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    Hansen and Lawrenson's TV work

    There was a comment back in the first game of the tournament, which alerted me to just how cliched and lazy Hansen has become. Dixon was trying to make a valid tactical analysis of how Poland had allowed 10-man Greece to get back into a game in which they should have been dead and buried. It was an interesting point, the type of which you don't often see on, well, any coverage in this country. Then Hansen butted in with the platitudes, "Goals, sendings off, drama, great game. What more could you want?" How about some fucking analysis - you know - the type which people like us are actually paying for. It really hits home just how shite and monotonous the supposed 'analysis' is of English football when you watch pundits in other sports, such as tennis. Former players giving proper tactical analysis, offering an insight into both the physical and psychological trappings of the game. Football coverage in this country reflects its national side. Banal, unimaginative tabloid pish.
  2. Hoddy

    The West Wing

    'The West Wing' was an odd one in that it actually went against the zeitgeist towards the end of Sorkin's run. The first two seasons were extraordinary television, quite light and positive in tone, but then 9/11 hit and no-one wanted to watch a show about a president with MS and quite localised issues. If you go back and watch the 3rd series - during which the attacks take place - you can actually see the change in tone take place. The jovial music of the pilot is gone, and the issues are much more serious and global. It was still a great show mind, but nowhere near on the level of Sorkin's first two series. Then it fell off a cliff when he left at the end of Series 4. 5 was an abomination and, though it rebounded somewhat in Series 6 and 7 - mainly due to the infusion of the new election candidate characters - it still fucked up a lot of the characters Sorkin had spent 4 seasons carefully crafting.
  3. Hoddy

    The West Wing

    It's not the 9/11 special (which was unusually awful by the way), but it was fucking ace. I also agree with Stu about them messing up his character the last two seasons. He's not the only one either; a lot of older characters got thrown off-kilter by the way they were written in Seasons 6 and 7.
  4. Hoddy

    Friday Night Lights

    Agree with those who've said the film is better than the TV series. The first series is decent, but nothing more than that in my opinion. There are times it's very good, but other times it's not much more than The OC with a bit of American football (which becomes even more rare as the series progresses). The adults are the best thing in it, and Connie Britton is hot. But it's not go-out-of-your-way-to-watch TV. Like I said, the film is better (as good as Kyle Chandler is as the series' coach, Billy Bob Thornton rules the film), and the original novel - from which both film and TV drama evolved - is even more interesting.
  5. Hoddy

    Best foreign Films

    I know. I'm not usually one to salivate over directorial aspects of films, but that whole sequence is amazing. From the monologue before it all the way through and all over the stadium. Ace.
  6. Hoddy

    Best foreign Films

    The Secret in their Eyes. Argentinian film that won the Best Foreign Film Oscar a couple of years back. Absolutely spellbinding, can't recommend it highly enough.
  7. Hoddy

    John Terry

    He's obviously got some sort of agenda when it comes to Terry (similar to the fawning, nauseous one he used to have with Lampard). I read Samuel quite a bit and, while there are times he's a good writer with some salient points, he's also one of the most blinkered, biased, agenda-driven cunts out there. Going back to his work on The Times, I remember him defending Terry the day after the Moscow Champions League final, when it was obvious to most that he'd spat on Tevez and called him an 'Argie c*nt'. Any quick Google search on 'Martin Samuel and John Terry' would show the number of defensive articles he's written on the blimp-headed motherfucker. He's also a hypocritical cunt too. I remember him writing a negative piece on Liverpool fans' hasty judgement of Roy Hodgson, around the same he was using his newspaper column to lambast Avram Grant's time at West Ham (Samuel's a West Ham fan you see). Obviously ok for him to do it, but not us.
  8. "Just two sleeps till the weekend..." "Not bad for a Monday..." "Roll on 5 o'clock..." And anyone who talks about the weather.
  9. Hoddy

    John Terry? Racist?

    If somebody more able than me can find it, there's a passage in Graham Poll's autobiography that suggests Terry was worried that he'd sent him off during that game for something more than just gobbing off. He visited Poll's dressing room after the game to clarify why he'd been sent off. The implication was that he was worried it was for racist abuse.
  10. Hoddy

    Blackadder Goes Forth

    And Bob. Surprised at all the love for series 2 (over 4 at least). Is there anyone who likes Series 1? Fuck me, they were lucky to even get to a second series after that.
  11. I have two Manc-supporting mates. Admittedly both are fair-minded football fans, however: Both think he's an awesome manager (don't think that's in dispute anyway) 1 admits he's a cunt The other will never forgive him for speaking out against some fans in their protests to the Glazers
  12. Hoddy

    The Killing

    This is exactly how I felt. The fact so many scenes were framed (and soundtracked) the same as the original completely took me out of the drama. In fact, you know what it reminded me of? Does anyone remember, in the 'Scream 2', there was a film based on the first 'Scream' - stab I think it was called... this reminded me of that.
  13. Hoddy

