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    Favourite reds shirt

    The 84 0ne without a sponsor. I've been trying to get an original one for ages.
  2. PaulMcC

    team next year

    A lot of people have David Raven in their teams. I've heard he's good but is he one of the 2 best centre halves at the club? If not, then he shouldn't be in your teams.
  3. PaulMcC


    Cisse is better than Kezman and the Dutch league is no better than French league. Kezman's record in Champions League was woeful this year. I agree on Shaun Wright Phillips, very good player.
  4. PaulMcC


    I've seen Cisse play a good few times and he's always impressed me. He's strong, quick and has a great shot on him. I think he'll be a class signing. And Wenger doesn't always get good players for cheap fromn France. He bought Wiltord for 11m and is losing him for free in the summer. And no one really knows what the Cisse fee is.
  5. PaulMcC


    I don't think he means springboard as in a stepping stone for another club.
  6. PaulMcC

    UEFA Cup

    Cheers mate.
  7. PaulMcC

    UEFA Cup

    When do the tickets for the final go on sale on the UEFA website? I think they went on sale about this time last year. It's in Gotheborg this year, isn't it?