nice post mate.

  5. I have repeatedly posted since registering that the club will not be able to move forward until Hicks and Gillett leave the club.


    I don't doubt you have, but did you start a new thread imploring people to stop talking about the manager? If not, why are you doing that now? Particularly seeing as though we're now likely to get what will be an inferior manager (don't get me wrong, I've nothing against Hodgson and think he deserves a crack at a bigger club).

  6. If Roy Hodgson is confirmed as the next manager of LFC it will not be a long-term appointment.


    You may not agree with the appointment of Hodgson, but people need to realise that we will not be able to attract a category A manager or world class players in our current predicament. We may be a global institution with a great history and tradition, but sadly we are not an attractive proposition to outsiders at present.


    Liverpool FC will not be able to move forward until Hicks and Gillett are away from the club & whilst we spend all summer debating about the merits of Roy Hodgson as manager, and whether Rafa Benitez should still be manager of LFC, the owners and the banks are getting off scot-free.


    It is time that we all put our differences aside and focus on the main issue which is to get our football club back. Lets up the ante and put pressure on the banks to force Hicks and Gillett to sell the club now.


    Can you explain why this post wasn't made at this time last year (or when it became obvious we weren't spending what we were bringing in)?

  7. Drury is the worst commentator on TV right now. Listen to him next time (if your ears can take it) - he doesn't even describe the action, he just says players' name. Every goal that goes in is described thus:


    "It's Kaka... to Robinho to... ELANO (pitch of voice changed to suggest some sort of inevitability about it all)!"


    Then silence as the goal's scored.


    Then some dickish, smart-ass comment like:


    "It was always going to be."


    I hate him.

  8. Haha that old chestnut Stu!


    So when you ballooned your penalty a few weeks ago did nerves not have anything to do with it at all?!


    But that's what's so great about penalties as match-deciders mate: it's about skill AND bottle; nerves and technique. It's the ultimate balancing act, and it explains why England have probably been so poor. Those are the two things this country's players lack the most.

  9. Get a load of this shite from Henry Winter's twatter. The guy's a fucking loon:


    # England v Slovenia: John Terry's apology gives Fabio Capello a get-out-of-jail-free card England v Slovenia: John Terry's apology gives Fabio Capello a get-out-of-jail-free card - Telegraph about 10 hours ago via twitterfeed


    # Let's hope he doesn't need it tomorrow but #FabioCapello has #ENG England escape route: can say undermined by questioning attitude of Terry & James about 15 hours ago via web


    # #JohnTerry has apologised to #FabioCapello and players for his public honesty. But Terry was right. #ENG England need #JoeCole & team must improve about 15 hours ago via web

  10. I don't buy this "they've paid their money, they can do what they want" shite.


    Football's not like buying a supermarket product or going to the theatre. In football there are variables and unknowns; i.e. the opposition. Players can go out with all the will in the world (though I'm not saying last night's did), but if the opposition play better than expected, then nothing's going to go to go exactly to plan, is it?


    In my opinion, there's no excuse for booing. Going back to the theatre/music gig analogy, who amongst that crowd - even those mongs - would greet a sub-standard performance by booing? You wouldn't. You'd just shake your head and think 'I'm not fucking doing that again'. But booing? It's become a football thing to do. And it's just so small-time.

  11. This is something I've been thinking for a while, but the incident in last night's South Africa game just reminded me.


    What does everybody think about this: should goalkeepers be exempt from the 'if you foul the last man you're off' red card rule?


    It just seems to me that keepers are walking such a fine line cos, nearly all of the time they come for a tackle, they ARE the last man. It doesn't leave much room at all for mistakes from a keeper (in a position where mistakes are probably punished enough already).


    Plus, when defenders make a 'last man' foul - and thus receive their marching orders - the keeper is nearly always on the line anyway. So how can he be deemed the last man when HE fouls too?


    Personally, I just think a penalty's enough for a keeper's foul. Everybody else on the pitch gets at least a couple of opportunities to mistime tackles, and I think it's a bit harsh that goalkeepers - due to the nature of their position - only get one. Most of which will result in a penalty anyway.


    What do others think?