    Shit chants

    You got there before me mate. It just screams small-time.
  14. But papers are doing this purely because people AREN'T buying as many newspapers these days. Which shows the less papers people buy, the more nefarious 'journalists' are becoming to secure bigger stories. Which runs contrary to the argument above. People will - rightly or wrongly (but basically wrongly) - always buy tabloids, purely out of habit for many. Just cos it's something they do. Whether we like it or not, and personally I don't, it's disingenuous to blame an individual for people hacking into a dead girl's phone. Do you think the reader really wanted the paper to do this? Really?
  15. Hoddy


    Couldn't help but notice this bit: So, 'soon after' 2005, when we were all over TV - and Europe - with flags and banners of our own, they set up a fucking group to create eye-catching banners? Maybe I'm paranoid, but this looks like a 'that looks cool, let's copy what they're doing' job to me.
  16. Hoddy

    The Thick Of It

    1st and 2nd series (and specials and film) were excellent. I thought the 3rd was a bit weak.
  17. Hoddy

    The West Wing

    I agree they found their feet Paul, but they only did this in my opinion because of the election, and the new characters that brought with it. The show was floundering badly before this, going for bigger and bigger storylines (i.e. the Palestine-Israel summit) in favour of the nuanced plots Sorkin seemed able to wring out (i.e. an episode on the census). They also did a lot of damage to long-term characters: Donna and C.J. turned into heartless non-feeling dullards; Toby went from a grizzled pessimist with a heart to just plain depressing; and the way they treated the Bartlett-Leo relationship around the time of that Gaza-themed summit was nowhere near consistent with how Sorkin had portrayed them. The election - and with it Santos and Vinick - brought a new zest to the show after a pretty poor Season 5 and start to Season 6. However, I can't help but feel it would have started sucking once the new president (in case someone on this thread doesn't know) got inaugurated and the show started focusing solely on the White House again. It was the right time to go, in my opinion.
  18. Hoddy

    The X Factor

    As fit as she is, one of the worst things about it is that horrible Geordie Cole. A judge who comments on people's live singing who daren't sing live herself. Fuck off.
  19. Hoddy

    Rory Smith Exclusive Tomorrow

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but neither did Benitez. This 18m figure keeps getting banded around, but wasn't it only a valuation that was reached because of money we were still owed from the Crouch deal? He never actually paid 18m on Glen Johnson.
  20. I think looking at who the media likes is, quite possibly, the worst kind of litmus test as to who's 'a nice bloke'. Ferguson, Mourinho, Harry fucking Redknapp...
  21. Hoddy

    FAO Fernando Torres

    I could maybe get on board with the notion of this thread had the same vitriol been poured on Steven Gerrard's performances last year. However, given that an obvious disliking of the manager and his tactics was enough to spare Gerrard abuse then, I'm going reserve the same treatment for Fernando Torres now.
  22. Hoddy

    Paul Konchesky

    Hodgson: not be Benitez. Konchesky: be signed by someone who wasn't Benitez.
  23. Whether Carragher was a 'natural' world-class talent (in the same way Frank Lampard wasn't born one either) is another argument, but I fail to see how anyone who saw his performances at Anfield vs Chelsea in 05 and Barca in 07 can say that, during that period of time, he wasn't one of the best in his position on the planet. They weren't world-class performances; they were superhuman-class.
  24. Hoddy

    Woooooooooo for too long...

    And massively hypocritical. From Mediawatch on Football365: Everybody Loves Ollie Everyone loves Ian Holloway, don't they? With his kerraaazzee talk and funny voice. Not Mediawatch, who tired of it some time ago. We were therefore delighted to read (not watch or listen to - especially after he started shouting for no good reason) his latest round of comments on the issue of player contracts and loyalty. Holloway said: "I've got big problems with the people who are running football. I know the reasons I think the game is in trouble and you cannot have a Bosman ruling they've got at the moment... "And if he (Wayne Rooney) sees his contract out he's going to be able to walk out of there for nothing. That's the people at the very top of the game's fault." And that was just the edited version. We've spared you the rest. Interesting then, that one Dekel Keinan chose to run down his contract at Maccabi Haifa last summer. Reported The Jerusalem Post in July: 'The 25-year-old Keinan, who has been an integral part of the Haifa defense since the 2006/07 season, refused to renew his contract at the club last season and is expected to move to Europe on a free transfer in the coming weeks.' And we're sure you all know who Keinan eventually signed for. In addition, if Mediawatch were Rooney we wouldn't be keen on any lectures from Mr Holloway. This, after all, is the man who proclaimed his love for all things Plymouth and dismissed talk of him leaving for the brighter lights of Leicester as 'poppycock' and 'pathetic', a whopping two days before leaving for the brighter lights of Leicester in 2007.
  25. Hoddy

    So what are we willing to do?

    I personally think the players need to start standing up and be counted. Imagine what a message it would send if one of them (or more) stated they'd refuse to play for Liverpool while a certain ownership was at the club. It's not like they couldn't afford it.