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    Best phone out there right now?

    Yes, having to switch off 3G on a smartphone is a great feature. Definitely the best phone out there!
  2. Assuming you mean something that you've delete by accident, then take a look at this: http://www.piriform.com/recuva
  3. Duncan Clench

    Fuck the Pope

    I got good odds on that appointment. Sistine to one.
  4. Couldn't get less of a 'modern twist' if you tried.
  5. Duncan Clench

    TLW's Favourite Crisps Flavour

    These Walkers Extra Crunch are my new favourite. Flavours to burn off the tastebuds. Prawn Cocktail or S&V. Good shout on Chilli McCoys... and is it just me, or do Skips taste different these days? Oh fuck.. nearly forgot scampi and lemon NikNaks.
  6. Duncan Clench


    Thanks, I'll give that a go.
  7. Duncan Clench


    Using Zen's own newsgroup server, that's why I think that may be the problem. Just dipping my toe in right now so wanted to try before I buy.
  8. Duncan Clench

    Trigger Point Injections

    Well you'll know how it goes this time next week.
  9. Duncan Clench

    Trigger Point Injections

    I'm going in for some of this next week, and a nerve root block injection for good measure. Anyone had any experience of it and can let me know what to expect? They're going into my shoulder and the root block is around the C5 vertebrae, in case you were interested. Oh you weren't? Shame.
  10. Duncan Clench


    I dipped my toe in, but I can't get anything to download. Always getting the 430 No such article found error, even when I've downloaded a recent nzb. Could it be that my ISP doesn't support newsgroups? With Zen Internet.
  11. Duncan Clench

    The North Face clothing

    Patagonia gear is the tits. Thin and incredibly warm. Pricey, but no more so than North Face.
  12. Duncan Clench

    Playstation 4

    Wait... you didn't use Bing?
  13. Duncan Clench

    iPhone 5

    Announcement next week, and it'll probably be released a couple of weeks after that. Just so happens to be when my contract is finished. I'll be pissed off if it's just another iPhone 4, but they surely can't do that seeing as it had the antenna issue. Currently like a kid waiting for Christmas. Not sure at which point I was taken in by the Apple marketing department but they did a fucking good job on me!
  14. Duncan Clench

    Espresso maker

    I'm on my phone so can't post pics or links, but for £20 you can get an Aeropress or a Moka pot and you will have some awesome coffee. The Aeropress is a bit more of a faff but both make great espresso.
  15. Duncan Clench

    Derek - Gervais' new show

    It was really very good.
  16. Duncan Clench

    Out of date food.

    I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I'm a fucker for use by and best before dates. I don't throw food away though because my good lady is actually fairly normal (in this situation). It's mainly bread that I'm fussy about, and all because when I was a bid I made myself a sandwich and a few bites into it I spotted the mould and very nearly threw up. Oh and milk... won't touch it if it's a day past the date, and once again that's down to a previous nasty experience.
  17. Duncan Clench

    5 years...

  18. Duncan Clench

    Car Insurance

    Just had my renewal from Direct Line. Went up from £360 to £540 so I gocompared and got a quote for £312. During the quote I noticed that I'd put 12k annual mileage and it's more like 20k so I stuck that in and it came to £360 and that included protected no claims and breakdown cover. Cool. I called Direct Line and told them that I got a much cheaper quote, they said they'd see what they can do. I mentioned the added mileage and the protected no claims and their renewal price went to... ....wait for it... ....£770.
  19. Duncan Clench

    Crap you watch for no good reason...

    For some odd reason I like watching the shopping channels. I don't buy any of the stuff (ok, I bought a Nicer Dicer plus for my wife) but I actually find myself staring at the box watching the 90th demonstration on how this particular paint pad isn't like all the other shit ones; this one REALLY WORKS! There's a great JML one at the moment... the Dual Saw... it's got the 2 shoutiest douchebags on the planet presenting (Billy Mayse is one of them), each desperately trying to out-shout the other. "Look at this fucking thing... it just chopped a fucking car in half!! Why haven't you got one?!!??!" TV gold. [YOUTUBE]65uKsgGS44M[/YOUTUBE]
  20. Duncan Clench

    It's Time For A Little Sex (SFW for a change)

    Congratulations Mr. Sex.
  21. Duncan Clench

    Want to get rich and still surf the forum all day?

    I don't even want to know what this involves.
  22. Duncan Clench

    iPhone 5

    Yeah 1gb of data is plenty. Have a look in Settings / General / Cellular and turn off the option to use cellular data for iTunes and Facetime and you shouldn't get caught out.
  23. Duncan Clench

    Help Needed.

    Maybe try this: EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies
  24. Duncan Clench

    Wireless router

  25. Duncan Clench

    Wireless router

    Been let down by a few Netgear routers now... used to think they were excellent. I've gone onto TP-Link now and they seem to be very reliable thus far. Certainly outlasted the last 2 Netgear ones.