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    I've been having problems settling on a set-up that works for me. I'm a mouth-to-lung vaper and it's been a struggle the last 12 months to find a decent tank for it. Everything went so far towards sub-ohm that finding a balance between flavour and coil longevity was almost impossible. I've been using the iSub S tank - which is really really good... but the could were lasting 2 or 3 days before burning out. I was on the 1.5ohm and vaping at a piddly 8w. Great flavour and vapour production, but the coils were a nightmare. I moved on to 0.5ohm coils at 22w for a while and as well as burning through liquid like mad, the coils laster about a week, and to be honest it was too much for me in terms of throat hit. I just got a Nautilus X tank. 1.8ohm coils at 12w and it's fucking fantastic. Yet to know how long the coils last but on day 4 now and still going strong. Again, it burns through the juice quick, but I'll take that. Using a Cool Fire iv as well, but it's old so the battery isn't great. Looking for something smaller like the Smok R200 but it's pretty pricey! Will look at the suggestions for e-liquid, thanks! I've been using vapeclub.co.uk which has a fantastic selection and next day delivery, but it's not cheap. If you haven't tried it, Charlie's Chalk Dust - Head Banging Boogie is my adv now. Lovely stuff - if you like sweet.
  2. Duncan Clench

    The world of a woman.

    She wasted about half a bottle of my Sierra Nevada Pale Ale last night by asking for it and then not drinking it. Divorce proceedings have begun.
  3. Duncan Clench

    Have a rant thread

    It may well have been done on here already: Why can't coffee shops make coffee properly? It doesn't matter what you ask for, you'll get a mug with 2 shots of espresso, molten lava milk up to the last quarter inch of available space, and then some bubbly milk on top. Not foam. Bubbles. 'Look at me! I'm a barista!'. No, you're a fucking twat that has clearly forgotten the simple instructions given to you when you were told how to use that machine in front of you. I understand that it's probably a boring job, especially in the likes of the 'chain' coffee shops.. but do your fucking job. If you're handed a coffee you should be able to drink it immediately. It should not burn through the mug or take-away cup. If it's a cappuccino, it should be equal parts milk, espresso and foam. That's FOAM. It's not 'pull the milk jug just off the steamer so the milk bubbles', it's 'do it fucking properly to get a foam'. Near me there must be 10 different coffee shops. 1 of them makes a proper coffee, and that's only if a particular girl is working there (no, she isn't fit). In a culture where we apparently love our coffee, why can we have it made properly? I've now become the grumpy old cunt that sends it back immediately. I need to move to Italy. They know how to do it.
  4. Yeah the advert on there is awful and I was going to post another link that didn't have it... but the free steam mop deal is on that page which I thought might be of interest. It's a heck of a vacuum cleaner though!
  5. I bought one of these and it's about a billion times better than a Dyson. Still pricey mind, at £200, but if you're in the market for a Dyson then you should get this. https://sharkbrilliant.co.uk
  6. Duncan Clench

    Wi-Fi repeater

    They work a treat, but what's up with the range extender?? Should be fine if you've got it placed right.
  7. Duncan Clench

    The GF Handy Hints

    Get a free fridge magnet by purchasing a subscription to The Liverpool Way website and waiting 20 to 30 years.
  8. Duncan Clench

    dodgy copy of MS office - anyone help?

    +1 for Libre Office. You just go into the settings and set the default to save as Excel/Word etc...
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    fiverr.com is worth a visit (not detracting from the quality of the above work of course).
  10. Duncan Clench

    Who's had the snip?

    Quality! I'm on my phone so can't give you the well-deserved rep. Will try tomrrow.
  11. This is exactly how we found my mate in the Reeperbahn in Hamburg after he'd wandered off. Except there was only one girl. And 'girl' is a dubious description of his companion.
  12. Duncan Clench

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    People on radio phone-ins saying "...Well as I said to your researcher...". We weren't listening then mate, and nor was the presenter. The fact you said it to a fucking temp before you got on to the radio is irrelevant to absolutely everyone listening.
  13. Duncan Clench

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    That, plus the new and infuriating "I'll just leave this here..." fuckwittery.
  14. Duncan Clench

    Site problem...

