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    Ricky Gervais - is he a mong? Or among friends?

    I'll drop this in here as I think Gervais is a symbol of this, the disabled are a section of society he can rip on without being branded discriminatory. The fake claimants have certainly changed perception of the disabled adversely too. The demonisation of the disabled is a chilling sign of the times | Ian Birrell | Comment is free | The Observer
  2. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    One guy I admired was Jimmy Reid, a rarity is a union leader with imagination to out flank the government. BBC News - Shipyard union leader Jimmy Reid dies
  3. cochcaer

    Stephen Merchant "Hello Ladies"

    I don't get Michael Macintyre's appeal, maybe it's for those who like cosy safe comedy. Merchant and Gervais bore me now as it's the same ol routine, Life's Too Short is just a dwarf reading old lines.
  4. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    Sorry but the Guardian seemed to drop the strike to a sub story yesterday and has been pushing Clarkson as the big story. A bit of shooting oneself in the foot from overreacting unions and press. Done Downing Street's 'bury a story' job for them.
  5. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    This fucking country astounds me, maybe because the Bernard Manning's are gone we now have to look at Clarkson and Cameron for comments to get irate about. But I do wonder if the likes of Brass Eye would get commissioned today.
  6. cochcaer

    Charlie Brookers 'Black Mirror' Trilogy

    The previews look cheap and poorly acted, like a student film.
  7. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    Indeed, the government spin merchants will try and whip this up for a couple of days and job done.
  8. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    In one quip Clarkson has overshadowed the strike.
  9. cochcaer

    Everyone knows Country Music sucks.

    I'm a Little Bit Country, I'm a Little Bit Rock and Roll... SfOp8tMq2BY
  10. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    BBC News - Unison takes legal advice over Clarkson strike comments Oh dear.
  11. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    Wait til the Cash in the Attic political heavyweights join in.
  12. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    He had some pertinent questions. Where will the money come from? Not the rich. According to the ONS it's the poorest 1/5th getting hammered, and they'll get raided further as apart from rioting they'll take getting shafted.
  13. cochcaer

    F1 going to Sky

    Briatore once got his girlfriend an F1 drive - think she only did a handful of races tho.
  14. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    My (teacher) sister went shopping too. Predictable outcome of striking during the run up to crimbo.
  15. cochcaer

    F1 going to Sky

    Senna's crash wasn't that big as F1 crashes go and more a failure of the safety cell. Ratzenberger had a wing failure, which still happens. We still race at Spa but look at the 1960 Belgium GP. Both tracks and cars do evolve to make racing safer but you can never be entirely sure at 180mph.
  16. cochcaer

    Desperate Scousewives

    I hope they were paid for every mention of "Amanda Harrington". Like an hour long plug for her.
  17. cochcaer

    Desperate Scousewives

    All that is needed now is a remake of Bread.
  18. cochcaer

    The Town

    Without the gun pornography scene.
  19. cochcaer

    Strike Action

    If I thought it'd achieve anything I'd say go for it but I don't. As a child of the 70s I'm very cynical of unions - not the members but those at the top.
  20. cochcaer

    Favourite Sherlock Holmes

    They're very good, I think they adapted every Holmes story although Michael Williams as Watson was replaced by Andrew Sachs following his death. I'm going to investigate some of the dubbed German Holmes' with Christopher Lee.
  21. cochcaer

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    People often swing to the right as they age but Stronts pretty much did a handbrake turn within a week.
  22. cochcaer

    Favourite Sherlock Holmes

    Jeremy Brett. Honourable mention for Peter Cushing.
  23. cochcaer

    Frigid bitch

    Aye, most guys master the art of switching off and nodding in the right places. A right cunt when they ask 'what did I just say?'.
  24. cochcaer


    Me and my mates used to spend hours playing Bomberman, epic multiplayer fun.