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  1. Mascherano? And we just forget that he refused to play whilst he was negotiating his way out to Barcelona? Respecting the shirt, eh? Feck him, he's just another mercenary.

    Doesn't Mascherano deny that? I'd believe him over rats like Hodgson or Purslow. They wanted rid and would've done anything to make it look like it was all his fault he was going, not the fact they wanted the money to off Yank debt. Cunts.

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  2. Like with you moaning about Aspas before he'd kicked a ball for us, how do you know?


    A summer international U21 tournament is no place to judge anybody's ability.


    I think Aspas could be a good signing. I think he'll do well. Me moaning was me agreeing with Rodgers when he said the signings were squad players and they need first 11 quality.

  3. Well carry on then, it's your mental state not mine. Let me know when you think it will make difference what you lot think, maybe you take it to the streets.

    It could also be said not to confuse the panic stricken babies on here with real supporters.

    If the club is all about the supporters, can't we do a better job than this? Go back and look at the last few pages, it embarrassing.


    Haha. Aye, real supporters love FSG.#LFCFAMILY #USAUSA