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    Women in Sport - The Hottest - prob NSFW

    Very high jumper in that last picture.
  2. Duncan Clench

    PS2 great games.

    I've done the same - and I ordered SSX Tricky from Play for about £5. They sent SSX3 by mistake and said I could keep it. Fucking ace game. Oh, and Tony Hawk 4. Weird how the controls just seem to come back to you.
  3. Duncan Clench

    How middle-class are you ?

    I'm Moss from the IT Crowd. Ace. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Duncan Clench

    Mis-sent Messages

    Excellent stuff. I've been pretty lucky with this sort of stuff to be honest. I did once text my mate's bird implying it was meant for him, letting him know that I thought she was a no good cunt and he'd be much better off without her. She replied saying "I think you meant to send that to someone else you absolute wanker" and I said "It looks that way, but I'm glad you got it". He left her. He's now deliriously happy, punching well above his weight with a normal human being.
  5. Duncan Clench

    IPhone 6

    For me, being a phone is what mine struggles with! Great at everything except having a conversation with people. I'll be getting the next one. My work has me on this lease thing with O2 that means I get the new phones when they come out and don't have to wait for the 24month contract. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Duncan Clench

    The XBMC thread - What it is, how it works etc...

    That's very good, thanks!
  7. Duncan Clench

    The wolf of wall street

    Thought it was brilliant. Very brilliant. When his (future) wife turns up at that party there are 2 bit of dialogue that almost made me cry laughing. "I would fuck her if she was my sister!" and "I would let her give me AIDS" It's quality. Watch it.
  8. Duncan Clench

    USB drive on a MAC

    Do this and there will be no problem. I've had the odd issue with NTFS drives. Oh, and just to be blindingly obvious, make sure there isn't a lock on it.
  9. Duncan Clench

    Have a rant thread

    No it's from Viz, if I remember rightly.
  10. Duncan Clench

    Best free apps

    And just to add my two cents... Windows 8 sucks cock.
  11. Duncan Clench

    Best free apps

    You should be able to drag and drop them out of Outlook Express, but you're correct to say that file format would be an issue with other email clients. They're even different from Outlook Express and paid-for Outlook (.eml and .msg if i remember rightly). You MIGHT be able to 'Save As' the format you'll be using in future, but that'll be as much of a hassle as emailing them to yourself. Another option is (obviously I don't know the details) if you're talking about a gmail/hotmail/whatever account that you've added to Express; go to the web-based client and see if it's an IMAP email protocol. If it is, then you can just add the account on the new lappy and your emails will sync anyway.
  12. Duncan Clench

    Foods you really don't like

    I've thought about it... but orange isn't really my colour.
  13. Duncan Clench

    Foods you really don't like

    The 2 things I really dislike cause me no end of bother when eating out. Onion. Garlic. Can't fucking stand them, and they're the main ingredient in EVERYTHING ON A FUCKING MENU. It is a real pain in the neck, especially when you order something that shouldn't have onion in but it turns out that does. Like the burger I ordered recently. Looked lovely, and it was 'topped' with onion which is fine because I can just scrape that shit off. What it didn't say on the menu is that there are at least 4 whole onions, chopped and pressed to form. More onion than beef, I kid you not. The problem with either of these staple ingredients is that I CAN eat them but they repeat on me for hours after. Horrible.
  14. Duncan Clench


    They're good at keeping their catalogue quiet unless you subscribe. It's good for TV shows, not so good for films. They're always doing 30 day free trials so go for that and find out for yourself. I you can masquerade as an American ISP then you'll love it. Their library is so much better than the UK's.
  15. Duncan Clench

    Fishy Fanny

    Only experienced it once. It was very real.
  16. Duncan Clench

    Best phone out there right now?

    There was an imessage problem that should be fixed now, if you've done the recent update. Mine was cocking about as well.
  17. Duncan Clench

    The world of a woman.

    I'm up to the letter G in the urban dictionary. It's hard finding volunteers for some of it.
  18. I'm aware that the above tale doesn't involve clones. In my opinion it's a pretty gay idea.
  19. A lad I know was in Thailand with a bunch of mates and they were in a bar playing pool with a ladyboy. She still had a cock but this fella said that she was possibly the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen. Anyway, she/he offered to shag them all in a big gang-bang for however much... and they were just about to go ahead with it before one of them pointed out the reality of the situation was that they were considering paying money to have a 5 man group shag without a vagina in sight. He told me they backed out. He told me that.
  20. Duncan Clench

    Problem with audio on WD HD TV LIVE

    I won't go into the details of why it may be, but you'll probably find you're best off converting it to MP4 and trying that. Use Handbrake. I'm assuming, of course, that the audio plays on a computer.
  21. Duncan Clench

    Electric Meter Has Stopped Working

    They'll just look in the electricity tank and see how much you've used. Should be in the loft. That's why things turn on quicker downstairs... cos of the gravity.
  22. Duncan Clench

    Alphabetical Fanny ( NSFW )

    WINNER!! Well done SA!
  23. Duncan Clench

    Alphabetical Fanny ( NSFW )

    D has been good to us.
  24. Duncan Clench

    Desktop not starting up. Any ideas?

    Try to start in safe mode, which usually involves tapping F8 (or Fsomthing) as it boots up. If that works then it's usually a driver for new software or hardware that's stopping it boot up correctly. If there is anything new, remove it and try again.