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    London looking like Mogadishu...

    This is true, there's unconfirmed reports of a chair being knocked over in Cheshire. Sky News claim the chair was wobbly before Cameron came to power.
  2. cochcaer

    London looking like Mogadishu...

    1981 all over again. Copycat riots will probably begin sporadically appearing in areas of social deprivation.
  3. cochcaer

    England vs India

    No, from Jardine to Collingwood people have been castigated for being within the rules but not the spirit of the game. Without fairplay cricket loses some of its appeal.
  4. cochcaer

    Prostitues & Prostitution

    Wasn't the Diary of a Call Girl author something similar?
  5. cochcaer

    Powerfull songs Word wise

    As relevant today as it was in the 80s. cHzOG4mJ0PA
  6. cochcaer

    F1 going to Sky

    Very risky as F1 is funded by sponsors and it's a mass audiences they want not ppv. On the Beeb they'll probably have 7m, on Sky they'll struggle for 1m. OK for some teams but those with sponsors with UK interests will be worried they'll want to pay less if reaching a smaller audience.
  7. cochcaer

    Noel's solo album

    I'm expecting an album of sub-par Oasis b-sides, like The Masterplan but without the gems. Noel seems to have a fondness for whimsical little ditties.
  8. A new season about to start if anybody fancies a swing of the virtual bat. Alliance is "TLW Alliance". http://www.battrick.org/
  9. cochcaer


    What happens if the illness is medical, degenerative and surgeons have tried to 'sort you out'? How bad would you allow quality of life to get?
  10. cochcaer


    Yep, but then my fear of the operating table reminds me I haven't hit that low yet.
  11. cochcaer

    Amy Winehouse found dead

    So it was drug related or are you just embarrassing yerself... again?
  12. cochcaer

    Amy Winehouse found dead

    Such a waste of talent but all terribly predictable and cliched.
  13. cochcaer

    War films.

    Away from the battlefield action films, Downfall and Das Boot are terrific and I've a liking for the Beeb's Rogue Male with Peter O'Toole, All gripping and well acted.
  14. cochcaer

    War films.

    Cross of Iron. Grim and gritty.
  15. cochcaer

    Full Metal Jacket..

    Coz our industry was suffering and he brought a lot of work to our studios. From Lolita onwards England doubled for most of the locations in his films.
  16. cochcaer

    Fuck Dunk the S*n hat wearing cunt

    Fuck this, where's my book!
  17. cochcaer

    Full Metal Jacket..

    Kubrick's hit rate, or rather classic rate, is goddamn scary as he also helmed 2001, Spartacus and The Shining; all have inspired but not been bettered. We're lucky he was an anglophile and stayed here.
  18. Found the probing of compensation payments to Gordon Taylor and Max Clifford to be laughable. Rupert claiming he wasn't informed and James not knowing who signed it off. If this is a true insight into NI then employees could have defrauded them weekly without anybody twigging.
  19. cochcaer

    What is the best show on TV right now?

    Never watched any of em but I'm not fussed by Sky Atlantic etc.
  20. Tom Watson pinned down son and dad today and they just stonewalled him with Rupert seemingly relying on the Altheizmers defence and James claiming to not know what was going on within Notw. Lots of false humility but like most witnesses refusing to name names.
  21. cochcaer

    Southern Cross Care Homes

    Don't disagree but it's a fact we're stuck with Cameron and his stance is to drive users to private care providers - claiming to provide choice but not talking much about quality.
  22. cochcaer

    Southern Cross Care Homes

    I've a friend who's a manager for them and they were unceremoniously asset-stripped - questions should also be asked of rbs as they must have realised this would make the business model shaky. Both probably knew that local authorities and government would have a duty of care to ensure the residents were looked after. In healthcare there really should be safeguards put in place to protect the vulnerable in the private sector, especially as we're all living longer and demand will only increase.
  23. cochcaer

    Best Stone Roses Song

    Agree, fucking hard choice. Went with I am the Resurrection but I love Elephant Stone, I Wanna Be Adored and Made of Stone.
  24. Will Self was on the mark that it's hypocritical of the public to get to pious as the Notw fed the desire of millions for titillation.
  25. cochcaer

    The Civilization Games

    It's on Facebook now in beta.