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  1. Enrique Ponce

    What single event has summed up this car crash of a season?

    That first leg at a shite Real Madrid, with Keita being subbed off about 40mins too late.
  2. Enrique Ponce

    Misheard Lyrics

    Massive Attack, Unfinished Sympathy: I’ve always been convinced she sings “Like a soul without a mind, in a body without a heart, I’m missing Arrowe Park”.
  3. Enrique Ponce

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Another vote for “Brass” - Bradley Hardacre was a work of genius. And The Brothers McGregor nailed the whole social club comedy thing waaay before Phoenix Nights…
  4. Enrique Ponce

    Real Madrid - Champions League (A) 6/4/21 - 20:00

    Keita's best season for us was 2017-18, when he stayed in fucking Germany.
  5. Enrique Ponce

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    OK, that was a bit over the top - but something changed then for sure...
  6. Enrique Ponce

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    We haven’t been the same since that Winter break this time last year. Before, completely unstoppable. Afterwards, losing to teams from Atletico Madrid to Watford. Should have broke all records but ended up limping to the title really. WTF went on?
  7. Enrique Ponce

    As low as it got for you?

    That fucking fraud Rodgers, “resting” first team players in a Champions League tie against Real Madrid so that we were starting with Borini and Markovic up front at the Bernabeu. All to prioritise a league game against Chelsea which we lost anyway. For all his cod Shankly impersonations, that veneered prick NEVER understood this club. I’ve blanked out the Hodgson years altogether. Refuse to believe he was ever at Anfield.
  8. And he does look like Dean Gaffney.
  9. Enrique Ponce

    Liverpool v Liege game

    Tyldsley's giving me torsion of the testes as usual. Can someone tell him it's European football? We don't have to charge about trying to win it, there's a second leg.
  10. Pay £100m a season for the Champions League rights and then get CRAIG FUCKING DOYLE to present it. Jesus. Or rather Bejaysus as the faux Oirish kids TV presenter would no doubt say. Have you ever met anyone actually from Ireland who talks like that tit? I never thought I'd say this, but bring back Jim Rosenthal.
  11. Enrique Ponce

    Is Ramon Calderon for real?

    Cobblers. Leaving aside the fact that they were General Franco's club and went more than 30 years without a European Cup once the rest of Europe joined in, plus their epitomising just about all that is wrong with modern corporate football, in just the last few years they've been publicly knocked back by Michael Ballack, Kaka, Cesc Fabregas, Frank Ribery, Ashley Twatting Cole...and Djibril Cisse. Even Gary Mabbutt once famously turned them down, presumably because they didn't have Audi/Siemens/Gregg's Pasties or whoever else's money at the time.
  12. I seem to remember we had a choice between signing Kewell or paying Blackburn about £15m for Duff. At the time, I thought we did a fantastic deal. Then I saw the supposedly-injured, bone-idle get on an episode of MTV Cribs, tooling around some mock-Georgian monstrosity with his bellisha-beacon missus and almost put me foot through the telly. Cheerio, Harry.
  13. Enrique Ponce

    David Gill on Skysports News tonight

    Good point, they've got Platini on now. The plug's coming out the wall.
  14. Dimwit Sky reporter: "So David, with Manchester United reaching the final again, could this be the start of a period of European dominance, like Real Madrid in the 1950's or, er, Ajax in the 1970's...?" Gill: "Er..." NO IT FUCKING WON'T BE. And at roughly 1 European Cup every 30 years, it'll be 2118 before they have more than us. Everyone at Sky is a twat. Apart from Vicky Gomersall, obviously.
  15. Enrique Ponce

    "Go and fucking beat them."

    "Too bad they can't both lose" as Kissinger said about the Iran-Iraq war.