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    Arctic Monkeys

    Sounds like they're staying with the Josh Homme influence for now but with a bit of psychedelia. Looks like an old Primal Scream promo. h1vYbHHhqYE
  2. cochcaer

    Shithouse tagging

    And tell my mummy.
  3. cochcaer

    South Park - Season 15

    Been a few decent episodes of late. Cartman on his mobile whilst being called fat by the counsellor was classic. A touch of his Scott Tenorman payback.
  4. cochcaer

    New series of Dr Who

    The lack of a resolution annoys me. I don't even know who in a spacesuit 'killed' Smith in ep1. I suppose it comes down to taste but I'm getting fatigued by the ambiguous endings. Tbh I also find Rory's transition from average Joe to Russell Crowe sword-wielding gladiator a bit fanciful.
  5. cochcaer

    New series of Dr Who

    Yep, the 'Pirate' story was especially weak and looked cheap. Think Tennant got stronger stories til it went sillier. Blink, Girl in the Fireplace, Family of Blood, Silence in the Library, Midnight etc I find more memorable than any served by Smith.
  6. cochcaer

    New series of Dr Who

    Gone very deux ex machina and many of the eps are singularly weak. RTD had subtle running themes like Bad Wolf but Moffs 'crack in the wall' and River/Amy/Rory bollix is boring me. It's more like Enid Blyton... Four Go Mad in... Rather watch All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
  7. cochcaer

    Youtube clip of the day

    Cringeworthy and appallingly naff but you end up wondering which z-lister is next.. S3JhgupA_pg
  8. cochcaer

    Blake Lively - NSFW

    Nice implants. Dicaprio is one lucky fuck.
  9. cochcaer

    Tuesday 31st May - Panorama.

    I'd imagine it's the same moral quandary documentary makers have faced from the liberation of concentration camps to countless natural disasters, do you help out or hope your film has a greater resonance. I'm sure the guy thought of quitting but the lesser material he had the easier it would have been swept under the carpet as 'one bad apple'.
  10. cochcaer

    Tuesday 31st May - Panorama.

    To be honest I'm not surprised, we've always shut people away (last years BBC4 doc History of the Madhouse had my stomach churning) and hoped/pretended they're being cared for. Abuse is always covered up and monitoring seems minimal.
  11. cochcaer

    Mascherano Comment

    Can't blame him going to a benchmark side like Barca, especially as a Liverpool looked fucked at the time. He always put a shift in - unlike Torres.
  12. cochcaer


    I'm loath to judge kids as I thought Spearing would never make it. He seems to have revelled in the 1st team opportunities whist Patches looks overawed.
  13. cochcaer

    Only one Bob Paisely

  14. cochcaer

    arctic Monkeys

    I've got it too but found it pleasant enough but that it never sparks into life. A lot reminds me of Cornerstone and just gently washes over you as a Travis track did. Enjoyed some of the shimmering tracks like Hellcat and You're Wrong.
  15. cochcaer

    arctic Monkeys

    Was listening to Fake Tales the other day and thought how odd Alex was becoming what he once vilified - and what ace tunes they once had.
  16. cochcaer

    Tory Country

    Tories doing what tories do must measure 0000.1% on the shockometer. The Lib influence on the coalition hasn't been the big policies but stuff like the environment and electoral reform - aka the things most people aren't arsed about. Had people seen Clegg as a restraint on ideological Conservatives then his party would have probably done better at the polls.
  17. cochcaer

    Tory Country

    The 'veto' is said to be in the software of the system - much of which is classified and coded in the US. They'd be mad to relinquish total control as it'd be a weapon that could target them - it can't.
  18. cochcaer

    Thatcher nearly DEAD!!!

    Nothing to do with post-Falklands jingoism giving her a big save in 83. I should celebrate her passing but that'd drag me down to her level. She did so much damage to the fabric of the country.
  19. cochcaer

    The AV Vote

    Which is how many now view politicians, whoever you vote for they'll renegue on promises and lie through their teeth about taxes. If the coalition is a taste of PR then there's no real change - they just call their broken promises 'compromise'.
  20. cochcaer

    Tory Country

    Some very angry Libs today who feel betrayed. Hope the irony isn't lost on them.
  21. cochcaer

    Tory Country

    Time to bring back hanging then...
  22. cochcaer

    Charlie Adam set to join Liverpool?

    He's another Jimmy Bullard for me. The defensive side of his game is also pretty poor due to his lack of pace - hope we've set our sights higher.
  23. cochcaer

    Tory Country

    Personally think the Libs are full of crap and don't swallow this noble doing it for 'the good of the country' line. The big concession they wanted and wouldn't budge on wasn't something to protect services or the poor... it was AV. Pure self-interest and nothing to do with (yawn) the financial mess left by Labour.
  24. cochcaer

    Tory Country

    Conservativehome dubs you 'dishonest'. As I've no idea about X-Men I'll go with their explanation.
  25. cochcaer

    Tory Country

    True, he doesn't have the presence of a leader and can't connect with the electorate. Those who voted Tory last time knew what they were voting for so this has mostly been a protest by those who feel shafted by teh Libs. A very deluded party who think any economic upturn will benefit them - it won't, the Tories will get the credit. A grasp for power has sent Clegg's party back to the 90s and 'trust' can take a long time to re-establish.