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    The IPTV Thread

    Not sure about the service I use. I know you can acces through phone/tablet via an app, but I don’t think there’s a website for it if that’s what you mean.
  2. Duncan Clench

    The IPTV Thread

    Some short periods of down time for the premium channels, and now and again the EPG is messed up. Everything is usually sorted very quickly. They all usually offer a trial. Like £5 for a month or something like that. Then you can put it on an IPTV app on the TV or tablet to test out the service.
  3. Duncan Clench

    The IPTV Thread

    I've got a Zgemma with the Sky skin (www.ipab.tv), so the TV guide and menu look exactly like Sky but actually has a lot more customisation. You can have SkyQ and Virgin media skins as well, which are built in to the software. Really happy with it. There are occasions when things go wrong but the provider I got it from is very quick to sort out faults and update settings. It was £85 for the year. I also got a mag box for upstairs and it looks exactly like the vid in Furmedge's post above. The box is actually better and more reliable I'd say - but my wife is having enough problems using the one that looks and behaves exactly like the old Sky box so trying her out on that is a no-no! The downside to the Mag box is that there is only a 'now and next' epg and it takes a lot more searching to find what you want to watch (if you're channel hopping). On the Zgemma, I've set up a 'Favourites' Bouquet that has all of the usual channels we use, and it gives the full TV guide. I tried to link to the group in the past but it's a closed group so I don't think it worked. By the way the VOD stuff is brilliant and I've never had a single problem with 3pm unmentionables. Also, there's an IPTV player section on Zgemma with Icefilms and other Kodi add-ons. Long story short, I cancelled Sky TV in the early summer and this stuff has easily paid for itself several times over while also bringing loads of new features. It's not without its problems (minor hassles), but it's well worth it.
  4. Duncan Clench

    Should UK also Ban Smacking?

    I was smacked as a kid and I do think it gave me certain boundaries. However I would still misbehave and I think the only thing I had in mind was "If I get caught then this is a smacking offence". I don't think it stopped me doing anything naughty and I think it spilled over into the lesser offences too. I don't smack my kids, even though the 6 year old has been a right twat on numerous occasions. When I was 7 I was leaving school with my pencil case that had my marble collection in it. I was throwing it in the air and catching it because I was THAT cool. Horror of horrors, it got stuck in a tree. So, being 7, I climbed up the tree and got it back. Easy. Except - on the way down, about 8ft up, a branch broke and I fell out. I put my hands out to break my fall and broke both bones in both my forearms! Not that we knew that at the time of course... but anyway my mum came rushing over, lifted me up by the wrist and smacked me on the arse! Never quite understood that one! Louis CK's bit on it is great: “And stop hitting me, you’re huge. How could you hit me?! That’s crazy. You’re a giant, and I can’t defend myself.”I really think it’s crazy that we hit our kids. It really is–here’s the crazy part about it. Kids are the only people in the world that you’re allowed to hit. Do you realize that? They’re the most vulnerable, and they’re the most destroyed by being hit. But it’s totally okay to hit them. And they’re the only ones! If you hit a dog they… will put you in jail for that… You can’t hit a person unless you can prove that they were trying to kill you. But a little tiny person with a head this big who trusts you implicitly, f(orget) ’em. Who (cares)? Just… hit–let’s all hit them! People want you to hit your kid. If your kid’s making noise in public, “Hit him, hit him! Hit him!Grrr, hit him!” We’re proud of it! “I hit my kids. You’re… right I hit my kids.” Why did you hit them? “‘Cause they were doing a thing I didn’t like at the moment. And so I hit them, and guess what? They didn’t do it after that.” Well, that wouldn’t be taking the… easy way out would it? “
  5. Duncan Clench

    Smart Watch / Fitness Band

    I've got the Apple Watch 2 and it's very good. Haven't worn a watch since I was a kid but i'm going out on the bike a lot these days and was using Strava on the phone. The watch give you real-time info as you're going, and being able to take calls and see texts is handy. It's got GPS built in. Also, the 'Workout' app is good in itself. There are quick-start buttons for several gym activities as well as outdoor, so I have a good record of what I've done and it genuinely keeps me motivated to do more. I'm finding that the apps I would mainly use my phone for have good Watch versions (Timer/Strava/Music 0 through Spotify and Songs controls) so I'm using the phone a lot less. Waterproof n'all but I haven't tested that yet.
  6. Duncan Clench

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Missed this, sorry. I have. Lagunitas is a bit on the heavy side for me but a lovely beer. Definitely my 2 favourites. Got a few bottles of each in the fridge right now as it happens!
  7. Duncan Clench

    Mag 254

    A VPN would cover it for users, but they're really going after the sellers aren't they? I've got a zgemma with no issues. Could well be over subscribed. Bulky IPTV is still down I think, so if that's what you're using you're pretty shafted.
  8. Duncan Clench

    Mag 254

    Bulky IPTV has gone. Rumour is the guy running it has been arrested.
  9. Duncan Clench

    Mag 254

    This group on Facebook can help. I would endorse the idea of having an EPG so that might mean buying a box because as far as I can make out, apps for smart TV's etc don't support it. I could be wrong though. You may find yourself scrolling through (literally) thousands of channel names to get to what you want. Again, I could be wrong and I'm sure one of our esteemed Techy Nerds can put me right there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1085745094902585/
  10. Duncan Clench

