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  1. My uncle was an English teacher and in the early days of texting he wouldn't answer his two children unless they spelt, punctuated etc properly. I think they wore him down over the years.

    One of his favourites was "You can but you may not" (When someone asked "Can I go to the toilet?")

  2. When I had it done halfway through the procedure the doc asked me if I remembered getting a bad kick in the nuts at some point then held up a about an inch of the tube and it was twisted like a piece of rotini pasta. Weird feeling.

    He said it causes some people to remember trauma to that area.

  3. On 27/01/2022 at 04:34, DalyanPete said:

    Anne. 10/10.

    Finally built myself to watch this and as expected shed a load of tears.

    The biggest tear jerking memory for me was the 20th anniversary "Justice" singing. Proud to have been a part of that.

    Don't think there was anything new that I didn't know,  just one Mothers love.

    You only get one, cherish them with all the love you have(even if at times it's tough)

    Anne's story had to be told. 



    I finally watched it in its entirety this evening, it's incredible, heartbreaking, so emotional. Not sure if I'll sleep tonight. Bravo Kevin Sampson and the cast, it's perfect. 10/10.

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  4. It's really dated but what's not dated is Palins ability to be likeable, he just gets on with people. A true national treasure.

    3 minutes ago, Lee909 said:

    Yeah round the world in 80 days is great. Amazing how dated anything pre early 2000s can look. The jump in technology has been huge. Just look at the wire  it's all pagers and public phones

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