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  1. 2 hours ago, dockers_strike said:

    Simon Hughes is talking shit. The protocols for LFT positive tests was available to all. If players test positive they had to isolate, go home and have a PCR test, the results of which take a couple of days.


    We all know this but of course Hughes just wants to give us another kicking to divert attention. Did he bother mentioning an arsenal player's yellow card and suspicious betting patterns or is that one he just sweeps under the carpet?

    The Athletic seem to have a bit of an agenda against Klopp after he called them out post the Old Trafford match. The amount of snide little digs by journos about the postponed Arsenal game is unbelievable, Klopps only error was he was too honest, none of the other clubs are sharing any information.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Ronnie Whelan said:

    Good article that. Couldn't imagine too many British journalists writing about us being the people's champions though.


    He has us down to a tee this season though. The way we are playing we could demolish Chelsea and City away and then throw away points to dross that costs us the league. City will drop points but far less likely to do so at Brentford etc than we are.

    I find City and Chelsea incredibly dull to watch and when I watch other PL games the quality is poor. I think we need to remind ourselves sometimes how lucky we are to watch this team and to have Klopp.

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