    First person to bring this thread round to Benitez gets AIDS.

  12. Which player was then then because I can think of more than one to be honest.


    The specific one I was referring to? Well, Mr Alonso of course.


    I was replying to a comment that said something along the lines of: 'He's the chairman; that's what chairmans do. That should be the end of it'.


    Which is fair enough, except that when the manager tried to sell a player, we heard anything BUT the end of it.


    My point was that double-standards were being applied.

  13. So whats wrong with a Chairman sacking a manager again?


    Absolutely nothing, especially if the manager in question has been underperforming. Which he had.


    So let's ask another question: what's wrong with a manager wanting to sell an underperforming player?


    Cos when our ex-manager did that once, this place went into atomic fucking meltdown.


    Now imagine that manager was a self-proclaimed Chelsea fan who liked to attend Chelsea functions while still managing Liverpool football club. I think some people may have had a problem with this.

  14. Its about tactics of course it is but a bit of war mentality can go a long way


    Usually as far as the quarter-finals.


    One bit of one of the adverts sums up this country's attitude to football. The bit that says, "Do it for Bobby (as in Robson)".


    This will be the Bobby the press absolutely hounded through two major tournaments, and was generally treated as a joke until he took England further than anyone since Ramsey - and since anyone after himself, for that matter.

  15. Not a cunt by any means, but Jamie Redknapp's slowly turning into someone I'm really starting to dislike listening to.


    The years and years of bleating on about "Stevie's best position".


    Then there was the comment last year about Alonso "pulling the strings" the day we won 4-1 from Old Trafford.


    Then there was the "£30 million for the new manager to spend" the day Benitez went.


    Like I said, none of them in particular make him a 'cunt', but so are none of them the type of comment I expect to hear from someone who professes to take a great interest in our club. It also bugs me how his father continues to take money for a column in that rag. I know it's not Jamie himself, but he always seems to have a decent relationship with his dad; if it was my dad and I'd played for Liverpool, I'd be damn sure having a fucking word.

  16. Just to redress the balance a little on Piers Morgans side, Morgan while he was editor of the Mirror to be fair to him was actually responsible for Mirror's 'The Real Truth' headline in 1996 when the Jimmy McGovern Docu-Drama was gaining publicity momentum for Hillsborough. He'd been given a copy of it prior to it's airing and Brian Reade says Morgan watched it in his office, wept and pledged to do whatever he could to help.


    Morgan went on to urge every reader to watch the Hillsborough documentry and the followed it with petitions and days of coverage. He sent Brian Reade to Liverpool City Council to tell them that the Mirror would be behind any moves for a fresh inquiry. I remember for days after the airing of the documentary The Mirror were hounding Duckinfield who was of course then retired on a full pension. Part of the Mirrors backing for us over Hillsborough was probably to stick it to The Sun but all the same, at least Morgan tried to do something while he was editor at the Mirror.


    Unfortunately all we got was a scrutiny rather than a new inquiry but at least Morgan and the Mirror tried. Fair play to him for that much.


    I've read Morgan's book, and in it he mentioned how he was asked to contribute to a book whereby semi-famous wannabes write a tribute about their heroes/icons. His contribution to said book?


    Kelvin Mackenzie.


    I think this was totally to stick it to The Sun.

  17. I don't think you are wrong Al.


    Ironic though that in the desperate days of 03-04 Gerrard did as much as anyone that year and when he was given the captaincy that season he was fucking phenomenal. He really respected GH even though he probably knew we needed a change of manager. Now he just seems bogged down by all the shite and tactical straightjackets the manager has on the team and is thinking his only chance of major glory for the rest of his career is the World Cup in the summer. I have a feeling he will be class in the World Cup.


    Then, if true, that's a complete fucking disgrace (and again, I emphasise the 'if' part, cos no-one except Gerrard knows exactly what's going through his mind).


    But there seems to be a hypocrisy on these boards when it comes to the demarkation between the manager and his players, and nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to Steven Gerrard.


    For example, I keep reading about how Gerrard deserves some slack for playing shit because of all the great games he's played, the great goals he's scored, and all the times he's got us out of the shit ("How dare you slag off Steven Gerrard," I hear people say).


