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  1. 1 hour ago, KMD7 said:

    100% agree. As soon as we took him off in the semi final the game changed. I was staggered to see him starting. I'm never going to watch another Mayo game as long as he continues to get picked. Absolutely useless. 

    Applause here, it's no coincidince that the semi-final changed when he went off. One of my best mates coaches the Knockmore club and they beat O'Sheas Breaffy team last year, said they totally targetted him as a weakness, overrated and lazy.


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  2. I really enjoyed Billy Summers, Mr Mercedes is good, it's the first part of a trilogy with Finders Keepers (best of the three) and End of Watch.  

    You can take your pick of all the recent King books from 112263 on, they're all really good, particularly on audio, great commute and walking listens.

    14 hours ago, Rico1304 said:

    Ha ha I popped in to post about Billy Summers. I’ve not read any King in years so for half the book I was expecting the supernatural twist.  Brilliant book, although I’m listening to it on my commute. Is Mr Mercedes any good ? Might get that next. 


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  3. 14 hours ago, Red74 said:

    For such a so called hard case that Sean Dyche is one crying bastard. He never stops. Whether it’s to the ref, the players and especially his own bench. 

    All them raves he said he went to as a kid sure learnt him how to throw his hands up in the air.


    One bad drama quim him

    On the Guardian yesterday they said his two assistants were Ian Woan and Steve Stone, so they had "Stone, Woan and Moan" on the touchline.

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