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    The AV Vote

    Give Clegg a kicking may influence many peoples vote. If he can compromise then so can I.
  2. cochcaer

    Flyin Pigs?

    Anything rhyme with Ewan McGregor...
  3. cochcaer

    Arctic Monkeys

    Never in a month of Sundays. The new track treads a path similar to the Verve pre-Urban Hymns but without the boom and reverb. What made the AM great is that they were quite raw and stripped down but now look and sound like a load of other bands. Next'll be the U2 stage...
  4. cochcaer

    David Cameron

    Facing Brown and now Milliband is hardly a challenge for him. Stupendous shooting oneselves in the foot from Labour.
  5. cochcaer

    Best Gangster Film

    Seconded, really captures the political climate. Great ending too with pre-Bond Brosnan popping up.
  6. cochcaer


    One Day in September.
  7. cochcaer

    Black & White Films

    Dead of Night. Night of the Hunter. Les Diaboliques. Night of the Demon.
  8. cochcaer

    Ed Miliband

    At the next election I don't think the Conservatives will require any pact and will win outright.
  9. cochcaer

    Classic grand prix

    Felt 'driver aids' in the 80s turned it into something of a video game sport where there's anti-stall, traction-control and a steering wheel increasingly chock full of buttons to alter power and handling. Some have since gone but imho it's only in the wet you see genuine car control.
  10. cochcaer

    Ed Miliband

    Fraid to say that in electing Ed, Labour have condemned us to two terms of Cameron - he'll not require Clegg next time.
  11. cochcaer

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    A silly question I know but quite simple. Could somebody define what 'The Big Society' means? To me it's just another meaningless Tory catchphrase like 'Back to Basics'.
  12. Part of my youth gone. Love this clip and Moore's broken string. K9n981iQz3w
  13. cochcaer

    Spirit Of Shankly: Communication with John Henry

    Not the greatest approach to open up dialogue. If you open up on anyone robustly they go on the defensive by default. I hope somebody drops him a warmer correspondence just to build a relationship, then hit him with the harder stuff later. Throw him a toffee first.
  14. cochcaer

    Spirit Of Shankly: Communication with John Henry

    JH needs congratulating. I stopped after the first couple of paragraphs about H&G and 'internet groups'. Somebody has a rod up their arse.
  15. cochcaer


    He's the victim of The Curse of the Cockneys*. *Coming to a cinema near you soon starring Danny Dyer.
  16. Not yet as it's too soon to judge FSG/Comolli - and the Soton kid might prefer Wenger's proven youth policy. But Comolli will eventually have to back up his talk... maybe in the summer.
  17. cochcaer

    FAO Fernando Torres

    The mind boggles.
  18. I'd buy youth or buy quality; you can keep the rest. I think it's Evertonitus, the love of average players and somehow comparing them to world class players.
  19. Red Nick on Jimmy Bullard: http://www.liverpoolway.co.uk/forum/ff-football-forum/63918-jimmy-bullard.html Its all about opinions Bullard and Downing I could live with prefer Pirlo and Mancini but can live with them. Milner on the other hand would be a disgraceful signing IMO Same story, sold on a player due to a patch of form and tv highlights.
  20. Funny and a load a bollix. Adam is like Danny Murphy at Fulham, average and good with deal balls. At Liverpool he'll not play as regularly leading to his weight to balloon and neither will he get the managerial love. He'll just be a little fish fighting to get off the bench. He's just another Jimmy Bullard in a purple patch.
  21. Funny. You said that Konchesky might be better than Finnan. Either you wouldn't know class if it kicked you in the balls or have a scat fetish.
  22. cochcaer

    TLW APP?

    There's a forum app but not sure if it works on 3.8 vBulletin Mobile for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
  23. cochcaer

    Owen Coyle

    Roy MKII. Frying pan > Fire.
  24. cochcaer

    Get Rafa In Till The End Of The Season

    He couldn't do a worse job. But been there and worn the t-shirt. Next!
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