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  1. Homegrown talent isn't the answer unless it's of the very highest quality. Wright-Philips might make the grade, but the likes of Nolan, Barton etc. won't add much to what we already have, and certainly won't help us overtake Arsenal and the Mancs.


    True, but they'll offer more than Cheyrou and Diao etc.


    I'd rather we buy 'squad' players from England and go abroad only for true first team talent.

  2. Yeah but why does GH have to respond every single time


    Same with St. John spat, getting into a public slanging match hardly reflects well on the club.


    Apart from remarking that he was unhappy on the bench (something many players do) and that he had little communication with Houllier I saw no incendiary comments in Henhoz's remarks. It's not as if he said Biscan is shite etc.


    Sami too has remarked on Biscan's defending back in Finland but he got away with it chiefly because the UK never picked up on it.

  3. Can't see it happening to be honest. Steve Morgan the Redrow chief is more likely if anybody takes over the club - he's a lifelong Red not some long distance MP trying to curry favour (no pun intended!) with the masses in the Far East.


    Morgan would no doubt take us down the plc route as he's no Abramovich figure. He's also far too much of a gobshite.