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  1. Conor

    Icarus - Netflix

    superb documentary highly recommended 9/10
  2. Conor

    Work - Life Balance

    what do you do?
  3. Conor

    Work - Life Balance

    Aye its a mad mad place. Have never rented and been paying a mortgage for the last 13 years. Rent is dead money as the old man always said to me. The stress in work goes up and down on a daily basis. sometimes i say fuck it - its a job and theres always more out there etc no big fucking deal. Other times i freak out about my current job and worry about losing it and being able to pay the bills and look after the missus and kids. work life balance - one hard bastard to try and conquer.
  4. Conor

    Work - Life Balance

    I work for a large multinational in Ireland and have done for nearly 20 years (since leaving college). had various roles in that time and moving up the wage scale as time went on. In those 20 years life has evolved and I now have a missus and 2 kids (one with special needs). The wife had to leave her job so she now looks after the kids meaning we are single income household. I live in Dublin which is one pricey fucking city to be in but fuck it - it is what it is and I cant change it. From a work life balance persepctive the job is not too bad. Its Sales so I can work from home when I want and I get out and about. It helps with giving the missus a dig out at home when needs be. The major problem is that I need to earn high wages just to survive (80k plus) to provide for all 4 mouths. In order to achieve that I have to take the shite that comes with the territory - high stress, long hours, weekend emails, office politics etc. I don't want to move up the ladder to better paid jobs, I just want to provide and pay the bloody bills. But I am getting to the stage that I hate my job. Have often thought about jacking it in for a less stressful job and take the hit on the money. However waking up in the middle of the night worrying about paying bills is something far more terrifying so I put up with the status quo. Its too big a risk to take considering all the above. Its a dilemma that few manage to figure out. Each to their own I guess. For now its grin and bear. The kids and the missus keep me going and make it worth while but there will become a point where enough is enough and something will give. Until then I have no choice but to keep going..........
  5. Conor

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    2 games into the season and we cant burn them out? jaysus.
  6. For whats its worth: American History X The Usual Suspects Trainspotting Wolf of Wall Street Raiders of the Lost Arc Close Encounters of the Third Kind Good Will Hunting The Dark Knight Inception The Breakfast Club
  7. Conor

    Blueshite at home 5/5

    Twatter stating Gerrard is a major doubt with a hamstring injury
  8. Conor

    Six Nations / Lions

    Going to the auld enemy game in Dublin on Sunday. Can't wait. Prediction is a cagey home win. Not expecting champagne rugby. It will be a war fought amongst the forwards. roll on 5pm saturday for The Frogs V the Welsh Boys. Now this is a game to savour. Fast flowing rugby with the loser effectively gone from everything. Old skool throw the ball around stuff. Cant wait. Scots V Italians. Interesting to see how this one goes. Scots have the makings of a decent team but still lack the art of scoring tries. Italians will get worse as the tournament takes its toll but still very dangerous in week 2. predictions: Sco 12 - 22 Italy Fra 26 - 24 Wal Irl 18 - 15 Eng
  9. Conor

    Six Nations / Lions

    My lions selection as it stands after week 1 of the 6N: LHP - Healy HK - Best THP - Cole SR - Gray SR - Ryan BSF - Obrien OSF - Tipuric/Robshaw N8 - Heaslip SH - Youngs FH - Sexton IC - Manu OC - O'Driscoll LW - North/Bowe RW - Ashton/halfpenny FB -Kearney
  10. Conor

    Six Nations / Lions

    The whole competition could well be decided on the first game of Wales V Ireland. The winner will take the momentum with them into the rest of the tournament and will stand a very good chance of winning it. Lose it and your tournament is effectively over. France are too inconsistent but when they are on it they are at times unplayable. England are in with a good shout but I would think the Autumn games against SA and AUS are more the barometer of where they are instead of the win against NZ. Still a good team but are basically a one dimensional team full of big bastards all over the park who try to bully their way to a win. The Northern Hemisphere Spring Boks if you like. Scotland and Italy are muck and will fight it out for the wooden spoon. An interesting couple of months ahead. Can't wait. Prediction: 1. Ireland 2. France 3. England 4. Wales 5. Italy 6. Scotland
  11. Conor

    Most Disliked Non-Rivals Side?

    Any side that Neil Warnock manages
  12. Conor

    West 'aaaam away

    Cant believe some of the shite thats been posted on this thread. Constantly slagging off players and the manager. Its unreal. Well played lads. Great result at a difficult ground and things are starting to come together. 4 points off 4th with a nice run of fixtures coming up. January window around the corner and new players will arrive. expecting a much better 2nd half to the season. Optimism Well done Redmen
  13. Conor

    Tottenham Away

    I know Dalglish & Clarke would not have had us lose 4-0 here last season. :wallbutt: give it a rest
  14. Conor

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Watched a few recently: Ted - Very funny and original. Go watch it. 8/10 Total recall (2012) - Wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. Great effects. Decent watch. 7/10 From Nothing to something. The art of rap - Directed by Ice T and was expecting more than it delivered. Still worth a look (if you are into Hip Hop) but got a bit boring. 6 mics out of 10. Friends with Kids - The missus picked this one. If you dont have kids then dont bother. If you do then its worth a punt as at least its something you and the missus can watch together. Funny and enjoyable. 7/10 Chernobyl Diaries - Promised much but didnt deliver. Very straight forward american horror yarn. 4/10
  15. Conor

    Michael Owen anyone?

    do it hes a prick but would improve the squad end of