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  1. I was watching a bit of Rising Damp yesterday, and whilst I understand it's a product of its time I'm surprised the PC brigade don't get on at ITV. There must be a point where Love Thy Neighbour isn't acceptable but Rising Damp is. I'm guessing Alf Garnett is also now only to be seen on dvd.

  2. Disappointing. The story did not translate well and lacked the intensity of previous episodes. I agree about the casting of Moriarty. Where is the menace?


    It's not Sherlock's most popular story without good reason and it didn't transfer well from gothic to scientific. I'm not sure The Sign of Four would be a wise story to tackle either.


    Last was just a bit Scooby Doo. Surprised Gatiss didn't take the gothic chiller route as he's a big horror aficionado, but last night's was a bit (eek) Torchwoodesque.

  3. The problem I have is it's a popularity contest, spun by the media. My daughter (who was old enough to vote at the last election) announced that 'Cameron seemed like a nice man, and didn't he lose a baby'


    The televised debates contributed to that at the last election, they were a right shot in the arm for Clegg. It's almost like X Factor with snapshot post-show popularity polls.

  4. At the end of the day we can blame the parties all we want but the real unpalatable fact is that the voting public is a bunch of cock suckers detached from reality.


    Can't entirely blame them for being disenfranchised and thinking all politicians are liars (unless you're a LD, who aren't lying power-hungry opportunists but superheroes compromising for the good of the nation). Most of the younger ones have probably never worked and see politics as a post-uni career; more concerned with climbing the ladder than public service.


    You're on about a group of people who are about as popular as bankers, tabloids and the police.

  5. In fairness I think Labour has got potential in its current form, I think it genuinely wants to put the New Labour project behind it, and I do think Ed Miliband is genuinely to the left of centre, I just think he's not leadership material - not in a million years, I wouldn't put him in charge of a bumper boat. But I think at grass roots level there are a lot of people with social democrat leanings flocking to the Labour banner.


    Trouble is it's not the Labour faithful Ed must reach out to be the centrist floating voter. The whole rejection of New Labour makes me chuckle and I think it'll lead to Labour being marginilised to a few strongholds. They'll get fucked at the elections then there'll be another spell of acrimony and introspection.

  6. The day is fast approaching when every famous person in Britain will have been through some kind of Cowell shiteness academy. Already his tv show products like Diversity, JLS, Boyle et al constitute the bulk of the acts on things like Children in Need and the Royal Variety Performance. It's hugely distressing.


    The likes of Reznor and last year Biffy give Cowell's record company the green light for these covers, so hard to single him out. Lewis' career has stiffed so she's fallen back on singing alt covers (she's covered Iris too) - probably because she's had a personality by-pass.


    Next will probably be Matt Cardle doing Where Is My Mind? (tho I like the cover used in the Thomson ad)

  7. Agree on Mehdi Hasan, he's always brilliant value on QT, but he does come across as a bit if a bully. Saying that, I'd love to have him as head of my union, you just know he'd go in to negotiations and get his workers the best deal possible.


    He strikes me as a polemicist interested in global politics - but not for the poor in small communities.


    Ed will have one run at the election and I expect him to do no better than Brown. Despite all Cameron's woes Milliband is like a teddy bear trying to land political blows, apart from Coulsen he's not made much impact as an opposition leader.