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    So what is our best fit team??

    True enough, but I'd have a one-legged Danny before Smicer!
  2. Duncan Clench

    January Transfers?

    Alan Smith is exactly the sort of player we need at the club. More than happy to see the current No.8 make way for him. ...and I would add Nicola Butt-fuck if not for obvious reasons! Bit of Midfield competition for places (from half decent player, not Diao/Cheyrou Smicer etc..) wouldn't go amiss! Viduka? Might as well keep Smicer eh?!?!
  3. Problem is: Who next? There is a deflated spirit about the club that's been there since "black November". Our best signing is years hasn't lifted the team so what can? A new manager? New Chairman? New stadium?!?!?!?!
  4. Duncan Clench


    The problem is that GH believes what he says and that means Ig(n)or(amus) is keeping Henchoz out of the team! Hence, he played RB at Spurs. So this is just poor judgement and yet another indication as to why GH must do the right thing in the summer. :thumbdown
  5. Duncan Clench

    So what is our best fit team??

    Biscan wouldn't even make the "best reserve team 11" in my opinion. In defence or midfield! Total waste of space. I'd find it hard to leave Murph out of the team, Truered: Smicer is the epitome of all that is bad about LFC right now. No fight in him. Dioiuff I like but how long do we go on waiting for him to perform. True, earlier in the season when we played like Gods for 45 mins against Arse/Chelski Diouff combining with Kewell and Owen looked spectacular. Next question: What the fuck do we do when any of our first 11 gets injured? Answer: Lose invariably!
  6. Duncan Clench

    To you scousers

    Rashid: Good to see that the "International Diplomacy" course is going so well! Now why don't you fuck off and let people have an opinion.
  7. Duncan Clench

    What a difference a year makes...

    Oh dear! Another woeful performance from the lads and GH is back in trouble with the Liverpool faithful! Still not thought of anyone to replace him yet though! We are in trouble. We're a team that looks like we don't have a clue what playing in the prem is all about, why can't we struggle in a match and still win three points? That's what it's all about surely. When things aren't going well then we're there for the taking because there isn't a single player (and I include Gerrard, Owen and all the other favourites) that can inspire the rest of the team to get those points. What does GH say to them at half time when we're looking like shit again? Not a lot from what I can see because they come out for the second half looking beaten already. This is what it comes down to, the manager cannot inspire the team to victory and therefore he should resign out of respect for the club and it's traditions. "Third most successful manager in the premier league"? Have to disagree I'm afraid. Trophy-wise, yes. But to be honest, if I was manager of the club for the last few years I'm pretty sure we'd have finished third at least! Look at who we're up against for the "Holy "Grail" of 4th spot. Charlton (Alan Curbishley, a better manager that GH I think, but without the gift of a free Owen/Gerrard/Carra etc). Who's most succesful, the manager with an almost ready-made team with oodles (great word) of money to spend who wins a few cups and finishes in the top 5 regularly? Or is it the man who brings a team up from the lower divs and makes them a Premier league outfit year after year with no money? Who get's the best out of their players, Houllier or Curbishley? Or Coleman? Bruce even? Oh, and one more thing. Henchoz at RB and Biscan at CB? Are you purposely trying to wind me up Mr. Houllier? Spurs have now won 4-in-a-row without a manager.........Hmmmmmmmmm!
  8. Ditto that, the guy is a legend.
  9. Duncan Clench


    Oh no! I'd have Riise over Traore any day! Traore and Biscan are liabilities. They have caused so many goals against us this season, making stupid errors that you wouldn't see on a school pitch! You can see that Sami doens't trust them and he's been caught out on a few occaisions trying to make up for their lack of judgement/ability. Dodgy. :no
  10. Duncan Clench


    Eagerly awaiting Carra's return but have to say not for his flair and grace! What I think he will bring is some much-needed resolve (& passion & graft & strength) and a return to our solid back four (Carra/Henchoz/Sami/Riise). Should say though that I think Finnan was making the spot his own from what I saw of him, and he really does get forward! Surely having Didi again releases the full-backs so they can have a bit of fun!?!
  11. Duncan Clench

    Question re: 4th place

    True, it's annoying that pundits and the like react to every game as if it's the last of the season! Lose on Saturday and the papers will be saying we're doomed, win the next and we're real contenders! Our saving grace is that there's a lot of the season left and the rest of the teams in the league (bar the top 3) are awful. We should easily win 4th. As soon as a bit of home form comes back we'll be right on track. Let's just hope that happens and our year-long slump can finally come to an end!
  12. Duncan Clench

    Question re: 4th place

    Agreed. It's a sad day when Liverpool fans accept 4th as their best hope! Do we really want to be associated with the likes of Fulham, Charlton VILLA?!!?! :no Saying that, I'd like to see GH stay for another season. Can't think of anyone better. Let's face it, it's the players who are to blame. Why shouldn't we be able to challenge for the title just because we've got a few missing? I thought this was a squad game?
  13. Duncan Clench

    Stamford Bridge...

    Went to Villa away last year and could only get tickets in the home stand. What a laugh that was! More Reds than Brummies! No problems with a home-fans backlash though, there were none to be seen! It seems that all Villa fans wear flourescent jackets and are keen to show you where your seat is!! ;) Is this the start of something beautiful?