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  1. Barry Wom

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    My mate is a blue and he said the club's own reselling scheme allows for selling above face value. You just put your seat up for availability and say how much you want and people either buy it or don't.
  2. Barry Wom

    The 96

    It won't weigh on him at all. Because he will think it's not his fault and it's all ours. If any of these cunts who've apologised since the Hillsborough panel and the later inquest had one shred of guilt about them, they'd have apologised decades ago.
  3. Barry Wom

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    All the talk seems to be the mancs want hungry young players with something to prove. i don't Bale really fits that profile. I reckon Bale will go on a loan deal to an Italian club or Munich. I reckon we should want £30m for him. We all agreed he was a bargain last year, despite not much playing time, his stock has risen imo and while I am not statty, I guess his numbers are good. He'd cost us £30m to replace. I would like to keep him and try to find a way to use him in midfield. I just don't think the way we play he suits those wide attacking areas. Maybe he just can't work hard enough to play in midfield or doesn't have enough defensive awareness.
  4. Barry Wom

    The shitness of modern football

    Apparently they decided to do this as the airport isn't capable of getting more fans in and out. That should just rule out Baku as a place to hold a final. Utter, Utter cunts UEFA. But I am sure I have said it before, that is hardly the shitness of modern football, UEFA have always been cunts. Shocking club anyway. A bunch of fucking corrupt cunts and depite their supposed "biggest club" view of themselves, have less fans willing to pay to see them than Man City.
  5. fuck that. i can't be doing with booing names, but fuck cheering them. we're there to support liverpool and make it hostile for our opponents, if they wanted warmth off us, they shouldn't have chosen to change dressing rooms.
  6. Barry Wom

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    You know the answer to that one!
  7. Barry Wom

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    my memory might be failing me, but didn't they also terrorise the wimbledon team the year they had to beat them to stay up?
  8. Obviously he's behind them. He's behind most managers in the league. I am just saying they will reduce his role as much as they can. And who knows, ferguson could be making some of the in match decisions. There's been reports of him going into the dressing room during and after games. That trapped in the past stuff is no different to us really. When Houllier was appointed, there was more made of him once being a teacher in Liverpool than there was of his achievements in the game. The thing is, that's not always a bad thing, continuity served us well from Shanks through to Kenny, but the key is making the right appointments. It's like when we went for Souness - he admits now it was too early for him. We knew Roy Evans wasn't right, which is why we went for Souness. Yet once Souness went, we went for Roy who we'd previously overlooked to have the warm glowing feeling of our past. Football is an emotional game and I don't think it is possible to detach that emotion completely.
  9. Hodgson was the best appointment this club ever made. And I'm serious about that. Plenty of us wanted H&G out, but it wasn't enough and the campaign to get rid didn't get into full flow till hodgson united the fan base against him and as a consequence made enough realise what a fucking mess we were in and go after H&G. Those short few months made all the difference as the campaign managed to stop Hicks getting funding he so desperately needed to stop RBS subsequently forcing the sale of the club. Hodgson, cunt of a man, cunt of a manager, but we can always be thankful he got everyone behind getting rid of H&G and the owl pictures and jokes will be eternally funny.
  10. I would say season 4 is almost hitting the heights of season 1. I wouldn't say season 3 was as bad as you say, but i did wonder where they'd go from there, but I think it's been really enjoyable.
  11. Barry Wom

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I wouldn't say the independent is a Tory newspaper. It's been more critical of this government and its handling of brexit than the labour front bench.
  12. I find with nearly all of these Netflix shows, if they don't work for you in episode one, they don't get any better. I don't know if they don't do pilots in the same way the network TV channels do, so a show is signed up on the initial premise and script, but I really think the future of the show is set in the opening episode. I find quite often with the stuff off network TV, they can change quite dramatically after the pilot and I believe a lot of the pilots are remade.
  13. Barry Wom

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Work wouldn't have started on the dock as they don't even have a design, let alone planning permission. I said at the time and I'll say it again, this moshiri is just their H&G except instead of spades in the ground, he goes for public consultations.
  14. They're gonna get a dof, they'll be expecting Phelan to help and I bet Ferguson is involved with any big decisions. I'm not saying it's still not a gamble, but I'm seeing OGS as the fella for the cameras, but he might be very far from being the boss and making any key decisions.
  15. Barry Wom

    Souness (Poll)

    As I said in my original post, I can get an idea his head was up his arse and he just fucked up. I don't believe he didn't know and that's what he needs to apologise for. For me he needs to say my head was up my arse, I wasn't thinking straight, I made a poor decision and compounded it by making a poor excuse as a felt I needed to defend myself, but it's all something I regret and I am sorry for. If he says that, it's ok with me and time to move on.
  16. Started a couple of things on Netflix, Chambers and Dead to Me. I found episode 1 of Chambers a little slow. I like the premise (a young woman gets a heart transplant and weird shit starts happening to her), but the story doesn't feel like it's getting going. Dead to me started well, it's about a girl who's fella got killed in a hit and run and she's befriended by this weird girl at her 1st group counceling session. After 1 episode 5.5/10 for Chambers, 7.5/10 for dead to me.
  17. Barry Wom

    Souness (Poll)