    Mag 254

    I'm thinking of doing the same thing. What VPN service do you use?
  11. Duncan Clench

    Mag 254

    It's decent, that's for sure. Lots of ways you can get it and lots of ways to watch like through Android Apps (Firestick, Smart TV, Tablet) or through one of these boxes mentioned (Mag or Zgemma). You pay your subscription for 1/3/6/12 months and the provider will either send you a config file or a link with username and password, which you install onto your device through SSH (Filezilla, Putty etc..). Problems are download limits on your broadband, and broadband speed needing to be decent. Also, some ISP's (like Sky, for example) have a 'blocker' on their routers. It's not hard to turn them off, but it's important to know. Some providers will offer an EPG and some won't. Again, I think it's something you have to look into and it's how important that is to you. In short, you can basically get any channel in the world and there's a good VOD service too.
  12. I work for a very small firm, doing their IT mainly, but as it's a small company you're also expected to do other things that need doing. Pros: Flexible working allows me to do the school run once a week when I work from home. Good pension contribution from work. Life insurance. Health insurance. Totally unsupervised expenses. We've got 2 credit cards and when we're out on work business we're expected to use them. Generally, we manage ourselves. Gym membership (local to the office) Cons: Small company means sometimes you get handed a shit job and you do it. No holiday. I mean, we get holiday but if something needs to be done it needs to be done. I'm always on call. Over 1 hour each way commute. The pros far outweigh the cons right now.
  13. Duncan Clench

    The XBMC thread - What it is, how it works etc...

    With Sky you'd need to turn off Sky Shield on your router because that can block it, but I don't think a VPN is required necessarily. I don't use one, but then again I might be arrested tomorrow.
  14. Duncan Clench

    Mag 254

    No but I am running it on a zgemma h2s and it's good. Seemingly any android box will run IPTV without issue, and I've loaded it directly into a Samsung smart TV and it's fine.
  15. Duncan Clench


    Often it's not enough power going to the coil that causes liquid going into the mouth. The ecig is not vapourising efficiently. There's usually a wattage range printed on the coils. If your below that the coil gets saturated, above it and it'll burn out quickly and not taste great. The mods (battery bit) are much of a muchness. Often style and power are the deciding factors. The tanks and coils are the business end and it takes a while to find one that works for you. Tanks with top airflow don't tend to leak. There are quite a few out there now. If you're trying to quit smoking then look for a tank that can take coils above 1ohm because you'd probably be drawing the vapour into your mouth and then inhaling, like a normal cig (mouth to lung).
  16. Duncan Clench


    Nautilus X won't leak. The coils for their new tank fit so if you're into sub ohm you can get the 0.6 coils, but I just use the 1.8ohm for mouth to lung vaping. For the mod, I use the eleaf iStick Power. It's big, but has a 5000mah lithium ion battery that will literally last you days on end. Best setup I've had. Literally no leaks and a battery that doesn't need charging very often.
  17. Duncan Clench


    Great advice, this. Avoid putting credit card debt onto the mortgage unless you're desperate or disciplined enough to make overpayments. A low rate of interest is only good to you if the debt lasts the same amount of time. You're on 0% so for now I wouldn't do anything with it. If you get a good mortgage advisor then they're worth their weight in gold. Much like a good accountant. These fellas have to work their arses off to stay up with all the 'products' and rules that change daily, and the commission is crap. If you've got a good one they do the work and give good advice. This is also why a lot are seen as being shite, it's because they're not up to date and see the commission as being too small to put the effort in. Just one thing to add, it MIGHT be worth getting your home valued again so that your LTV (loan to value) looks better and therefore you could get a better rate. From memory, the rate drops quite significantly if you're below 75% LTV.
  18. Duncan Clench


    Apparently the Pope loves cats... ...yeah he's a cat-holic alright.
  19. Duncan Clench

    life Wins

    We lost a car key ages ago and we were just about making do with the one, but I was worried that if that got lost we'd really be in the shit. So I got in touch with the local garage who would need £250 to get and program a new one. Silly money. Couple of weeks back I was going through some old clothes I was taking to charity and just before I flung the bag in the boot I thought I'd better check for money and rubbish in the pockets. Found the car key. Almost made me feel guilty about blaming the wife for losing it.
  20. Duncan Clench

    Instant cunt identifiers

    My brother in law and his wife were invited to 'brunch' by a couple of her mates (who are cunts) - and instructed to meet up at 13:30. The cunts.
  21. Duncan Clench

    Sky Offer

    Yeah not seen Sky Q to be fair. I've got the Sky+ HD one and it's spot on. A few differences, but £90 a month cheaper.
  22. Duncan Clench

    Sky Offer

    To be fair, the Sky skins that you get on the Zgemma and Open V8 boxes are damn close to the native Sky menus with the same channel numbers and all that. It's very good.
  23. Poached popcorn can't be good. (smiley face) I can do a great poached egg. None of this swirling the water around nonsense. Just good, fresh eggs in a pan of water. Easy.