    Well what about all the games won by the tactical decisions of Benitez?


    I keep hearing how Gerrard is only playing shit because he dislikes the current manager so much.


    Yet Benitez shouldn't let his differences with the regime above him affect his ability to manage whatsoever.


    I keep hearing how Benitez wormed and tricked his way to a super-duper undeserved contract last year.


    Yet no-one mentions the fact he couldn't buy certain players in the summer because of payrises to a group of players, which included Steven Gerrard.


    I hear how no-one should expect Gerrard to suddenly become a captain who gees players up with an arm round the shoulder, because Gerrard's never been that sort of skipper.


    Yet Benitez needs to change his cold and ruthless distance NOW, the stubborn motherfucker.


    I could go on. The point here isn't that Benitez hasn't got flaws - he clearly has - but there seems to be a view round here lately that all the shit flies in one direction and all roads of blame lead to Benitez. In terms of who'll pay with their job, this is sadly true (as is football's wont) - but it doesn't mean he's responsible for every single thing that happens to Liverpool Football Club.

  18. I've fallen out of love with Premier League football in a massive way. For so, so many reasons. I can't help but shake the same feelings I get when looking at politics in that everything you are being fed is just false and fabricated. Player X dives, Manager Y told him to, Manager X's team played shit but blames the ref, Match of the day gives it's weak, transparent and thoughtless take on it.


    I like about a dozen people in football. That can't be right.


    Gerrard summed this up for me a few seasons ago following the Rob Styles penalty debacle at home against Chelsea (when Malouda canoned off Finnan and got the spot-kick from it). In the aftermath afterwards he came out and said how Styles should apologise to the Liverpool players for that. I thought to myself, 'Hmm... I presume you're going to ask some of the players you captain, and the England players you team up with, and your good self, to apologise every time you dive and knowingly try and con the referee?' (At this point I'd just like to mention that Steven Gerrard's not the worst - but it was his apology demand which caught my eye).


    It just shows how far and fucked up things have become when the one person who you can guarantee's not cheating - albeit sometimes decisions are so bad you think they must be - is decried, while those who do the deceiving do so cos 'it's all part of the game Gary'.


    Two sentences sum up this fucked-up analogy for me:


    "The referee's just not letting this game flow" (as if he's got any say in how many fouls a team chooses to make)




    "The referee's let himself be conned there."



  19. Yeah I think so, and as I said I think it can have an effect in special circumstances, but generally it means nothing. My original point is that the fans are not a problem where LFC are concerned, despite what some people try to claim.


    In principle I agree with you Ian, but I don't think booing while we were still top of the league last season particularly helped. If that had been fans from any other club, many fans at Liverpool would have been appalled.

  20. Hey all,


    Some of you might remember I did the same thing around this time last year.


    Basically, I'm going to a mate's for New Year's (food, drinks and games), and he's asked me to be in charge of games. So I'm doing Family Fortunes - minus the humongous prick that is Vernon Kay.


    To do this, I'm trying to gather my own data - mainly just so I can say the words "My survey says" - and I was wondering, if anyone has a free minute, if you can take the time to give me answers for each of these.


    One answer for each; just the first thing that comes into your head; remember, there is no right or wrong answer.


    Well there is, but it can't be worse than some I've had so far... can it?


    Cheers in advance all,






    An animal you cannot fit into a car

    A food that has one or more holes in it

    A bad place to fall asleep

    Something you lose when you get older

    A sport which involves throwing something

    Someone you wouldn't swear in front of

    Someone or something whose existence has never been seen

    A number you might have to memorise

    Something that comes in pairs

    An animal with horns

    A nickname for a slim person

    A famous person known by only one name

    Something associated with Liverpool

    A boy mentioned in a nursery rhyme

    Something a Frenchman would say

    A mode of transport you can walk in

    Something you can do on water

    Something with a red light in it

    Something people might be allergic to

    Some famous brothers

    A jacket potato topping

    A weapon in the game of Cluedo

    An item of clothing a woman might borrow from a man

    Something taken from a hotel as a souvenir

    Something you put on walls