    If you mean from that mnf stuff, I don't think that's enough. It's one thing to regret what you did, which is what he says there, it's another to admit you were wrong and apologise. It's the latter I'd be looking for and I don't think he's ever done that - but I would be happy to be wrong about that.
  18. Barry Wom

    Souness (Poll)

    I've always had the thought that when Souness agreed to do that piece, his brain just couldn't have been in the right place. I'm not trying to excuse it, it just stands to reason that someone who played at his level, was still training with the players, could possibly have seen that coming and had to deal very quickly with all of a sudden at such a young age not being invincible and a triple heart bypass back then was a much more dangerous op than it is today, and it's no walk in he park today! And then by he time he realised he needed to defend what he had done, he was not mature enough to admit he had made a mistake and instead tried to weasel out by claiming he didn't understand. That was insulting to us all. Having said all that, I find it really hard to forgive. I can't help but like souness when I watch him on sky, then I just remember all that stuff from back then. I think actually that guardian article hits the nail on he head. He needs to be honest with the fans. Publicly step away from his original stance that he didn't understand and all that shite. Just say he was a tit, his head was up his arse and he was just a thoughtless prick. He's had a lot of years to try and make up what he did and he can't fix that now, but I think if he held is hands up with a sorry about me speech, it would go a long way. It would for me. It is a shame he's not seen as a legend of the club, he's without doubt one of the finest players to ever pull on the shirt. His attitude and will to win as a player epitomises everything the club should stand for. Yet he has nobody else to blame by doing what he did.
  19. Barry Wom

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That is funny. Especially the 3 years thing. What makes them think that is possible? They don't even have plans yet or even drawings do they? Let alone planning permission and an understanding of just how fucking difficult it will be to build on a dock. And I don't need to even mention the money as they've no fucking idea how much this will all cost. I can't believe they suck this shite up. I was out a few weeks back with a few mates, 2 were blues and we started talking about this and it hasn't even crossed their minds they won't be out of woodison in a couple of years. Yeah, but you do also have tor remember these were all great players too - the wanking they did over Sandro and especially klassen was incredible. Now they're just another club who's wages outstrip their budget and all they can do is sell. Not even sell to buy, just sell to balance the books. I fucking love Everton me.
  20. Barry Wom

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    We are a better team with Trent at full back. As I said loads of posts back, any improvement Gomez is, is lost elsewhere and we're a lesser team. So the fact Gomez wins more headers just doesn't matter.
  21. Barry Wom

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    So you want to compare stats, which is interesting as you claim you don't care for them, why not compare with robbo rather than a fucking giant? He's a small full back and should be expected to compete in a similar manner to Trent? Does he "shit out" too? He has less aerial duals per game than Trent - is he also running away from headers? He wins more - but I would say that's because he's a better defender and it has nothing to do with if Trent is a shithouse or shits out or which other weasel phrase you want to use. Trent has just been voted the best right back in the league by his fellow pro's. Do you think they did that because they think he shits out and makes their life easy?
  22. Barry Wom

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    So I don't know where you're getting your stats. I got them from the premier League site, which has Trent on about 50 matches and Gomez less. Maybe they're just league games. But that doesn't matter. Saying he shits out or he's a shithouse are the same thing. It's just a different way to say it. I'm not going to argue with you on this any more as you've clearly just got an issue with Trent or a hard on for Gomez, not sure which, but despite what you're saying, you're not watching the game. Trent neither shits out ornis a shithouse.
  23. Barry Wom

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I must be one of those stats gimps. Dickhead. Your 2/3 shithousery headed challenges a game is a stat. It's just one you made up because it backed up your point of view but had completely no substance. I don't care for stats much. Unlike you, I clearly watch games as it's absolutely clear to me he doesn't shit out in 2/3 headers a game, because he doesn't have 2/3 headers a game. So I went to see how many headers he actually had. As for how many Gomez had, it was fucking loads more, but he loses half of them. But you know why Gomez has so many? He's played centre back in as many games as he's played full back. Centre backs head the ball more. He's also been included in games as a full back to help us defend in the air. When we defend set pieces, he will be one of our key headers of the ball. If you want me to say something stupid like Trent is a shithouse because he doesn't head the ball as much as Gomez, I won't. Because Trent isn't a shithouse, he's just small and Gomez will clearly go in for more headers and win a higher percentage of them because he's fucking massive. I will leave stupid comments like Trent is a shithouse to fools like you.
  24. Barry Wom

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Maybe the press do play a part. But then it's the leadership of the party's responsibility to change that. What do we want out of labour, people talking a good game in the shadows or someone who can actually look to the electorate like they're more capable of running the country than a party who is seen even by their own party as incapable of running the country? If you live in West London, you must know most people are afraid of Corbyn? Rightly or wrongly, that's his image and an 80s left winger is just easy pickings for the press. As for the brexit stuff, that was all carefully managed to leave the party in the mess it is now. If it was put to a vote of the membership should remain and a 2nd vote be policies, not some shite "let's get a general election 1st" and all that, I'm sure both would be voted as policies. As for the local stuff, the whole party is at each others throat. Everywhere from top to bottom of the party there are just people who see opportunity for themselves. I would never vote for that fat prick again, but those trying to displace him seem just as bad.
  25. Barry Wom

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    yeah, I get what you are saying and agree. but I think FPTP means it is almost impossible for anyone to break past the big 2 or in local terms, big 3.