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    FM 2012

    About to end my first season by coming 3rd. Managed to just pick up 3.5 star Kalou for £1.5m.
  2. cochcaer

    Govt. Bans "Muslims Against Crusades"

    The EDL can fuck off too. Blah blah freedom of speech, get fucked, most are dickwads with no interest in political activism but after a good punch up. There's being tolerant and a Graun tree-hugging dipshit desperate to be right-on.
  3. cochcaer

    Govt. Bans "Muslims Against Crusades"

    A group that wants to adopt Sharia law and ignore UK law is hardly in a position to call anybody else oppressive. They're inciting hatred and should be proscribed.
  4. cochcaer

    FM 2012

    He's scored loads from corners for me and probably my best cb.
  5. cochcaer

    New Suarez comments

  6. cochcaer

    FM 2012

    The tactics/team talks seem the biggest change. Still great fun starting out with a new version.
  7. cochcaer

    What phone to get?

    Using a Desire S but do like the look of the Galaxy Nexus.
  8. cochcaer

    FM 2012

    Just started out as Liverpool and Suarez is scarily accurate; dances past players for fun but can't score. Gerrard played for 9mins and is out again for 4 months. Adam has been poor but Shelvey has been excellent. Like the real side I'm not scoring many and desperate for a striker.
  9. cochcaer

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Hancock's Half Hour would be my first choice but the peak years of Only Fools were hilarious and so well plotted. Unlike most sitcoms it actually got better when they began filming longer length episodes.
  10. cochcaer

    Life of Brian

    Would be interesting if somebody had the balls to do a LoB-type comedy on Muhammed. At the time Brian caused a bit of uproar and I think Palin and Cleese went on tv to defend it.
  11. cochcaer

    Paddy Berger 15

    Bad news and I can only hope he makes a full recovery.
  12. cochcaer

    British TV programmes

    In its heyday the Beeb had just two tv channels and a handful of radio stations. Now it's more channels, more stations, a film arm and a massive online presence that probably earns nothing. As the budget has to deal with more quantity its no surprise the programming budget has to be cut, so all you get is celeb vehicles and derivative tec shows. Biggest victim has been BBC2 that once had such great drama and alt-comedy.
  13. cochcaer

    Jimmy Savile dead

    Fair play, he made shitloads for charity and it'd be a duller country without eccentrics.
  14. cochcaer

    Jimmy Savile dead

    The Louis Theroux doc was a interesting insight.
  15. cochcaer

    EU Referendum

    Certainly not my experience (I employ 4). One especially took the piss (work must fit around an extra-marital affair) and the best advice offered by ACAS was to offer her 5k to part company. Causes a lot of trouble in small business as dependable staff have to work extra hours and they then become unhappy or you have to hire temps at a high rate of pay.
  16. cochcaer

    EU Referendum

    Not really. Brown? And now Ed?
  17. cochcaer

    EU Referendum

    I agree. If we are forced by Clegg's opportunists to have a referendum on an issue of Lib-Dem self-interest then I see no problem for one that resonates with the electorate. Won't happen as they can't be sure how it'll swing.
  18. cochcaer

    Carroll Back To Newcastle!

    So why didn't we wait 2 years? Or do you but carrots in Tesco in seed form?
  19. cochcaer

    More than one great album

    Stereophonics? Classic? Influential on who?
  20. cochcaer

    Marco Simoncelli

    A weird one, looks like he was in a low slide and had gone beyond the angle of recovery. I suspect they'll be calls to ditch 800cc and go back to thous, and questions about Simo's mad hair and how tight fitting his lid was.
  21. cochcaer

    More than one great album

    Is it influential bands (then Kraftwerk walk it) or benchmark classic albums.
  22. cochcaer

    Marco Simoncelli

    Terrible news. A big personality but erratic rider.
  23. cochcaer

    More than one great album

    Arctic Monkeys and KoL 'classics' lol. Springsteen for Born to Run, Born in the USA, Nebraska. Take yer pick.
  24. cochcaer

    Ricky Gervais - is he a mong? Or among friends?

    I'm disabled and don't find Gervais or SP offensive, I think you have to judge whether they're trying to insult or just using it as a term of slang. SP is far braver and targets all whilst I doubt Ricky would go into Muhammed territory, in that sense he does go for 'easy' targets. Like Boyle, I think the truth is they're limited comedians in the range of their act. The one I do object to is Jim Davidson and his move the wheelchairs bollix - and much of his ancient racist/homophobic act.