    Dammit Dave, I wrote my best stuff this week! Lost forever.
  15. Duncan Clench

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    A colleague of mine revealed today that his polling station is a pub. Mine is a community centre. So he gets to have a nice freshly poured pint when he votes, and I have to carry my booze all the way from home again. Ridiculous.
  16. Duncan Clench

    Gas VS Charcoal BBQs

    I'm just getting into charcoal barbecuing and it's a great way to experiment with cooking which I can't do on the gas grill. Doing some 4-hour baby back ribs at the weekend (with some cherry wood smoke) and seriously can't wait. By the way, I notice the Aussies coming in for some stick about using gas... but a lot of the reason for that is that they can't use charcoal in bush fire areas. I think it's against the law. They do gas ones well though... no fucking about with Calor gas bottles, the supply is straight off the mains.
  17. Duncan Clench

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Martin Lewis has published this article today; http://blog.moneysavingexpert.com/2016/06/05/how-to-vote-in-the-eu-referendum/
  18. Duncan Clench

    The world of a woman.

    Exactly what happened in my example... not a single comment after I said my piece.
  19. Duncan Clench

    The world of a woman.

    Facebook is a fertile ground for WoaW fun. A recent one was someone sharing that post about units of pain (is it del?) and how having a baby is the equivalent of breaking every bone in your body... despite there being no such thing as a 'del' in the first place. It also said something along the lines of a human body can only bear 40 del units, but when giving birth a woman experiences 50. How the fuck? The ludicrous part was that it was one woman sharing it and tagging her pregnant friend in it. Psychos.
  20. Duncan Clench

    New Top Gear

    Well I'm in the minority as I didn't think it was at all bad, and certainly better than the old show. Admittedly, I was really tired of the old presenters. The 'Captain Slow' and 'Hamster Hammond' thing was very tired, and as Trumo said, it was becoming more and more controversial for the sake of ratings and it was dull. I liked Le Blanc's little looks and gestures at the camera, I like the rally idea (and the fact that they didn't get people who were clearly there to plug their upcoming movie/book/album), and didn't they even hint that next episode they'll be driving a normal car? Like, one that somebody watching might actually be able to afford? If you liked the old presenters, then they're making a program that you can watch. I'd take this on its own merits and doing that, it was decent.
  21. Duncan Clench

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I agree it's difficult, but if you campaign for a 'side' then it's in your interests to put the benefits of your position forward isn't it? Surely it's not beyond the realms of possibility that remain campaign strategists put together a list of things that benefit the UK as a result of being part of the EU? Maybe on some sort of biblical stone tablet?
  22. Duncan Clench

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I'm on the fence still. Well, I'm leaning towards remain but I don't think they're putting much of an argument forward. The out campaign talk of things we would gain, and things we would lose that don't benefit us anyway. The in campaign seems to just offer up 'it'll be bad if we leave' but without much explanation or explaining the real benefits of staying. I guess that's because it seems to work as it is, so no change is better than the risk of change. The niggling thing for me though is that I can't help thinking that being more independent would actually stimulate industry and perhaps even motivate the shite generation of people who either want something for nothing or work for the sake of earning money rather than having pride in what they do. Genuine question: how good is our membership of the EU for industry?
  23. Duncan Clench

    How does your garden grow?

    Grass is a pain in the neck (I was going to type 'pain in the arse', but didn't want to highlight the obvious rhyme - which i just did anyway). Mine's fucked through a combination of female dog and 4 year old daughter. Weeds and dead patches all over it. I bought some of that grass seed that's mixed in with some growing agent/soil affair. It was on offer for £5 in The Asda. Current economy of that purchase is £1 per blade of grass. The fucks. So I'm taking action, and have trawled YouTube and learnt everything I need to attempt a total renovation. Scarifying, aerating, fertilising and over-seeding. I'm getting a quote to have someone else do it but I think I'm going to try it myself. Travis Perkins can fuck off as well. £78 per day to hire a scarifying machine? I'll do some before and afters because, even if you don't care, I'd like my efforts to be globally accessible whether good or bad.