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    Singers/Bands you can't stand

    Is this an amnesty thread?
  2. Duncan Clench

    So what car do you drive?

    Pesti, I mentioned before that my mother-in-law has a Q3 which I took out for quite a long drive. Was very impressed by it. Test drive the 3 litre diesel if you can. Goes very well and I think it's got an 8 speed auto which is very efficient. Anyway, something a bit 'in between' to look at maybe.
  3. Duncan Clench

    PPI mis-selling - anyone else looked in to it?

    One aspect of the mis-selling was that despite you saying you didn't want it, it was often added to agreements anyway without people knowing. The sales people got commission from adding PPI, so they added it.
  4. Duncan Clench

    PPI mis-selling - anyone else looked in to it?

    I'm sure it was MSE where I saw that it had to be within 10 years.
  5. Duncan Clench

    PPI mis-selling - anyone else looked in to it?

    Even with no numbers? What about the age of the loans?
  6. Duncan Clench

    PPI mis-selling - anyone else looked in to it?

    I thought you could only claim if the loan/card was taken out in the last 10 years. Can I still go for this? I was stitched up like a fucking kipper when I was a naive 18 year old. Might give SF a call anyway. But has anyone claimed for something that's approaching 20 years old? I've got nothing in the way of account numbers etc.
  7. Duncan Clench

    Terrible (HD) illegal movie/tv streaming

    Flixanity claimed that cartoonHD had stolen their database and were making moves to shut them down. Don't know how much truth there is in that. Flixanity themselves were being the attention seeking teenager themselves not too long ago.
  8. Duncan Clench


    The Kanger tanks are very nice looking but I've never actually used one. From a purely aesthetic view I don't like the Nautilus tanks because I like the more modern look so I got the v scope tank which is £20 and holds 3.7ml liquid. All the new ones coming out seem to be sub ohm and that's clearly not for me.
  9. Duncan Clench

    Hottest Temprature you have ever experienced

    Hot: Vegas. Didn't drop below 40 the whole time we were there. It was 35 in Boston when I was there last summer. That was unpleasant. Cold: Vermont. -30. I like England for the above reasons.
  10. Duncan Clench


    I just received a 30w iStick... which is great, but I stupidly combined it with a sub ohm Melo tank. Not my cup of tea at all. There's no draw to it, even on the tightest setting... you have to put your finger over the hole to get any kind of draw... and the throat hit is mental. It's like smoking 20 Marlboro Red in one go. On the plus side, if you like a lot of flavour and vapour but you don't like your throat; this is the set-up for you! Just ordered a new tank to fit which is more my cup of tea. The iStick is great though. Money well spent.
  11. Duncan Clench

    So what car do you drive?

    It's my wife's car, and she LOVES Golfs... so I wouldn't be surprised if she went in that direction. I think they've actually got worse since the mk4. Although I did test drive an R32 a couple of years back which was immense. I want to have a go on an Audi S3 I'll have to look into that. It's a 2013 model but no idea what engine it is. The thing is rapid and we've no complaints about the car in general except that neither of us like it. Can't quite put my finger on what it is that I totally fucking hate about it. It's going to be sold anyhow.
  12. Duncan Clench

    So what car do you drive?

    Currently got a 1 Series BMW... 120d M thing. It's a weird one. Lovely car really, fast, economical (minimum 50mpg), got loads of bells & whistles, but there's something about it that just a bit......... shit. Will be chopping it in next month and not sure what to go for. Tempted by a Q5 because I drove my mother-in-law's the other day and it was very nice, but that's a big change. Maybe the A-class Merc.
  13. Duncan Clench


    Well please allow me to be the first to say 1569875649526487555521679
  14. Duncan Clench

    Terrible (HD) illegal movie/tv streaming

    With that God-awful flixanity website they MAKE MONEY from people clicking anything except the links that say 'watch'. So if you accidentally went there in the first place, and accidentally clicked on a film or TV show of interest then tried to download it, stream it, or do anything but just click 'watch' then you'll be taken to another site that might fleece you. So yeah, for avoidance of doubt... definitely don't only watch content that has a Watch button.
  15. Duncan Clench

    Small pleasures?

    My recommendation would be this: https://www.plumbnation.co.uk/site/grohe-rainshower-modern-head-shower-210mm-diameter--28368-/ Just because I've got a Grohe one and the rain shower thing is ace. It uses an air intake to make the shower feel like rain. Each to their own like. It's a shame you can't go and try out a shower really.
  16. Duncan Clench

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Stickers on things you've bought. Particularly the ones that give you the idea that they're going to peel off easily but then leave their bastard, sticky remains. Which reminds me... things with 'easy peel' tabs on them. Like ham, bacon etc. Surely someone can come up with a system whereby the easy peel tab also removes the cellophane covering the fucking product.
  17. Duncan Clench

    Terrible (HD) illegal movie/tv streaming

    I would also avoid flixanity for the same awful reason. These jokers simply ask for a username and password then expect you to enjoy a plethora of deplorable copyright infringement.
  18. Congrats! I missed my anniversary: 11 years on 8th Jan.
  19. Duncan Clench

    Catfish and the Bottlemen

    Catfish and the Bottlemen are ok. Only ok. He's got a decent voice, it's mildly catchy, but it's pretty dull. Why bother listening to that when the genre has been done already by much better artists? The bridge in that Cocoon song is Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, by the way. Pushing the boundaries of originality.
  20. Duncan Clench

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Sorry mate, that's me. I've got a diesel and I don't want my hand stinking for the rest of the day because the handle is usually covered in the stuff. If I park with the petrol cap on the other side of the pump, I sometimes glove both hands. Yeah that's right... BOTH. My hands never smell like diesel.
  21. Duncan Clench

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Good one. Petrol stations are a fucking nightmare. Why the fuck don't people understand that the hose is long enough to reach both sides of the car. Even when there are signs telling them so.
  22. Duncan Clench

    Time to upgrade to SSD?

    Yes, get a SSD because they're great.
  23. Duncan Clench


    Yeah I thought that was particularly galling. HOW DARE YOU DEFEND YOURSELF IN A DEBATE WITH WIMMIN!!!
  24. Duncan Clench

    The world of a woman.

    My amazing wife lost her house keys, weeks ago, so she was using the spare set that lives outside the house in a hidey-hole. Just last week I went to the effort and expense of getting 2 new ones cut for her and the next day, while I'm out walking the dog I get a call to say she's locked out. Where's the spare set? In the house. I left them on the window sill. Where are the new ones I got cut for you? There still in the bedroom. I can't start using them until I've got a keyring can I? I'll be back when the dog's tired. Anyway, the original set turned up yesterday. In her coat pocket. I mean, why would you bother to actually LOOK for them in the first place eh?